New LPPJ Prez Backus Seizes Control of Committees

Controversy has erupted at the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) only days after Jody Backus (District 7) was elected president of the body.

Backus cut down the committee size from five members to four, and installed himself as a voting member on all the committees. Historically, the jury president has had the prerogative to appoint committee members.

See here the committee assignments.

Some jury members have expressed outrage at Backus’ actions and promise to oppose the move.

6 Responses to “New LPPJ Prez Backus Seizes Control of Committees”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Power hungry,having to be in control comes to mind,Hitler was power hungry and had to be in control. Watch out folks.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Boycott his business , why trade with his hardware store

  3. Mr. E Says:

    Wonder what promises Backus made to secure his election as president? Jody never struck me as being one of the sharper tools in the shed. Any student of politics knows that to avoid a backlash when seizing power, one must first engineer a crisis that makes it appear that having the seized power will allow one to solve the engineered crisis. After the engineered crisis has been allowed to pass, one then argues that the power should be retained in case the crisis returns. As with creeping, incremental liberalism, everything must be made to appear reasonable to avoid raising too much ire. Hopefully, Backus has stepped into it deep enough to be ousted from the presidency. If not, then at least he should be held accountable when problems arise.

  4. BOHICA Says:

    Rumor is about there are a couple of items on the agenda which have not been able to gain the jurors’ support in the past: building a new courthouse being one. The new arrangement is intended to allow this to be crammed through by diluting opposition.
    Another rumor involves the solid waste department contracting with the City of Ruston to provide door-to-door pickup within a certain radius outside the Ruston city limits. Rural jurors have opposed messing with the existing solid waste system very much; Ruston’s new mayor my see a potential new revenue stream by hiring out his trash team.

  5. HopeAndChange2016 Says:

    That may be who knows? JB is hard-headed and does things his way; not know to be a great listener…

  6. Ruh-Roh Says:

    rumor is the parking lot in front of a certain hardware store is large enough to make a great place to have a protest march.

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