It’s for the Children, Isn’t it?

More taxes, of every sort, local and state. Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker wants to raise sales taxes to pay mostly for a new recreation complex on South Farmerville. Our new Governor Edwards says you all have to sacrifice more for sales and income taxes to pay for the tens of thousands of state employees, their retirement, and their medical benefits.

But is the money now going to government efficiently used?

We decided to take a close look at what the costs are to educate children in Lincoln Parish Schools, compared to the cost of educating children at one of the premier private schools in North Louisiana, Cedar Creek.

According to the latest audit for Lincoln School District, the 2014 cost per pupil is $13,603, almost double the cost of 2005. Notice also that there were 20 fewer teachers in 2014 than in 2005.

See here the document.

See here the complete audit.

Compare those costs with the tuition costs at Cedar Creek of $6,290/yr or $6,570/yr, depending on grade level. Additional costs are a $650/yr student fee for books and supplies.

See here the document.

So where does the money go? It’s for the children, isn’t it?

15 Responses to “It’s for the Children, Isn’t it?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “one of the premier private schools in North Louisiana, Cedar Creek”

    That’s a bit of a stretch.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “That’s a bit of a stretch” Really? Have you checked their ACT scores? Rally results? College admissions? Scholarship offers? Or spoken to Tech professors about its graduates? There are a couple of private schools in North Louisiana that are comparable, but one could reasonably argue that Cedar Creek is the premier private school in the area.

    But to the author’s point, there are many differences between Cedar Creek and the public schools in Lincoln Parish. Yes, Cedar Creek per student cost is less than LP. But tuition at CC only covers a portion of the total costs. There is an annual fund drive which parents are encouraged to give to as well as other fundraisers. The fee schedule is only a starting point for the true per student costs at CC.

    On the expense side, CC is selective and does not accept special needs students as LP is required to do. It does not have the costs associated with having those very expensive programs. CC has one campus whereas LP has at least 10 facilities to manage. While CC has a bus program, it is nothing compared to the size of LP. Payroll costs are less at CC as LP teachers make more than CC teachers. Which is a whole other conversation.

    All that being said, both CC and LP have good outcomes. It is just very difficult to try to compare them.

  3. BOHICA Says:

    I’ll say one thing: attend an event at Cedar Creek and see the teachers in charge, not the kids. The children sit down and are well-behaved and polite.
    Explain something else: Lincoln parish has one or two schools which are classified as failing, which caused the students to be eligible for vouchers; why?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Not apples to apples at all. Add in the $650 for books and $825 for a bus rider, you are at $8,045.00 at Cedar Creek. $4.7 million of the LPSB is for food services, which many students receive free as part of federal free/reduced lunch program. LPSB also has costly special education programs that are not offered at Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek is supplemented annually by fund raising, which is not included in the tuition sheet provided. A dozen plus campuses of varying ages come with associated costs that the upkeep of only one campus does not compare. The rest most likely is difference in salaries and benefits between the two. Teacher qualifications differ between the two entities. And recruiting teachers to both are two totally different situations. Cedar Creek does not have to pay a higher salary to attract its necessary teaching base. The benefits part is a biggie, but it is more to blame on the state than LPSB.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      fair assessment, Anon. Many other factors but overall your statement is fair. This is not to say that there are some striking differences and some specific areas that could be tightened for LPSB but overall it has vastly greater stewardship than the state.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    97% qualify for TOPS at Cedar Creek, how many from LPSB?
    I would like to say that I prefer to pay less to get more, but like most families at Cedar Creek I pay more than most families in taxes to support LPSB.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think people pay to go to CC because they dont want their kids to have to go to school with black kids. Bottom line. As a whole they cause a lot more problems. Sorry but it is true.

    • Cowboy Says:

      And you would be wrong since Cedar Creek has black children attending. Parents want the best education for their kids and they know public schools under the tyrannical control of the teacher’s unions are not providing the best education option for their kids. What they are providing is liberal indoctrination on a massive scale that we taxpayers are forced to subsidize. Don’t believe me? Then do some Internet research on John Dewey who set out to convert public education to indoctrinate children with liberal ideas.

      It’s not black children in public schools that bothers these parents, but a public education system that does not allow order and punishment as methods to control the behavior of the children! Read Lord of the Flies as an excellent example of how children will naturally revert to a feral state without adult supervision and punishment to control their narcissistic impulses. It cannot be denied that behavior must be taught and children must be presided over by adults who understand that in order for them to become good citizens and accepted into polite society, they must be punished when they refuse to abide by the rules of good manners and proper behavior. And, those rules insist that bad behavior is punished while proper behavior is encouraged. It takes adults to do this and not some bunch of milquetoast parents too squeamish to perform the duties required of parents to properly discipline their children!

      • Oldman Says:

        Cowboy what you have said is very true. I have two grand children at Cedar Creek that are the most polite and well learned young kids there are. Cedar Creek is the best and they do it with less money. This all started when we lowered the bar to let failing students pass. A big percent of public teachers have no business teaching,we have lowered the bar too far. I read somewhere that our students now a days could not pass tests that their greargreatparents had to pass back then. What a shame. There are just so many McDonalds and Burger Kings, were are these kids going to work?

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think you are a liar.

  7. HeHadADream Says:

    Karl Malone had children in Cedar Creek once.
    Just sayin’…

  8. KarlMarx Says:

    Think how much money could be saved for better athletic facilities, artificial turf on the football field, dressing rooms, rah-rah rooms, etc, if the LPSB would send about 1/3 of the students to Cedar Creek. They could educate them for half what they’re spending now and spend the rest on fun stuff.
    After all, isn’t it for the children?

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