Mays Files Motion to Dismiss Charges

There was a defense motion filed in Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court in Ruston yesterday, but wasn’t filed by the defendant Cameron Mays’ attorney James Buckley. It was written and filed by the defendant himself, or “pro se.”

In the motion, Mays writes that the several charges against him (2nd degree murder, kidnapping, aggravated rape, possession of stolen things, aggravated burglary) should be dropped, because his trial didn’t commence within the time specified by Louisiana’s Code of Criminal Procedure.

The motion will be heard at 9 AM, February 16. Trial is scheduled to begin February 22.

Buckley wasn’t in court because of an illness.

Prosecuting was Assistant Attorney General Mike Ruddick, and presiding was Division B Judge Tommy Rogers.

3 Responses to “Mays Files Motion to Dismiss Charges”

  1. BOHICA Says:

    Excuses excuses; someone needs to get off their blessed assurance and get this going and over with.

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    it should be noted that this case is not being handled by your elected DA or his office.

  3. Out to Pasture Says:

    I wonder how many jury trials your elected DA or his office actually handled in his first year in office. With all the morale problems and in- fighting, probably not too many. But the DA is never in the office so he wouldn’t know.

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