New Lincoln Jury Takes Office

Meet the new Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ): with one exception, it’s the same as the old one. District 12 has a new juror, Annette Straughter, who replaced Heather Walker, appointed last year when her husband Ronny was elected Mayor of Ruston.

Elected president at last night’s meeting was Jody Backus, and Joe Henderson as vice-president. Backus was unopposed, but Henderson had opposition from Nancy Wilson for the VP job. Nominating Backus was Joe Henderson, and nominating Wison for VP was Theresa Wyatt. Backus nominated Henderson.

The vote for VP was as follows:


Hazel Hunter (District 2)
Bobby Bennett (District 3)
David Hammons (District 5)
Walter Pullen (District 6)
Jody Backus (District 7)
Joe Henderson (District 9)
Sharyon Mayfield (District 11)
Annette Straughter (District 12)


Theresa Wyatt (District 1)
Randy Roberson (District 4)
Skip Russell (District 8)
Nancy Wilson (District 10)

Parish Admninistrator Courtney Hall was reappointed for a four-year term, and Laura Hartt was reappointed Treasurer for two years.


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