Your Betters Think You Don’t Pay Enough Taxes

A much-ballyhooed gathering of public policy “experts” were in town yesterday to tell us why you taxpayers need to do with less so that government doesn’t have to.

Here is the KTVE-TV10 report:

Officials gather to discuss numerous possibilities on how to overcome Louisiana’s $1.6 billion shortfall.

State Representative, Rob Shadoin, says it’s going to take everyone coming together whether they’re from the left or the right.

“What I am hoping is that we can come together as Louisianian’s first, and leave all the party labels outside that big tall building known as the Capital in Baton Rouge,” says Shadoin.

The Committee of 100, a group of business and university leaders from around the state, lays out a fiscal strategy.

“We have to restructure the tax code. We have to find a way to broaden the tax base. We have to find a way to flatten the tax base,” says CEO, Michael Olivier.

Here is the complete report from the Committee of 100:

Louisiana Fiscal Reform

12 Responses to “Your Betters Think You Don’t Pay Enough Taxes”

  1. BOHICA Says:

    My “betters” don’t have a clue how to say no to any stupid spending scheme, so they are always broke and looking for more money.
    Just like a no-good brother-in-law.
    Cut a bunch of stuff out, then we’ll talk. Until then: look at the palm of my hand.

  2. Dan John Says:

    As John Kennedy says Louisiana has a spending problem not a revenue problem.

  3. Oldman Says:

    Be wary of strong drink,it can make you shoot at tax collectors…and miss.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    just wondering which programs we should let go of to more easily balance the budget: in the past 8 years we have sold all of our prison systems and charity hospitals, state schools/residential home for the developmentally disablled all to private companies and very little if any change has been noted for the sale proceeds or the lack of the state having to use state funds for maintenance/salaries/benefits. Numerous college programs across north and central LA have been gutted causing families to pay MAJOR increases to keep thier kids in school. Massive state jobs were cut. If everyone is not willing to do their part by paying taxes for the services we need such as better roads/infrastructure, education, healthcare then how are we supposed to have those things. Everytime I have to go by the local DMV I hear nothing but complaints form the waiting area…it is not that clerks fault she is the only allotted worker for our parish and this has happened in all parishes of the state in various state agencies. You or your family may not need any of these various government services today but as my families learn every day that can change in a heartbeat…one can go from a dedicated wage earner to a life threatening illness in a moments notice where keeping a job is not a choice and Medicaid or other assistance programs are a necessity. How should we handle the problem of a budget deficit?

    • cdstock Says:

      I should be forced to pay a budget deficit due to other people’s poor planning, and that’s my fault?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Someone here sounds like they are an entrenched Deep State member who has entitlement issues.

  6. BOHICA Says:

    Nothing was really cut out of the state budget; you are completely fooled by the Jindal machine. State government like the Federal government is completely out of control; but the state can’t print money. That does not stop the legislature from trying to find new ways to beat us out of money, though.
    The cuts at colleges can be traced to the constitutional protection of almost all state spending from cuts; how convenient that, if people won’t vote for more taxes, the colleges and health care are the only things that can be cut. Ouch.
    Also the college cuts would have been completely made up if the Governor’s precious economic development tax rebates were not passed out. The vast majority of these rebates, sold to people as necessary for economic development, are in fact just giveups of money to businesses that required no incentive to locate here anyway. Many had already bought and begun clearing of property when they applied for the rebates.

  7. joe Says:

    Evidence in this record establishes the income of a vast majority of the people in this state consist only of wages, salaries, and commissions. It would indeed be difficult to think these people, in adopting the Constitution, understood a tax on such earnings is NOT an income tax.

    WTF are they really doing then ?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    does not really matter what the cuts can be traced back to …they are still cuts

  9. I.P. Freely Says:

    don’t know about cuts to other colleges but it seems La Tech has plenty. Building new buildings one after another.

  10. Cowboy Says:

    It amazes me that the Democrats can still fool voters into believing that they are not the tax and spend party they have always been! Democrats have NEVER met a tax they didn’t want to pass! John Bel Edwards sang the siren song popular among Democrats that he was an old school conservative Democrat despite the fact that the progressives controlling the Democrat Party completely pushed out conservatives back in the last century.

    It took consultants sent down by the establishment GOP leadership with orders to work against conservative Republican David Vitter for Edwards to win this race. Think about this for a moment. The GOP worked AGAINST their own candidate to elect the opposition candidate! What does that tell you? It confirms what I’ve been saying all along that there is only the Big Government Party composed of the progressive Democrat and establishment Republican wings!!! The establishment GOP leadership is in collusion with the progressive Democrats to retain power against us the people! They are working to oust conservatives from the GOP just like the Democrats have already done, and David Vitter is just another conservative gone from their country club party.

    Vitter could have actually helped Louisiana, unlike Jindal who ran the state into the ground concentrating on his delusional presidential aspirations. Under Edwards, there is absolutely zero chance that the tort reform necessary to establish Louisiana as a business friendly state like Texas will ever be tackled. We will remain a poor natural resources state whose children graduate from excellent universities only to have to move elsewhere for the jobs Louisiana politicians don’t care to have around. We will continue to hear from companies looking to relocate that Louisiana doesn’t have enough qualified university graduates to meet their employment needs when the real reason is that we’re a populist state with a history of sticking it to any company forced to locate here to exploit our natural resources.

    We overtax them, over regulate them, and over litigate them and other companies know this. We have top notch universities and most of state business has been automated online, but we still don’t have jobs. All we have is another tax and spend Democrat governor about to stick it to us again with higher taxes and nothing to show for the effort in the way of job opportunities. Once again, the Bayou State is relegated to the bottom of the list and the Louisiana Misery Index continues getting worse!

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