Louisiana Taxpayers Lose C. B. Forgotston

Louisiana Taxpayers, who have very few friends in Baton Rouge, lost one of their most important advocates yesterday.

He was a friend and mentor for many years.

C. B. Forgotston, 70, died yesterday in Hammond, LA of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. See here Tyler Bridges’ complete obituary.

Political blogger C.B. Forgotston died at age 70


3 Responses to “Louisiana Taxpayers Lose C. B. Forgotston”

  1. Rick Godley Says:

    Bummer, I hate to hear this. He was truly a member of the 4th estate. So sorry for his family and we here in Louisiana. The people lost a great watchdog of those that breathe the funny air of Baton Rouge.

  2. SaidSadly Says:

    I never met him except on the radio or the Internet, but I will certainly miss him.

  3. Tom Roberson Says:

    Sad to hear of the passing of C.B. Forgotston. I actually corresponded with C.B. to clarify some details for an article I wrote on my blog about Bobby Jindal’s mishandling of Louisiana affairs to promote his own selfish interests over those of the state. C.B. was cordial and helpful, and I appreciated the assistance he provided. I’ve read many tributes to C.B. that mention the same attention to detail delivered in a most cordial manner to those of us seeking the truth as fellow kindred spirits, so it’s not hard to imagine that my experience was unique.

    There are very few people willing to risk their place in the world by speaking truth to power. C.B. was one of those people and Louisiana will be much worse off because of his passing. His acerbic style kept politicians somewhat in check knowing that he would skewer them mercilessly with details of their corruption. Most people aren’t able to risk what little they have in this world confronting those who hold power over their existence, and damn few people make a career out purposely confronting those in power, but C.B. was one of the few who did.

    Those in power who would prefer to use their positions in a corrupt manner to promote themselves over the interests of those they purport to represent disdain fearless people such as C.B. who have no compunction about revealing their sordid schemes to the public. Louisiana is filled with such corrupt individuals who have kept the state mired in poverty despite the presence of abundant natural resources and a populace dedicated to the virtues of hard work and kindness which has come to exemplify the best traits of the South. It was the few such as C.B. who rallied against this corruption which has cost our state so dearly and forced the brightest of its children to seek elsewhere the employment so elusive to Louisiana.

    Those of us left to carry the torch C.B. has handed down will do so as best we can given the limitations of our ability with the knowledge that we are mere pretenders to the example set by C.B.

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