Sales Tax Hike “Announcement” @ Ruston City Council Tomorrow

An “announcement” of a proposed 3/4 cent sales tax increase is on the agenda for tomorrow’s (Monday, 1/4) meeting to of the Ruston City Council.

Announcement that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, at their next regular meeting to be held on February 8, 2016, plan to consider adopting a Resolution to call a special election on April 9, 2016, to propose to the voters of the City, the authorization of a 3/4% Sales Tax.

The meeting will be at Ruston City Hall, 401 North Trenton, 5:30 PM. Here is the agenda.

4 Responses to “Sales Tax Hike “Announcement” @ Ruston City Council Tomorrow”

  1. cdstock Says:

    What has been lived without for this long that they now see fit for for the taxpayers to fund?

  2. BOHICA Says:

    Well here it comes: a billion dollar playground and some money to bail out the mini-bike and go-cart (non) factory.
    Ruston leadership claims to need more money. I submit they already have more money than they had a few years ago because of growth of economic activity over time. What they are really saying is: we want even more than the recent growth in income (of money confiscated from taxpayers).
    If the pie (economic activity) is bigger, their slice is correspondingly bigger. That’s not enough for Ruston: they want the entire pie!
    Recommendation: vote NO.

  3. Chris Butler Says:

    Ruston Rants podcast interview with Mayor Walker over the proposed tax increase.

  4. BOHICA Says:

    Let me guess: the Mayor claims that the proposed increase is not as much as it could have been…
    Now the State is talking all kinds of tax increases also; can YOU pay it all?
    Because, one way or another, people pay ALL taxes.

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