Hearing Wednesday on Sixth Street Saloon Controversy

A Wednesday, 12/30/15, 9:30 AM hearing has been set to hear a motion asking for contempt sanctions against two Monroe City Council (Betty Blakes and Ray Armstrong) members for voting against renewal of the Sixth Street Saloon’s liquor license. The motion also asks that the court direct that the bar’s alcohol permit be renewed.

See here the documents.

The hearing will be in Courtroom 8, Fourth Judicial District, Ouachita Parish Courthouse.

10 Responses to “Hearing Wednesday on Sixth Street Saloon Controversy”

  1. Sara Blackenship Says:

    I do not want my Neville High School teenagers drinking at the 6th Street Bar. This is what the City advocated at the city council meeting. Booze is easy enough for teenagers to get. Look at the number of drunk teenagers at the supper dome a couple of weeks ago.

    Ouachita Parish needs to become dry. As responsible parents we need to get the booze and drugs away from our teenagers.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      If I’m not mistaken, high school aged persons are not lawfully allowed to purchase or consume alcohol, Nobody wants to admit it, but this is a parenting issue and not the domain of the state (unless of course you want a nanny state) Also I’m not sure that closing down Sixth Street bar will keep supper dome attendees (or even at the fabulous lunch dome) sober. Again, a parenting issue!!!!

      As to having a dry Ouachita Parish, it didn’t work out too well in the 20’s and would create the problem of drunk teens traveling to the parish line to buy that evil alcohol.

      pass the buck on parenting is not the answer

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The petty tyrants are coming out of the woodwork. The authoritarian boot may be on your neck next.

  3. O2 Says:

    If we were living on real plantations instead of government plantations there would be no problem

  4. Oldman Says:

    Government( slave ) plantations

  5. Ben Carter Says:

    6th Street Bar needs to be closed. Ouachita Parish needs to be dry. The drunks need to go need to go to jail.

  6. Johnny Longfellow Says:

    Monroe has no morals. Sadly Monroe will pay a high price for its sins. Unlike Saddam and Gamora before Monroe, Monroe will turn to dust and few will remember the City. Only the people who live here now will feel the suffering. We allow our corrupt leaders to continue to punish us. Who will stand up and stop them.

  7. Palms Not Greased Says:

    This is silly…. from the court documents it looks like the bar is being punished for what individuals were doing in the neighborhood of the bar.

    People parking illegally? MPD should ticket or tow them.
    People urinating in public? MPD should fine them, or arrest them.

    The only thing that did make sense in the document was the need for better doors to keep the noise down in the area which it appears the bar did.

    I don’t drink. I also don’t play the bagpipes – but as long as the drunks don’t drive and the bagpipes aren’t loud enough to hear them through my walls I say live and let live.

  8. Dirt Johnson Says:

    The bar is a nuisance. There is no live or let live. The bar will be closed. This is just the beginning.

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