Wheels Come Off @ I-20 Board

Last week’s meeting of the Interstate 20 Economic Development District Board of Directors was filled with recriminations, finger-pointing, and crawfishing, according to The Ouachita Citizen’s Zach Parker, who was there to report on what happened.

See it here (subscription required):

I-20 board breaks law, takes secret vote to hire lawyer; invoices, hire date discrepancy revealed

We had earlier reported that at the 11/17/15 meeting, board Chairman Otis Chisley denied having selected an attorney to defend against a lawsuit, but in fact had done just that in a secret session moments before.

According to Parker’s account, the attorney – Steven Oxenhandler of Alexandria – was engaged prior to that meeting, and without the knowledge and approval of the board. He sent an invoice to the board that included 26 hours worked prior to 11/17.

Monroe’s City Attorney Nanci Summersgill, who sometimes acts as an “unofficial adviser” to the I-20 Board, first contacted Oxenhandler, Parker wrote.

Also, there was a kerfuffle over the minutes of the 11/17 meeting, after it was realized information on an illegal vote was included.

Parker also recounted LPNO’s efforts beginning two years ago to get the board meetings opened up to public scrutiny.

3 Responses to “Wheels Come Off @ I-20 Board”

  1. Dick Houser Says:

    Honesty and integrity exemplifies Monroe government. No back room deals here. Chairman Otis Chisley and Steven Oxenhandler men among men.

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    I can’t even find a purpose for the I-20 Board other than to offer outlets for corruption.

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