Sixth Street Bar Issues Alleged: Underage Drinking, Contaminated Liquor

On a 2-2 tie vote, the Monroe City Council denied a liquor license renewal for the 6 Street Bar & Lounge at last night’s meeting.

This is the second time in two years the council has denied a license for the controversial establishment. At the 12/23/13 meeting, a license renewal was denied, but the bar later reopened after the owners sued and the city settled.

Voting to grant the license were Gretchen Ezernack (District 2) and Kenny Wilson (District 4). Voting to deny were Ray Armstrong (District 1) and Betty Blakes (District 3).

Mark Neal, an attorney for the bar owners, said that they would sue again if the license was denied.

Speaking to the council, Neal cited the terms of the earlier settlement and said the owners had held up their end of the bargain.

Said Neal, “I encourage the council to do what it agreed to do in June of 2014, which was to grant this license by way of a consent judgement.”

Neal also noted that the bar had been in operation since 1945, and that the current residents knew the establishment was there when they located in the neighborhood.

Resident David Pivont said despite Neal’s assertions, the bar had continued to have problems.

Pivont said the bar had twice this year been cited by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) for selling alcohol to minors, and selling liquor that was contaminated with debris and/or fruit flies.

Said Pivont, “They had two violations of selling to minors.” He added, “They had bugs in their liquor.”

Another resident, Marilyn Denoux, said she had issues with patrons of the bar engaged in “intimate” conduct in their cars parked on the street or in nearby parking lots.

Said Denoux, “The last time this happened, I went out – it was about 2 in the morning – and called to them across the street to please either stop, go to a motel, to put their pants back on. In the meantime I was given an obscene gesture and told to go away. So I picked up the (water) hose from my yard and sprayed it across the street on them.” She added, “This is not right.”

In other business, the council unanimously denied a conditional use permit to sell beer for off premise consumption for Just Stop, 3100 Renwick Street.

Several area residents showed up to object, citing proximity to area schools.

6 Responses to “Sixth Street Bar Issues Alleged: Underage Drinking, Contaminated Liquor”

  1. Betty Boomer Says:

    Neal also noted that the bar had been in operation since 1945, and that the current residents knew the establishment was there when they located in the neighborhood. In 1945 Neil’s statement has no meaning.6th Street was an office building. Then 6th Street operated as a restaurant that could serve liquor closing at 12:00. Both uses allowed under the zoning ordinance. Now 6th Street is an all night bar with regularly occurring gun fights, drugs, deification in yards, home break-ins and sex in the front yards of the neighborhood. This is a Jamie neighborhood, Bastrop Junior. All neighborhoods in Monroe will suffer similar hardships. Next might be a hog farm in River Oaks. Remember there is no zoning in Bastrop to stop nuisance. Jamie don’t care if a bar locates next to a school. This is Pottersville with no morals. It’s a wonderful life.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      Betty Boomer-
      Would you buy a house next to a bar?
      Probably not, but that is exactly what every one of the bar’s neighbors have done. They chose to live in immediate proximity to the bar. The solution is in changing what goes on at the bar, not making the bar close down. They are licensed to do what the law allows, nothing more. Address the areas in which the law is broken despite where it is located.

      Sex in the parking lot is illegal, arrest the violators.

      Heck for less money than it would take to fight the bars existence, you could put up large lights all around the homes adjacent to the bar which would discourage virtually all of the illegal activity claimed. No outdoor sex, no drug trade, no shooting (because no drug trade). The sale to minors has a course of action that the law has prescribed which potentially includes closing of the bar.

      Your “jamie” comments lead me to believe that this is more about race than drink.

  2. Henry Simon Says:

    David Pivont is a good citizen trying to protect his neighborhood from an evil bar. Pivont should be given an award for standing up for his neighborhood. The City of Monroe needs to be made dry. No alcohol at no time. Get rid of the bars.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      It is safe to assume the Mr. Simon (above) is opposed to alcohol because it is evil. In other words, there is no amount of alcohol that can be “good.” Let’s apply that same logic to sex. Outlaw sex of any kind inside the city of Monroe. No drinking at home, then no sex at home. If misuse is bad then all of it must be bad. Ban Sex Now!

  3. Gregg Johnson Says:

    6th Street started as a office, then became a restaurant, then became a bar illegally. 6th Street is a nuisance destroying a neighborhood. It is a noise hazard, a drug den, and every possible sin spills into the neighborhood, such a defecating or sex in front yards. Shootings and break ins happen on a regular basis. You know what I mean. A dry parish is the only solution. Lets all sign the petition.

  4. sex addiction 101 Says:

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