Jail Payroll Balloons in Three Years

The payroll budget at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center (DC) has skyrocketed in the 2 1/2 years since the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) has taken over operation of the center, an analysis of budget documents has revealed.

The 2015 amended and 2016 proposed budgets for the DC show a total personnel cost of just over $2 million. That figure includes wages of about $1.3 million, retirement contributions of over $200 thousand, and health insurance costs of over $400 thousand. The balance of the expenditures are for taxes, dental, and medical.

See here the documents:

2015 Amended Budget
2016 Proposed Budget

The personnel costs amount to almost as much as the total budget ($2.1 million) for the facility in 2012, the last full year that LaSalle Corrections operated the facility. The LPSO took over operation in July of 2013.

See here the documents (pg 15).

3 Responses to “Jail Payroll Balloons in Three Years”

  1. PoliceJuryWatchOut Says:

    Chuck James told a friend once: never let the sheriff run the jail; they will load it up with employees and charge as many as they can to the jail because the mothers’ milk of getting the sheriff reelected is hiring as many as you can. They and their families and friends will reelect you and vote for your taxes every time.
    Ole’ Chuck it seems was right.

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    It would be quite interesting to see the budgets for the jail and the sheriff’s office year by year from, say 2000 through 2015. It would be quite eye opening and would, I can assure you, bear no resemblance to a single reader’s personal experience. (in %ages)

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