LPPJ Solid Waste Equipment Upgrade

Several pieces of equipment for the Lincoln Parish Police Jury’s Solid Waste Department are scheduled to be bought in the near future to replace rented and second-hand equipment pressed into service when the department had to begin hauling refuse to the landfill earlier this year.

A cab & chassis truck, four refuse trailers, a refuse packer, and a litter van – totaling about $400 thousand – will soon be purchased to haul refuse from the collection center off Arkansas Plant road to a landfill in Union Parish. That task had formerly been performed by a private contractor (Jackie White, Inc) until May, 2015.

Solid Waste Committee Chair Walter Pullen said that all the costs were budgeted.

Said Pullen, “All these costs were already figured into the budget, and the budget’s still less than we had appropriated for last year. This is going to significantly save us in the long run.”

The Lincoln Parish Landfill was closed in 1993, as it was cheaper to haul to a remote location than to operate the facility.

During the full Jury meeting, several appointments were made to area boards and commissions:

Lincoln Health Foundation: Dr. Gary Luffey
Ruston/Lincoln Convention & Visitor’s Bureau: Jeff Parker, Richard Lewis, Tiffany Baldwin
Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1: Mike Fulton, Ray Robinson
Waterworks District No. 3: G. W. Kimble
Lincoln Parish Communications District: Tremell Turner

North Louisiana Exhibition Center Commissioner Angela Manning said in her report to the jurors that her facility needed an upgrade of about 100 more permanent stall so that additional horse shows could be booked. She noted that other parishes in the region would soon be competing against the Lincoln facility.

Recently, Jackson Parish received a $1.6 million state capital outlay to build a riding arena and pavilion.

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