Transcript – Ouachita Citizen Reporter Jury Duty Grilling

Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) has obtained a transcript of The Ouachita Citizen’s reporter Johnny Gunter undergoing “voir dire” after being called for jury duty.

It appears that the questioning of Gunter was more than just an attempt to test his qualifications or temperament to be a juror. At times, it resembled a cross-examination under oath, and may have been an attempted “perjury trap,” or an attempt to get Gunter to say something under oath that may not have been true.

Undoubtedly, it was an act of naked intimidation by the Ouachita courthouse machine, which has been the subject of numerous recent news stories by The Citizen and LPNO.

See here the complete transcript.

Notable were these comments by Fourth Judicial (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes) District Division C Judge Wilson Rambo:

The Palowsky case has been covered, Palowsky versus Cork, and other related matters, have been covered in infinite detail in The Ouachita Citizen through the efforts of Mr. Gunter and also I think one other reporter as well. But Mr. Gunter has written several articles. All of those articles have been entirely one sided, including the one that’s introduced into evidence here today.

Also interesting is this by the Court Reporter:

COURT REPORTER’S NOTE: (This is an excerpt of jury selection in the above captioned case. This is the questioning of potential juror number thirty-eight, Johnny Gunter, which took place in open court outside the presence of other members of the jury panel.)


5 Responses to “Transcript – Ouachita Citizen Reporter Jury Duty Grilling”

  1. Bill Smith Says:

    Hiter’s America. All heil the emporer. What next? beatings with a hose or water boarding. The Feds need to fix our judges.

    • Oldman Says:

      What about the feds? They are just as crooked as the rest of the bunch,who will police them? Our states need to have more control over what’s going on and then the voter will have more control of their day to day lives. Take gun control for instance, what do you think is the reason for more gun control, cross out “gun” and then what’s left is control.

  2. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    I’ve always seen it, not as Hiter’s America, but more of a pitcher’s America.
    To the best of my knowledge, Germany never had an emporer or even and Emperor.

    I agree, though, the Feds need to come in and insert themselves into local matters in order to further complete the abolition of states rights as set forth in the constitution. No sense in letting the courts, and appellate courts do their jobs when Obama’s pen can do the job that really falls on us.

    Sadly, comments on this board often reflect voter’s opinions.

  3. Sammy Hellor Says:

    When judges are corrupt the whole political system is failed. If I bribe a judge as a businessman then I win in court. If I bribe judges with votes as a politition, then I do not go to jail when I commit a crime. Oboma will be gone foreevewr soon. Ouachita Parish needs an inima from corrupt polititians and the Feds are the only institution that can do it. Atleast we have 1 or 2 judges that are honest and want to do the right thing.

  4. Ham Gentry Says:

    Bob sounds like a corrupt judge. Polowsky is like a patient focused bulldog with a lot of money. Eventually all the bad judges will be broken. Gunter is like Polowsky a patient focused bulldog. Good luck Bob you are going to need it.

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