Ruston Daily Leader Begins Drumbeat for Higher Taxes on the Little People

With two “news” articles within five days touting Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker’s massive infrastructure rebuild for the city, it is almost assured that the area’s daily paper, The Ruston Daily Leader, will be supporting the plan, along with sticking the people who shop in Ruston for an additional 3/4 ¢ in sales taxes to help pay for it.

On Sunday, 11/22/15 there was this:

Infrastructure package proposed

Today, another article reporting on a Walker news conference held yesterday:

Sales tax approval needed to move forward

Readers will recall that in late September, The Leader began a campaign to reverse a 9/8/15 Lincoln Parish Police Jury vote to deny a tax break to two local businesses.

Several articles and editorials held forth on the necessity of such tax breaks to encourage “economic development.”

At the 11/10/15 jury meeting, the earlier vote was reversed, and the tax breaks granted.

One of the counter arguments was that the tax breaks would have to be made up by other taxes somewhere else.

Sure enough, days later a massive spending plan has been unveiled that will have to be paid for by taxing those who can least afford it via sales taxes.

You can bet the people who are pushing this plan of higher sales taxes are the same ones who stampeded the police jury into reversing their vote on the business tax breaks.

See here the complete Ruston infrastructure plan.

Readers need to know about, however, the business relationship The Ruston Daily Leader enjoys with the City of Ruston.

For calendar year 2014, as “official journal,” the newspaper billed the city nearly $12 thousand for “legal advertising.”

See here the document.

This amount does not include similar relationships that the newspaper has with other governmental entities in the area, such as the police jury and the Lincoln Parish School Board.

15 Responses to “Ruston Daily Leader Begins Drumbeat for Higher Taxes on the Little People”

  1. DAN M. BURSON Says:


  2. DAN M. BURSON Says:


  3. DAN M. BURSON Says:


  4. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Heeee’s Baaaack.

    Druel on big Dan

  5. Sickandtiredofit Says:

    Dan what good news do you have?

  6. BOHICA Says:

    People at the bottom of the economic ladder spend most/all their income on necessities and pay sales tax. An incremental increase hits them full-force. A business collects sales tax from their customers but pays very little sales tax itself: supplies etc mostly.
    Is that the most important way to spend $15 million in Ruston: A new playground??
    foolish I say. Something for everybody so they will vote for it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      “Businesses pays very little sales tax” REALLY? It’s amazing people think businesses just make all the money and have no responsibilities. For your info, businesses not only pay taxes on everything they purchase but pay property taxes every year the keep those purchases. I would like for all people to have to do that! Imagine if you go to Wal-Mart and buy a new computer and pay sales tax then next year you get a bill and have to pay taxes again and guess what the next year you get another bill saying you owe taxes again for that old computer.
      Also people at the bottom pay no taxes and most get a refund (earned income)

      • Mr. E Says:

        Man, if you’re paying taxes on an old computer every year, then you need to fire your accountant because he’s robbing you blind! Instead of buying that computer, try leasing it and writing off the cost of the lease every year! That way, not only do you get to write off the cost of the lease, you can periodically upgrade the computer without having to purchase a new one. Leasing of major business assets is much more advantageous from a tax standpoint than purchasing the asset and amortizing it over a number of years. Plus, leasing doesn’t lock you into ownership of that asset, thus allowing for renewal or replacement at much less expense.

        Retail businesses that purchase their stock for resale do not pay sales taxes on that stock. Many small convenience operations purchase items for resale from warehouse clubs with special memberships which allow the purchase sans sales tax. The sales tax is paid by the customer (yes, hard to imagine, but sales taxes and business costs are ALWAYS passed on to the consumer – if they weren’t, then the business would fold) at the point of sale and collected by the business for remittance to the proper government agency.

        You are correct that business owners have much responsibility and pay taxes (taxes on profit, employee wages, inventory, property, etc.), but a properly managed business should pay very little in sales taxes because those costs are supposed to be passed on to the consumer. Yes, I’ll be the first to argue that taxes are too damn high and should be rolled back, but that is the fault of our fellow citizens who keep running down to the polls to pass every new tax and reauthorize every existing tax the politicians can dream up to skim more off the productive class to fund their protectionist racketeering operations. Try risking the offense of a few liberal customers by posting a sign in your business opposing some of these taxes instead of blithely ducking for cover like the racketeering politicians want you to do.

        If your business is not retail and makes a lot of purchases, then you should look into purchasing from a B2B operation that can significantly lower your costs. Based on the exasperation of your comment, you need to do some serious homework to improve your business operations.

  7. Cowboy Says:

    Well, Ronny Walker didn’t waste much time implementing his new do gooder plan to improve the lives of area citizens whether they wanted it or not. Walker is another one of those politicians like Walter Pullen who can’t resist the urge to “help the people” once they get into office instead of just leaving people the hell alone like we want in the first place. Helping the people to these politicians means crafting some grand scheme involving a massive new infrastructure project to which they can permanently attach their names, but which sticks us taxpayers with the bill for decades to come, all so they can feel good about themselves and their ability to “help the people.”

    The fact is that NONE of these infrastructure projects is EVER going to create new business or lure businesses to Louisiana that are not already predisposed to locate here. Businesses relocate to Texas not because of low taxes (although that is icing on the cake), but because Texas has the toughest tort reform in the country. Businesses will never locate to Louisiana in droves like they do to Texas until we elect politicians willing to stand up to the trial lawyers and pass tort reform as tough as that in Texas! Never!

    Louisiana is a populist state full of natural resources and the majority of businesses that locate here are here to exploit those natural resources like oil and gas, timber, and farming be it on land or in the Gulf. The rest involves tourism of some form or the other. Before you mention the movie industry, allow me to point out that it came here on the back of a super generous tax break scheme which has been revealed to involve massive fraud at the expense of Louisiana taxpayers and which is being rolled back. Let’s see how long Hollywood continues to love Louisiana when the generous tax breaks dry up.

    Unfortunately, Louisiana was hoodwinked by GOP consultants working for John Bel Edwards into electing a Democrat for governor who is in the pocket of the trial lawyers. Anyone born in Louisiana and hoping to be able to come home someday to good jobs just saw their chances flushed down the toilet with the election of Edwards. Louisiana won’t be getting new jobs or improved economic conditions because old John Bel will be working with the trial lawyers to make sure nothing changes in Louisiana. All he had to do was profess his opposition to abortion and love of guns to fool Louisiana into voting him into office over David Vitter, a committed conservative with a proven track record of conservatism.

    Vitter has consistently gone against Obama on the national level, and he has thoroughly opposed buffoon Piyush Jindal at the state level. Vitter would have made a fine governor committed to cleaning up Jindal’s mess and putting Louisiana on track to securing better jobs and more opportunity, but the GOP is dedicated to purging conservatives from the party like the Democrats who have already purged all of their conservatives in favor of progressive liberals. Don’t be fooled for a minute that Edwards is some sort of new Democrat conservative despite his slick packaging brought to you courtesy of the GOP. Recall that you all once thought Jindal was conservative until you realized he was on permanent campaign for president.

    So now Ronny Walker steps up to the populist plate promising yet another mega project that will cure all evils and right all past wrongs for the mere pittance of several million dollars we taxpayers can’t afford. But, he promises, this will improve all our lives and lead to good jobs. Yeah, right. How many times have we all heard that old siren song?

    The fact is that this new technology park development sits right next to Louisiana Tech which is currently in the middle of developing its own technology park to do the same thing and using state money in the process. Why not let Tech finish its project and see what benefits flow from it before taxing ourselves to death to fund Walker’s dream? Walter Abbott is right in pointing out that the Daily Leader never met a tax yet that it opposed! If they are so big on taxes, let them cough up the money to pay for their boy Walker’s dream project!

    I can tell you right now that until Louisiana implements tough tort reform, not one damn project built with taxpayer money will EVER do anything for us but cost us tax money!

  8. Oldman Says:

    Thank you Cowboy,very well said.

  9. Poof!AllGone Says:

    High tech in Ruston is tubeless tires….

  10. TaxedAndLovinIt Says:

    Hey! Someone said let’s put a tax on newspapers. I asked is there any evidence the Leader’s a newspaper?

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      There is a tax, the ultimate tax on all newspapers. It is called the internet, sometimes also referred to as collapsing readership.

      Don’t buy it, don’t read it just like the vast majority of the public has done. But whatever you do, don’t tax it.

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