Jackson Parish Police Jury Pay on Monday Agenda

The issue of police jury pay is up for discussion again, but this time it’s Jackson Parish. On the Monday, 11/23, 5:30 PM, agenda is this:

Rescind resolution adopted on December 16, 2014 reducing the compensation of Jurors to $600 per month effective January 11, 2016.

Here is the complete agenda.

Also, the Personnel Committee will meet at 5:00 PM. Here is the agenda.

The meeting will be in the Police Jury Meeting room on the third floor of the Jackson Parish Courthouse, 500 East Court Street.

Two incumbent jurors were reelected yesterday, Amy McGee (Ward 3), and Lynn Treadway (Ward 7).

Johnny McCarty unseated Billy Bryant (Ward 4) to regain the seat he held for several months in 2012. McCarty had been appointed after long time juror Nate Zeno died, and lost it to Bryant in a special election.

7 Responses to “Jackson Parish Police Jury Pay on Monday Agenda”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    SLICK…barely waited till after the election for another shot at pay raises…oh well by the time they are up for re-election we will have forgotten who votes themselves this raise

  2. Sickandtiredofit Says:

    $1200.00 a month is a lot of money for a part time job. It seems they help themselves first and then help the parish last. What ever happened to civic minded people who wanted to do their part to help the whole parish? There are roads in this parish that the jurymen travel only one time in four years and that one time is when they are up for reelection. How about paying mileage and once a month jury duty. The jury even has a guy ride the roads and report back on what’s needed. So really we are paying $1200.00 so they will show at the monthly meeting and I’m not far wrong on that.

  3. Sickandtiredofit Says:

    $1200.00 is a lot more than the surrounding parishs pay. First thing you know you will be wanting the parish to buy you a new truck to ride around in. Does the parish furnish you with health insurances? Do you ride every road in your district on a monthly basis? Do you know what is going on in your district? Do you know if your parish is getting its money worth? I know of roads in this parish that nobody cares about,if you have pull then your roads are taken care of, if not do without. We need to make our parish no.1,it’s got a long way to go.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Stingy, Greedy, Sneaky, Conniving, Money Hungry, No-good freaking jurors. Walter, you need to publish the juror salaries of the surrounding parishes. I will bet you a nickel some of the larger parish jurors are paid LESS than the goons we have in Jackson Parish.

    As soon as the last vote was counted Saturday night, the juror’s began seeing $$$$ signs because they knew what they were going to do on Monday. Freaking jerks.

    • Anonymous Says:

      There is a list in the story below about the Lincoln Parish Police Jury’s attempt for a pay raise. Those missing are Union and Calborne Parishs salaries which are $600 each.

      What’s interesting about this story is currently the Jackson Parish PJ already makes $1200.00 a month but in 2014 voted to reduce it to $600 and now they have had a change of heart.

      • Oldman Says:

        They voted to lower their pay to $600.00 to get re-elected. They will raise their pay to $1200.00 or more and hope you have forgotten about it before the next election. By this action alone shows what kind of people we have in office. Oh well might as well give them what they want cause it will be four more years till the next election and they will do it to us again. We the voter never learn,do we?

  5. Sickandtiredofit Says:

    Thanksgiving,remember what you are thankful for.

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