Walker Unveils Massive Infrastructure Rebuild of Ruston, Plus 3/4 ¢ Sales Tax Hike to Pay for it

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker has unveiled a multi-million dollar “wish list” that includes streets, sewers, water, drainage, and recreation projects to be completed over the next ten years. Walker spoke to a group of at the old Fire Station earlier this afternoon.

Said Walker, “When I came on board in January I started meeting with all our department heads and looking at our city from a strategic plan and long term plan, as far as the next ten and twenty years. What I found was we had a backlog of infrastructure projects that some were ten and fifteen that we needed to do just to get us up to this point, but we really needed to look forward if we were planning on growing the city.”

To fund the projects, Walker wants to put a 3/4 ¢ sales tax increase before the voters next April.

Among the more significant projects:

Three lane rebuild of Kentucky from 167 to hwy 33 – $15 million
Sheppard Creek drainage improvements – $6.5 million
Street Overlays – 35 miles – $5 million
Sports Complex on South Farmerville – $15 million

Map of proposed Ruston Projects

Map of proposed Ruston Projects

Financing for the projects, estimated at $80 million total, would be a combination of borrowing, sales tax proceeds, state funding, and existing funding.


Walker noted that while the tax increase would put Ruston’s sales tax at 9 1/2%, it is still lower than other communities in the area.

Seen in the crowd of three to four dozen people were representatives of the area’s engineering, construction, and real estate interests.

8 Responses to “Walker Unveils Massive Infrastructure Rebuild of Ruston, Plus 3/4 ¢ Sales Tax Hike to Pay for it”

  1. ShoNuff Says:

    everyone there gonna make big money off the taxpayer.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      I’m assuming that you meant to say “Everyone, they’re gonna make big money off of the taxpayer.”

      What you actually said was the everyone there is gonna make big money which begs the question, everyone where.

      If you are gonna whine about having to press “1” for English, then try to use that language yourself.

  2. ss94009400ss GUV. Says:

    repair and buildt* 2, overpasses only, and do a study on this with Gis/Arc/EIS/NEPA, then add, the cost is 15% of such cost and trouble, over passes, prefab today and also Monroe needs to use a 90 leg on the I-20 with a lap bridge network, prefab, stuck claw and points

  3. Poof!AllGone Says:

    Well, heck, there goes Economic Development: business will not want to locate in Ruston with sales taxes that high!
    Politicians are almost as crazy as regular people…

  4. Poof!AllGone Says:

    Every person of lower economic means probably spends almost their entire income on items and services which are taxed; hence the Ruston city government is proposing to confiscate another 3/4% of their already low income to pay for goodies the yuppie parents want for their kids. They will pay every penny. Most businesses don’t pay much sales tax; they pay more property tax. They collect sales taxes from their customers.
    You better-off people be careful: you are all too willing to vote burdens on others who can’t afford more, because something would be “nice”, and you don’t even think about it.

    Rules of Taxes:
    1. PEOPLE pay all taxes
    2. Businesses COLLECT taxes from their customers, on behalf of government
    3. Politicians love taxes because it gives them money to allow them to appear to give people free stuff, when NOTHING IS FREE.
    4. It’s YOUR money: keep it and you are in control; give it to politicians and THEY are in control.

    • City Slicker Says:

      Hey Poof,
      Did you happen to notice that 55 of the 80 million dollars was going to be spent on projects south of I-20 and of the remaining 55 million dollars almost 75% is going to projects around California Ave or south.

  5. Wesley Harris Says:

    Politicians love new taxes. #1 fact that comes to mind: Ruston is currently receiving more tax revenue than ever in its history. Have you seen how many new vehicles the City has? How virtually city-owned facility has been renovated or replaced? With three hotels and more restaurants coming, revenue will increase even more. I can’t disagree with some of the items on the list but can’t we commit some of the current largess toward some of those projects?

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