Pay Raise for Lincoln Police Jurors on Agenda

Discussion of “method and amount of Police Juror compensation” is on the agenda for a special called session of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) tomorrow (Thursday, November 19) at 6:00 PM.

Agenda – Police Jury – 6:00 PM

Two committee meetings are scheduled prior to the full jury.

Agenda – Health & Welfare Committee – 4:30 PM
Agenda – Finance Committee – 5:00 PM

The meeting will be held at the Lincoln Parish Courthouse, third floor.

5 Responses to “Pay Raise for Lincoln Police Jurors on Agenda”

  1. ShoNuff Says:

    I heard some want to raise it to $1500 a month.

  2. I.P. Freely Says:

    As Mark Twain said: Politicians and diapers must be changed often,and for the same reason.

    • Cowboy Says:

      Be careful with the “throw them all out” rhetoric. We tried that once before when the Jury bought the Albertson’s building while practically giving the property over near Alabama Avenue to Tech. What we got was a bunch of neophytes who soon fell under the sway of those who sought to raise taxes and launch big projects like Parish-wide trash pickup. Anybody remember that fiasco promoted by Bobby Dowling? A careful review of the votes by the current Jury reveal that a couple of Jurors, Randy Roberson and Bobby Bennett, supported most of the time by Skip Russell and a couple of others, have been in the public interest as being against higher taxes and for reasonable actions that would provide long-term benefit to the taxpayer at minimum cost.

      Walter Pullen has been extremely unreliable as a voice for the taxpayer with his constant motions to forgive taxes on new construction despite evidence that this tax relief played no part in any decision to locate a business in Lincoln Parish. Pullen also came into office affected by the same do-gooder attitude that sank Bobby Dowling until calmer heads reminded him he was there to protect the interests of the taxpayers instead of protecting the taxpayers from evils only he imagined.

      I’m all for keeping a close eye on politicians, especially at the local level where it affects me the most, but the key to that is actually keeping a close watch instead of pretending to do so only to become outraged at an issue you weren’t paying attention to previously. Most citizens just blindly go about their business without giving a thought to local government until it does something stupid and outrageous, like the Fire Board under Tom Thompson who sought to jack up fire taxes to build his personal kingdom. Does that memory trigger a shudder at just how close we all came to jacked up fire taxes? We citizens hire local people we hope we can trust to take care of local government business without us having to devote too much of our attention, but we are required to devote SOME attention to ensure these elected officials aren’t getting out of hand.

      Roberson and Bennett are the type of people we always hope we get to serve in local government who consistently look out for us taxpayers. Unfortunately, we all too often get the Tom Thompson variety who are in it for their own personal power, or the Walter Pullens who seek to save us from ourselves. Let’s be careful that we don’t throw out the good ones in a mad mob rush to over-correct a problem caused by the failure of the public to pay close enough attention to its business. Done correctly, public oversight requires a minimum investment of one’s time, but it does require that minimum investment.

  3. Oldman Says:

    The truth and well said.

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