Judge Overseeing Ouachita Coverup Case Was Once Sued Himself

Judge Ad Hoc Jerome Barbera, a retired judge from the 17th Judicial (Lafourche Parish) District who is presiding over the case Palowsky v Campbell, was once sued ten years ago in federal court for allegedly violating an individual’s civil rights in a divorce case.

U. S. District Judge Helen Berrigan dismissed the suit, ruling that Barbera was protected by “judicial immunity.”

Plaintiff Keith Labat, himself an attorney at the time, alleged that Barbera, among other things:

…had numerous ex parte conversations with plaintiff’s former spouse’s attorney to fabricate numerous stories of plaintiff’s having a drug and alcohol problem in order to give plaintiff’s former spouse preferential custody treatment from the divorce proceedings.

Another judge from the district, John LeBlanc, was also named in the lawsuit.

See here the documents from that lawsuit:

Federal Claim – Labat v Barbera & LeBlanc
Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s Complaint
Memo in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss
Order and Reasons

Labat was later charged with and pled guilty to felony theft, forger, and issuing worthless checks.

Thibodaux lawyer pleads guilty to theft, forgery

Lawyer says he can’t repay bilked clients

He claimed the two judges froze his bank accounts and left him unable to manage his finances.

In 2008, Labat was disbarred by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings

In the suit now at hand, Palowski alleges that Campbell destroyed court documents in another civil case (Palowski v Cork), and that several Fourth Judicial District judges covered up her wrongdoing.


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