Ouachita Court Coverup Update – 10/15/15

Second Circuit weighs Sharp’s recusal

Monroe businessman Stanley R. Palowsky III asked an appellate court to intervene in his lawsuit against a former business partner because of a Fourth Judicial District Court judge’s refusal to recuse himself from the case, among other actions taken by the district court.

That lawsuit sparked a criminal investigation of the Fourth Judicial District Court as well as a separate lawsuit alleging criminal wrongdoing by some Fourth Judicial District Court officials, including Judge Carl Sharp.

Palowski v Cork – Application for Supervisory Writs of Review

Palowski Appeals to get Evidence

A Monroe businessman asked the Second Circuit Court of Appeal to remove a stay of discovery in his lawsuit against Fourth Judicial District Court officials.

Attorneys for plaintiff Stanley R. Palowsky III filed their appeal with the Second Circuit last week, arguing that an ad hoc judge abused his discretion by staying discovery, or forbidding the taking of depositions and the answering of interrogatories, in the civil proceeding.

Palowski v Campbell – Application for Supervisory Writs of Review


2 Responses to “Ouachita Court Coverup Update – 10/15/15”

  1. Bsting Says:

    Great report unbelievable case justice denied

  2. David Donnel Says:

    Are the judges in trouble?

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