LPPJ Committees Last Night

Two Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) Committees met last night, with several others to meet late this afternoon, along with the full jury.

After recommending the appointment of Dr. Gary Luffey to the Lincoln Health Foundation’s board and Reagan Pylant to the Greater Ward One Waterworks District, the Personnel/Benefits Committee spent most of the meeting in executive session, discussing the qualifications of applicants for the position of Parish Treasurer.

Nineteen people expressed interest in the job, but many didn’t meet the minimum qualifications, it was said.

Back in public session, the committee voted to interview four finalists for the job: Laura Hartt, Wade Smeltzer, Angela Clark, and Johnathan Everett.

The Economic Development Committee had a wide-ranging discussion about tax policy, economic development, and the history of incentives for businesses locating in the area. The consensus was that a written policy should be discussed and developed, and with that goal in mind, committee chair Skip Russell asked the members to study two handouts pertinent to the issue.

Lincoln Parish School Board Sales and Use Tax Exclusion
Louisiana Economic Development Enterprise Zone


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