Lincoln Tax Assessor Financial Reports

Here’s the financial recap of campaign finances for the Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor race.

According to the report filed 9/23/15, incumbent Sheila Bordelon lists total receipts of $26,900.49, and total disbursements of $12,214.08. Receipts include loans from the candidate to the campaign of $14,875.49.

The more significant contributions are:

W. S. Baskin, Ruston: $1,000
Frank Cordaro, Ruston: $1,000
Louisiana Bancshares, Arcadia: $1,000
George Parkman, Ruston: $1,000
Laurie Whitten, Monroe: $1,000

See here the complete report.

Challenger Edwin Edgerton’s 9/23/15 report lists $14,780 in contributions and disbursements of $11,552.

Significant contributions are:

Alissa Jenkins Realty, Prairieville, LA: $1,000
Edwin Edgerton III, West Monroe: $1,000
Gregory Kinsman, Greenbrier, LA: $1,000
Lincoln Realty, Inc., Ruston: $1,000
Louisiana Realtors PAC, Baton Rouge: $1,000
Susan Shirley, Ruston: $1,000
W. H. Shirley, Ruston: $1,000
The Grove, Ruston: $1,000

See here the complete report.


5 Responses to “Lincoln Tax Assessor Financial Reports”

  1. TheEnquiror Says:

    What is “The Grove”?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Its Dickie Nealy’s subdivision. It’s amazing how many times he can contribute money, personal and for each business.
      Really looks bad a tax assessor that is in the real estate business with several cronies in the same business. I guess we will be paying more property taxes so Dickie can pay less.

  2. Ed Webb Says:

    Roy Glover has 2 homestead exemptions. One which he is not entitled to. Nice to have daughter as your assessor. Twenty plus years in the assessors office and still can’ t comply with the law.

  3. EYESONYOU Says:

    To Anonymous Says@ 1146 am: I know we have been paying more property tax so Roy Glover can pay less. All it takes is a little time on Lincoln Parish Assessors web site and looking up La law concerning Homestead exemption and usufruct property.

  4. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    some mighty fishy smell to this race

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