LA Supreme Court Disqualifies Garriga from LPPJ Race

Chris “Moose” Garriga was today disqualified from his race for District Six of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ), The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled. The court’s action overrules a judgement last week by Louisiana’s Second Circuit Court of Appeal, which had upheld Garriga’s candidacy.

The Louisiana Board of Ethics (BOE) challenged Garriga’s candidacy, saying Garriga asserted on the notice of candidacy that he owed no outstanding fines, when in fact he did.

Garriga released this statement moments ago:

To the Citizens of Lincoln Parish:

I am very grateful for all of the support and prayers that my family and I have received over the past few months. We were certainly encouraged after we won the trial of this matter and even more encouraged after all of the five judges in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal agreed with us. Each time I had an opportunity to be heard, the court was able to see and hear the sincerity of my testimony. It was very disappointing to receive the ruling of the Louisiana State Supreme Court today.

The greatest thing that unfortunately now arises out of my disappointment is the support shown for me and my family over the past few months. I appreciate all of the sacrifices that my wife and children made for me to support my run for police jury. I am not leaving this campaign defeated, but rather with my head held high knowing that I did everything I could to represent myself and my family with the utmost honesty and integrity. Please keep me and my family in your prayers.

Chris “Moose” Garriga

As of post time, the State Supreme Court had not posted a written opinion on its website.


3 Responses to “LA Supreme Court Disqualifies Garriga from LPPJ Race”

  1. Ed Webb Says:

    Would be nice if La board of ethics would investigate all complaints of lying politicians.

  2. SHAME Says:

    it really falls on the little guy: the local who is serving on a board uncompensated, gets hit for $1500. He does not have a staff to understand and keep up with the bureaucracy.
    the Big Boys get away with anything.
    Remember when Senator Charles Jones was chairman of the Ethics board? Right before he went to prison?

  3. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Where to go from here?
    Moose is out so who to vote for? A 78 year old who was already beaten because he failed? A 78 year old whose family is steeped in making a living off the public?

    I contend that Walter Pullen makes a great choice to continue. Having spent years discussing policy, politics, core values, etc with him, I can tell you that his sole focus on the jury is what is best for the people of Lincoln Parish. Even I don’t ALWAYS agree with him but I know his core values and it is very solidly FOR the people he serves.

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