North Hodge Audit Has Several Significant Findings

The Village of North Hodge’s latest audit for the fiscal year ended 9/30/2014 has several significant findings.

2014-4. Supporting Documentation Not Available.
Village employees were unable to find all supporting documentation for fines and forfeitures revenue and for water and sewer billings.

2014-7 Questionable Purchases.
From April 17, 2013, to September 4, 2014, Village of North Hodge officials and employees purchased equipment, supplies, and other items totaling $9,207 not necessary for Village operations.

2014-8 Village Employees Paid Excess Wages.
From October 19, 2012, to August 22, 2014, former excess wages paid through unauthorized
pay increases totaling $6,722. In addition, former Village Clerk Patricia Tapp may have violated state law by holding incompatible offices (Village clerk and police officer).

2014-9 Questionable Travel Expenses.
From January 2014 to July 2014, Village police department employees incurred travel expenses totaling $998 for which there appears to be no public purpose.

See here the complete report.

In last fall’s elections, Kathy Robertson defeated Geraldine Causey, who had been mayor since 2003.

It is notable that North Hodge received over half of the village’s FY 2014 total revenues (about $206 thousand) from fines and forfeitures (about $118 thousand).


26 Responses to “North Hodge Audit Has Several Significant Findings”

  1. Touchdown Says:

    North Hodge employees, I’d like you to meet Stephanie Finlay…

  2. Clerk Says:

    Kathy Robertson** would be the name of the new mayor.

    • Oldman Says:

      Give Mrs.Robertson time to get things straighten out,it’s going to take awhile. Just give her a chance.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

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        • Sickandtiredofit Says:

          Mr. Fowler stay on subject and quit trying to stir up trash.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

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            • Sickandtiredofil Says:

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              • Donald Marion Fowler [Last Post, sort of] Says:

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  3. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

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        • Oldman Says:

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          • Anonymous Says:

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          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

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  7. Sickandtiredofit Says:

    Has anybody heard from Donald Marion Fowler ? Kind of miss the old blow hard .

    • Oldman Says:

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    • Donald Marion Fowler [Last Post, sort of] Says:

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      • Oldman Says:

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      • Sickandtiredofit Says:

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