Cathey: “…this situation is exactly why I’m running”

Stuart Cathey, Jr. presser outside Monroe PD - 9/24/15

Stewarrt Cathey, Jr. presser outside Monroe PD – 9/24/15

Louisiana State Senate District 35 candidate Stewart Cathey, Jr was arrested yesterday and released on bond for a six year old seatbelt violation that occurred just days before his deployment to Afghanistan.

On our way to cover the I-20 board meeting at Monroe City Hall, we saw the TV cameras covering Cathey’s presser in front of the Monroe Police Department after his booking.

KNOE-TV8 – State senate candidate Stewart Cathey, Jr. arrested for seatbelt violation, Current senator responds

KTVE-TV10 – Cathey Says Arrest Politically Motivated

Campaign Manager Hannah Livingston told us that when he found out about the outstanding ticket on 9/11/15 he tried to pay up, but that: “they insisted that he be arrested and bond out of jail today. This is career politicians at work.”


8 Responses to “Cathey: “…this situation is exactly why I’m running””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some people will do anything to win.

  2. David Don Says:

    I would not vote for Big Jim for any reason. What else would Big Jim do to set his own agenda?

  3. Cuff-N-Stuff Says:

    I would not vote for “Big Lake” Jim Fannin anyway, for any reason; he needs to go.
    He is in cahoots with Francis Thompson, getting rich off the state by building lakes like the one at Delhi at state expense.
    A seat belt ticket used to be $20, what is it now? Anyway, it’s a crock and the police should have better things to do than nanny us to death.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    All the more reason to vote for Stewart Cathey and against Jim Fannin.

  5. Bsting Says:

    He got my vote ❎

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The sad thing is most people won’t find out about this or even worse is most won’t care.

  7. SHAME Says:

    Predicted turnout 18%

  8. L. L. Says:

    Does Cathey really think that Fannin or Kostelka really had something to do with this?

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