Attorney General Buddy Caldwell Joins Ouachita Court Coverup

See here the Johnny Gunter story in The Ouachita Citizen (subscription required):

AG appoints attorney for law clerk; appointment conflicts with state law

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has approved the appointment of a special assistant attorney general to represent Fourth Judicial District Court law clerk Allyson Campbell at taxpayer expense though state law bars district court clerks from enjoying the privilege of state appointed legal representation.


6 Responses to “Attorney General Buddy Caldwell Joins Ouachita Court Coverup”

  1. Oldermann Says:

    Something smells to high heaven here.

  2. Sam Smith Says:

    That settles it I am not voting for Buddy.

  3. Oldermann Says:

    Anyone who watched the Feds take down Royce Toney should be worried about their role in this charliefoxtrot.

  4. Ed Webb Says:

    Government officials, elected or otherwise could careless about laws. Law is for the little people. Government officials are the high flying eagles looking down on us fishes swimming in the waters below. That is their thinking.

  5. dilbert Says:

    Does the law mention law clerks? Only mention I see is of clerks of district courts. Aren’t those elected officials? The parish clerk of court?

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