Local Candidtate Roundup

Here’s how the Saturday, October 24 ballot stacks up for area parishes.

Lincoln Parish:

Sheriff: Mike Stone (unopposed)

Clerk of Court: Linda Cook (incumbent), Ashley Page

Tax Assessor: Sheila Bordelon, Edwin Edgerton

Lincoln Parish Police Jury:

District 1: Charles Owens IV, Theresa Wyatt (incumbent)
District 2: Larry Gipson, Hazel Hunter (incumbent)
District 6: Chris Garriga, Roy Glover, Walter Pullen (incumbent)
District 7: Tim Babcock, Jody Backus (incumbent)
District 8: Rodney Bagwell, Skip Russell (incumbent)
District 12: Claire Givens, Annette Straughter

Jackson Parish:

Sheriff: Andy Brown (unopposed)

Clerk of Court: Laura Culpepper, Christy Walker

Tax Assessor: Ray Duck, Brenda Jefferson, Glen Kirkland, Lance Seymore, Joshua Smith, Bo Teat

Jackson Parish Police Jury:

District 1: Todd Culpepper (incumbent), Tom Goss
District 3: Allen Lindsay, Amy Magee (incumbent), Stanley McKaskle, Lavelle Smith
District 4: Billy Bryant (incumbent), Windy Calahan, Steve Kelley, Johnny McCarty
District 6: Rod Potts, Jr, Regina Rowe
District 7: Christina Hodnett, James LeBrun, Rodney Potts, Renee Stringer, Lynn Treadway (incumbent)

Ouachita Parish:

Sheriff: Jay Russell (incumbent), Clint Thomas

Clerk of Court: Louise Bond (incumbent), Madeleine Slaughter

Tax Assessor: Stephanie Smith (unopposed)

Ouachita Parish Police Jury:

District B: Mack Calhoun (incumbent), Jack Clampit
District C: Walt Caldwell (incumbent), Brad Hough

As we had reported yesterday, a dozen police jurors were unopposed for re-election.


2 Responses to “Local Candidtate Roundup”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Charles Owens, who has been arrested multiple times for fraud, running for a seat on the police jury is hilarious.

  2. Ed Webb Says:

    Sheila Bordelon gives her dad Roy Glover two homestead exemption which is against Louisiana law. Malfeasance in office. Anyone care to argue the point?

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