Candidates Flock to Area Courthouses

Local politicians began their quest for offices today by invading area clerk’s offices to file their candidacies. Here’s what we have so far.

Lincoln Parish

Sheriff: Mike Stone (Incumbent)
Clerk of Court: Linda Cook (Incumbent)
Tax Assessor: Sheila Bordelon (Incumbent), Edwin Edgerton
Police Jury:

District Two: Larry Gipson, Hazel Hunter (Incumbent)
District Three: Bobby Bennett (Incumbent)
District Five: David Hammons
District Six: Roy Glover
District Seven: Tim Babcock, Jody Backus (Incumbent)
District Eight: Skip Russell (Incumbent)
District Nine: Joe Henderson (Incumbent)
District Ten: Nancy Wilson (Incumbent)
District Twelve: Claire Givens, Annette Straughter

Jackson Parish

Sheriff: Andy Brown (Incumbent)
Clerk of Court: Laura Culpepper
Tax Assessor: Brenda Jefferson, Glen Kirland, Joshua Smith, Bo Teat
Police Jury:

District One: Todd Culpepper (Incumbent), Tom Goss
District Two: Eddie Langston (Incumbent)
District Three: Amy Magee (Incumbent), Lavelle Smith
District Four: Windy Calahan, Johnny McCarty
District Six: Rod Potts
District Seven: James LeBrun, Lynn Treadway (Incumbent)

Town of Jonesboro, Alderman District A: Janet Martin, Johnny Runyon

Ouachita Parish

Sheriff: Jay Russell (Incumbent), Clint Thomas
Clerk of Court: Louise Bond (Incumbent), Madeleine Slaughter
Tax Assessor: Stephanie Smith (Incumbent)
Police Jury:

District A: Scotty Robinson (Incumbent)
District B: Mack Calhoun (Incumbent), Jack Clampit
District C: Walt Caldwell (Incumbent)
District D: Ollibeth Reddix (Incumbent)
District F: Pat Moore (Incumbent)


3 Responses to “Candidates Flock to Area Courthouses”

  1. Oldman Says:

    I wonder what they will promise us this time, whatever,we will have the best politicians money can buy. Jackson Parish is well known for this.

  2. Mill Worker Says:

    Oldman, please note that yours is the only comment because the topic is just a listing of the candidates that will be running. Your comment is akin to someone arguing with a sign post. We’ve gotten rid of Fowler so why don’t you shut up so your stupidity won’t be so visible.

  3. Hotwire11 Says:

    promise of Open Administration last term turned out well here
    opso-youshouldknow dot com

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