School Board Adopts 2015-2016 Budget

Tuesday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) saw approval of a $77 million budget for fiscal year 2015-2016, but there was good news and bad news in the discussion.

The good news, said Business Manager George Murphy, is that sales tax collections for August were greater than what he had originally budgeted, and that should that trend continue, he would recommend that a “15th check” again be paid at the end of the school year to employees.

Formerly, two bonus checks have been paid for the past several years. A third bonus check was paid at the end of last school year.

Said Murphy, “We’ve got it budgeted to have a 15th check. But it’s all based on whether the money comes in.”

The bad news is that the medical benefits budget is still in the red. Year to date, the fund has a $1.1 million deficit, and that may require a premium increase, Murphy said.

“So far, we haven’t had to change the premiums, but that may be on the table next,” said Murphy.

Accountability/Testing/School Improvement Coordinator Donna Doss reported on district graduation rates, and said that Ruston High School had a rate of 87%; Simsboro, 95%; Choudrant High, 100%.

Assistant Superintendent Mary Null reported that the district has over 6,400 students enrolled as of August 31.


3 Responses to “School Board Adopts 2015-2016 Budget”

  1. Vee Says:

    What one group considers that increased sales tax collections is good news, those of us who get no 1st, 2nd or 3rd bonus checks consider the increased sales tax collections as proof we have less and less to spend for food for our families. It shows that government is taking from one group ( non-school employees) and giving our dollars to another group.
    As for what the board considers “bad” news is the possibility health insurance cost may go up. For most of us ( non school employees), our premiums increased the first of year and have done so year by year.

  2. bohica Says:

    they better catch the medical benefits account up instead of blowing the “extra” income. It is practically one-time money: sales taxes collected on purchase of equipment for two gas processing plants and construction materials for the new Chevrolet dealership, for example.
    Lincoln parish local government costs are rapidly approaching $200 million a year (if not there already).

  3. Hunter Takacs Says:

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