Lawsuit Against Daily Iberian Dropped

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 10:41 am

New Iberia lawyer David Groner on Monday dropped his lawsuit against The Daily Iberian.

An opinion posting that was removed by The Daily Iberian in the face of the threat of contempt was returned to the newspaper’s website Monday afternoon.

Groner filed a lawsuit Aug. 25 requesting a temporary restraining order against The Daily Iberian forcing the newspaper to remove the opinion posting in the Forum section of its website. The opinion comment from an anonymous poster referenced an investigation of the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel from 2008 in which Groner was accused of engaging in a conflict of interest. It also included a link to a document on the Louisiana Supreme Court’s website detailing the consent disciplinary action given to Groner, which he agreed to in order to halt the investigation, and included certain phrases from that document.

State District Judge Curtis Sigur signed the restraining order the same day Groner filed his lawsuit. The Daily Iberian was not notified and no hearing was called prior to issuing the temporary restraining order.


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