Popehat Covering Iberia Newspaper Censorship Case

A popular libertarian-leaning website that posts about free speech, liberty, criminal justice, the legal system, and related issues – Popehat – has picked up the cause of the Daily Iberian and a judge’s ruling that directed the newspaper to delete a reader comment.

Last week, Popehat’s Ken White addressed the original story – Louisiana Judge Issues Ludicrously Lawless Takedown Order To Newspaper.

This week, White wrote this: Prior Restraint of Daily Iberian More Outrageous Than We Feared.

Wrote White, “Both the procedure and substance of this order were rotten to the core. The order is shockingly unlawful. It warrants an inquiry by Louisiana’s judiciary commission. The Daily Iberian should continue its efforts to overturn the order, and both David Groner and Judge Curtis Sigur should suffer the public consequences of their conduct.”

Also, links to the court documents were furnished on the Popehat website. See here:

Temporary Restraining Order

Motion to Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order

One Response to “Popehat Covering Iberia Newspaper Censorship Case”

  1. BOHICA Says:

    Since we are devolving into a lawless society, apparently from the top down, this is the kind of situation one will increasingly encounter.

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