Bus Issues Discussed @ Monroe City Council

Last night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council began and ended with talk of problems with the buses of the Monroe Transit system.

District One’s Ray Armstrong began by referring to a Monroe Free Press article that featured a bus that had caught fire.

Said Armstrong, “Apparently this bus was in operation, there were passengers on board that had to be evacuated.” He added there were allegations in the news article about “half the buses not operational,” and inadequate maintenance.

Armstrong asked that the Mayor look into the situation.

At the end of the meeting, citizen Jeannie Hanna said she was a regular user of the bus system, and had been keeping notes of what problems she had encountered.

Among the issues was inoperative wheelchair lift equipment, wiper blades, and “filthy buses,” she said. “I wish Ken Booth was still around,” she added.

She invited the council members to ride on the buses to see for themselves.

In regular business, the council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing additional design work for a pump station in the Winnsboro Road area.

District Four’s Kenny Wilson said that since the floods on the Southside in 2011, these projects were very welcome.


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