Judge Sharp Says Judge Marchman “Misremembered”

Fourth Judicial (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes) Division G Judge Carl Sharp said that fellow 4th JD Judge Sharon Marchman (Divsion B) “misremembered” when she said he had told her that an order to quash her subpoena to appear in court didn’t apply to her.

The controversy erupted late this morning in the Monroe courtroom at the end of an hour-long hearing that was scheduled to determine whether Sharp should be recused in the case Palowsky v Cork, over which he is presiding.

In 2003, Sharp was suspended for sixty days by the Louisiana Supreme Court for failing to decide cases in a timely manner.

The plaintiff attorneys, Joseph Ward of Covington, and Sedrick Banks of Monroe had subpoenaed several judges from the court, along with two area lawyers, intending to put them on the stand under oath. The intent was to elicit testimony as to what court clerk Allyson Campbell did or didn’t do, what the witnesses knew, and when they knew it.

Marchman said that she was “discharging her duty” to appear per the subpoena, and stood ready to testify, if she were called. She added that she and Sharp had a conversation yesterday where Sharp said she wasn’t covered by the order.

Sharp replied, “Read the order.”

Earlier in the hearing, Ward and Judge Sharp argued whether or not he (Sharp) should step down from the case, which was the reason for today’s hearing.

Ward said that since Sharp was intimately involved in the investigation and alleged coverup of wrongdoing by Campbell, he should be nowhere near any of the related cases.

Sharp, who did most of the talking, tried to intimidate Ward, and threatened him with sanctions or a contempt citation for having the impertinence to subpoena a judge as a witness.

Said Sharp, “You’re ginning up you’re own recusal evidence.”

Ward didn’t back down and said that if Sharp wanted to find him in contempt, that he would just have to serve the seven days in jail.

Sharp ruled that he was holding any decision on his recusal in abeyance, until another related lawsuit, Palowsky v Campbell was decided.

Ward said that he would immediately be appealing Sharp’s order to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Notable in the court today were several local attorneys, a Louisiana State Police investigator, and an investigator with the Louisiana Inspector General’s Office.

6 Responses to “Judge Sharp Says Judge Marchman “Misremembered””

  1. Bsting Says:

    great reporting, Sharp was very dull…

  2. Bo Cool J Says:

    Could the Sharp brothers share a jail cell?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I guess it is ok if one of Them misremember. But let someone else misremember and watch what happens

  4. BOHICA Says:

    Sounds like a circular firing squad is developing; maybe this will do some good after all…

  5. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    I remember a day, not too long ago, that the term used for “misremember” was LIE or PERJURE. Either of the latter resulted in my parents remembering to whip my butt. (sorry for two words being in all caps, my keyboard is broken and won’t let me type those particular words in lower case)

  6. oldman Says:

    Bob,my daddy didn’t like for me to tell him a lie or tell him that I could not do something he told me to do. Lying got me a bad tearing into and telling him I could not do something was just about as bad. Spent one weekend in jail because I told the sheriff deputy I could out run him. Fast cars are no help as they can wait you out. He let me go until I got tired of running and off to jail I went for the weekend. Never was charged with anything but spent from Friday nite until Sunday evening in jail. Have not been back since,will not even visit anybody that’s in jail. You lock somebody up like that now and boy would the parents be screaming. My parents thought it funny and but it did make a believer out of me.

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