Committee Recommends Ruston City Budget

The Personnel/Finance Committee of the Ruston Board of Aldermen last night unanimously recommended a $57.25 million budget be formally adopted by the board at its September meeting. That committee is a committee of the whole.

See here the proposed ordinance.

According to the budget summaries supplied to Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) total estimated revenues for 2016 will be about $56.807 million, and estimated expenditures will be $57.249 million. The 2015 comparable figures were $55.298 million and $56.908, respectively.

Among the departments that will see significant budget increases:

Budget Summary

Among the departments taking a hit:

Budget Summary decrease

See here the documents:

2015 Budget Summary
2016 Budget Summary

In response to a question by District Four’s Jim Pearce, Mayor Ronny Walker said that the budget added 33 positions to the pay plan, but that the positions wouldn’t be filled until the revenues would support the hires.

Pearce noted that the retirement and medical costs for employees was a significant cost.


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