“Flash Mob” Gathering a Problem in Southwest Lincoln Parish

A mid-July “flash mob” gathering of several thousand youths in southwest Lincoln Parish has become an issue because of traffic blockage, noise and fights, Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Alexander told the Public Works Committee of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) last night.

Alexander was there to request action on a ordinance that would prohibit parking on parish road shoulders. Area residents had complained about the problem, Alexander said.

Said Alexander, “Every year in the month of July, usually around the second weekend in July, what started years ago as a small, simple gathering, maybe a couple hundred folks, down on the area of Butler at Dick’s Store – the location is on Butler Road just west of the big Irby line – that’s a highline that crosses there – has turned into a gathering of several thousand people. Back in July we estimated the crowd of four to five thousand people, with fifteen hundred to two thousand cars. Cars are parked on shoulders, blocking the road, parked three-deep, four-deep.”

Alexander noted that there was a car stolen as result of the crowd, and that “shots were fired.” It was unclear if the gatherings involved drug or alcohol activity.

Jurors expressed reservations about enacting an ordinance that would apply parish-wide.

Said District Six’s Walter Pullen, “From time to time, some of the neighbors might have company or family over for the holidays, and there’s not enough room in the driveway to park, and they park on the side of the road. So, if you do that, now all of a sudden you’ve made an ordinance, where everywhere in the parish you go visit your friends house and you park on the curb, well, you’ve violated the law, and would be subject to being towed.”

The committee voted to ask the parish’s legal counsel to come up with an ordinance that would be suitable, and bring it back for the committee’s review and consideration.

We will have additional reporting later on other jury matters.


14 Responses to ““Flash Mob” Gathering a Problem in Southwest Lincoln Parish”

  1. Oldermann Says:

    Looks like a First Amendment violation to me.

    • DAN M BURSON Says:


    • DAN M BURSON Says:


  2. winnone Says:

    Burson for sheriff.

  3. 12345 Says:

    You could CLEARY tell alcohol was involved in this party. All you had to do was ride down the surrounding roads and see they THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of beer cans, cases, wine, and other liquor bottles in the ditches. Not to mention other trash, and clothing items.

    • Anonymous Says:

      .If you ride down the service road after a party at rabbs, the old q stick, and other places you see beer cans and other items to so what is your point.

      • Anonymous Says:

        True what is there point. How many crosses do you see as a result of someone being killed by a drunk driver? I will wait on your answer. .no I want you don’t see any.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is bs… a mob… really?… they really over exaggerated with thousands and thousands of people… fix it Jesus… white police just hate to see the blacks in Lincoln Parish have a good time… everytime they hear about a party they come fucking running… imma pray for everybody

    • Oldman Says:

      Please watch your language , you can get your point across with out that kind of talk.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You cant tell no one what they should say and shouldn’t say. I am prettt sure just like you are an adult they are too.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    When tech have all they damn parties and be parked everywhere on the curb they dont say shit to them or shut they parties down… but i guess thats just life…

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. Anonymous Says:

    This is ridiculous. There are more things the Sheriff’s Office need to be worried about like all of the unsolved murders listed on their website. I think,that issue is more important that a party and where people park.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    What is your point to the person posting about you can,tell alcohol was involved? I’m sure you drink and I know some of the Sheriff officers drinks because i know alot of them. You can say the same this if go you go sown the service road by rabbs and the Q stick. Beers can, people parking on shoulders, etc. How many crosses do you see as a result of someone being killed by a drunk driver from a party on Butler Road. Just a few weeks ago I saw many cars parked on,the shoulders for a concert…It was ridiculous. The police couldn’t control the parking but did anyone go to the police jury on,that. You cant enforce in one area and not enforce it another area.

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