Amended Suit Accuses 4th JD Judges of Felony Misprision

An amended lawsuit filed last Friday by Monroe businessman Stanley Palowski accuses several judges in the Fourth Judicial (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes) District of misprision of a felony by covering up misdeeds by court clerk Allyson Campbell.

Wrote attorneys Sedric Banks and Joseph Ward:

Thus, Palowsky submits that not only were Defendant Judges complicit in Defendant Campbell’s felonious destruction of documents, but they also schemed and conspired with her to cover up same from the tax-paying public and from litigants and their counsel. Defendant Judges’ affirmative acts to cover up Campbell’s felonious conduct amounts to misprision of a felony.

Palowsky also claims the judges are in violation of several sections of the Louisiana Code of Judicial Conduct.

The Ouachita Citizen’s Johnny Gunter had this story in today’s edition of that newspaper:

Palowsky sues district court judges, too (subscription required)

See here the amended complaint.

The pleading ends with this cryptic sentence:

At this time, Plaintiff seeks no relief under any federal law.

You will never, ever read about any of this in The Mayo Mouthpiece.


3 Responses to “Amended Suit Accuses 4th JD Judges of Felony Misprision”

  1. Rastus B. Gumm Says:

    All are equal , judges are merely more equal than erebody else.

  2. Bsting Says:

    cheers 🍻 for taking action and reporting

  3. Oldermann Says:

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