Changes Coming for Lincoln Schools Medical/Drug Benefits

The 5:30 PM, Tuesday, August 4 meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) Finance Committee is the meeting you’ll want to attend to learn of impending changes to drug and medical benefits for school personnel.

Among the recommended changes:

Increase the annual RX deductible to $250, applicable to all tiers of prescriptions
Change the member responsibility for Specialty Drugs to 25% of the cost, maximum of $250 per prescription (this is currently a $100 copay).
Change the non-formulary co-pay to $60 (from $50)
Increase the Individual Maximum In Network Out of Pocket to $3,500
Increase the Family In Network Maximum Out of Pocket $10,500

See here the memo.

See here the agenda.

In the 6:00 PM meeting of the full board, personnel actions will be reviewed.

See here the proposed personnel actions.

Here is the agenda.

The meetings will be held at the Central Office, 410 South Farmerville Street.

4 Responses to “Changes Coming for Lincoln Schools Medical/Drug Benefits”

  1. DAN M BURSON Says:


  2. Jacksontwo Says:

    Better watch those dogs, Dan. Dogs can sniff out stuff as you know.

  3. Oldermann Says:

    Drugs? We shouldn’t have drugs in schools!

  4. ThrowMeSomethin'MisterObama Says:

    You work, you are gonna pay. It’s the magic of obammacare. He’s giving everything in sight to illegal Mexicans and Hondurans, and YOU are going to pay for it.
    You evil, greedy people.
    What gives YOU the right??

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