Booze Sales @ Tech Final Vote at Monday’s City Council Meeting

A final vote on an ordinance amendment allowing issuance of alcohol sales permits on Louisiana Tech University’s campus will be up for consideration at the 5:30 PM, Monday, August 3 meeting of the Ruston City Council.

Citizens who wish to comment on the proposed ordinance change will get their chance at a public hearing just prior to the vote.

Here is the agenda.

Also notable is a final vote on the ordinance creating a cooperative endeavor agreement between Excellence Started, LLC and the city. That company will construct the building in which Monster Moto, LLC will headquarter and build go-carts and minibikes.

The final ordinance has been amended to substitute the words “provide for” in lieu of “guarantee” relating to the rent on the building “under certain terms and conditions.”

Also “cooperative endeavor” agreement has been substituted for “guaranty” agreement.

See here the documents.

2 Responses to “Booze Sales @ Tech Final Vote at Monday’s City Council Meeting”

  1. Lawless Says:

    At least we can get drunk while we watch the USA go to hell…

  2. Oldman Says:

    Lawless, I think you are a little late,but we’ll drink to it anyway.

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