BR Advocate’s Shuler: Gallot Not Running for Re-election

Just received:

Working on confirmation with Gallot’s office. Will update as soon as possible.

From KTVE-TV10

“Since the end of the 2015 Legislative Session, I have taken time to fast, pray, and consider my future in the Louisiana Senate. I have come to the conclusion that even though I have no announced opposition, I will not seek re-election to the Senate. It is time for me to devote my time and energy to my beautiful wife, Christy and our four sons Trey, A.J., Christopher and Joseph. While my energy and passion for serving the State of Louisiana and Senate District 29 remains strong, I know that I have an even greater responsibility to my family.’

‘I know there will be many questions surrounding my decision to walk away from an uncontested re-election. I am at peace with my God and in my spirit in making this decision and know that it is the right thing to do. There may be an opportunity to serve the public again in the future that will not involve my being 222 miles from home. I will continue to put God and my family into any such decision on seeking public office in the future.”


One Response to “BR Advocate’s Shuler: Gallot Not Running for Re-election”

  1. C.C. Says:

    Great news!

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