Mayo, Mouthpiece Parboiled in Soup Kitchen Controversy

Controversial Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo and his propaganda agent, the Mayo Mouthpiece. were caught flat-footed in lies at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council, when it was revealed that his refusal to fund “Granny’s Kitchen” charity was fraudulent.

In a Monday presser, Mayo used as a prop Madison Goins, the son of the founder of the charity, to assert that the group doesn’t “want government in our ministry.”

A resolution listed on the council meeting agenda was to appropriate $20 thousand for the charity.

True to form The Mayo Mouthpiece rolled out the propaganda machine, giving Mayo front-page treatment for his latest fight with the city council, and penning an “editorial” praising Madison Goins for refusing government money.

But it was all built upon a tissue of lies.

Madison Goins, it turns out, has no affiliation with the organization.

Gladys Goins, a sister to Madison, read to the council last night a letter from the group’s board of directors refuting Madison and Mayo’s claims. From the document:

Unbeknownst to any of us affiliated with this organization, he (Madison Goins) held a meeting with Mayor Jamie Mayo, as well as a televised press conference. Mr. Goins is not affiliated with The United League of Churches Community Soup Kitchen.

He does not serve at any capacity, nor on any governing board. Mr. Goins’ comments and opinions are solely his and do not reflect those of the organization.

Thanks again for your support whether past, present, or future, in whatever capacity it may have been. No deed is to great or small.

See here the letter.

Mortified, Mayo tried to filibuster.

Blustered Mayo, “First of all, those funds that were requested, they’re not budgeted.”

That’s when Mayo was caught in his second lie.

District Five’s Eddie Clark pulled out a signed document from the April 14 meeting of the council, where Mayo agreed, in writing, to fund the charity.

See here the agreement.

Said Clark, “I have before me the agreement that was signed on April 14, 2015, by all the council members as well as our honorable mayor, where he states that he would support the funding for the Granny Goins Kitchen, O. K. Program, and Council of Aging.”

He added, “It’s my understanding that the Council of Aging, they’ve received their money. The O. K. Program, I believe they’re received their money, and we have people here who are hungry, and its time for them to receive their money.”

The resolution was amended to provide funding for the kitchen from the council budget, and was passed unanimously. Dr. Armstrong (District One), was absent.

Also on the agenda was a resolution to approve a liquor license for the Washington Street Jazz Club. This is the establishment that last year had its license pulled by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC).

After some discussion, there was but one vote to approve, that of District Four’s Kenny Wilson. The other council members abstained.


4 Responses to “Mayo, Mouthpiece Parboiled in Soup Kitchen Controversy”

  1. Winnone Says:

    Just what do you expect from Mayo. Lies are part of his heart!

  2. Bsting Says:

    The soup spilled on Mayo and the news star, It stinks. The paper should apologize for doing mayo’s dirty work

  3. Burt Hanson Says:

    Eddy is going to kick the hell out of Mayo in the up coming election and Betty will help. Lies, Lies, and more lies is the Mayo slogan. Mayo opens his mouth, he tells a lie.

    Federal Agents will be watching this election and Mayo’s staff.

  4. Amy Watson Says:

    can you say jail time, boys and girls.

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