LA Tech to go Wet Campuswide if Ordinance Passes?

A new City of Ruston Ordinance, if passed, would appear to allow the entire Louisiana Tech Campus to go “wet,” and would allow the sale of alcohol campus-wide. The proposed ordinance will be voted on at the 5:30 PM, 8/3/15 meeting of the Board of Aldermen. It was introduced at the 7/6/15 meeting.

The existing ordinance subsection (a) reads thus:

Sec. 5-24. – Proximity to churches, schools, etc.

(a) A permit under this article shall not be granted for any premises situated within 300 feet or less of a public playground or a building used exclusively as a church or synagogue, public library or school, except a school for business education conducted as a business college or school. Such distance shall be measured as a person walks using the sidewalk from the nearest point of the property line of the church or synagogue, public library, playground or school to the nearest point of the premises to be licensed, or by such method as may hereafter be prescribed by the laws of the state. The restrictions contained in this section shall not apply to premises which are maintained as a bona fide hotel, railway car or fraternal organization.

(Ord. No. 1395, § 1, 12-17-2002)

State Law reference— Authority to limit location of business, R.S. 26:281.

The new ordinance amendment adds to subsection (a) the following phrase: “and except a state college or university.”

See here the complete document.

The ordinance had been touted as allowing alcohol only at the Davison Athletics Conference south end zone facility now under construction, that is set to open this fall.

However, the amendment makes no distinction about any specific campus location and would appear to open up the entire Tech campus for alcohol sales.

At least one area pastor has called upon his congregation to fight the proposed ordinance.

Wrote Grace United Methodist Church Pastor Robert Deich in a memo distributed to the congregation:

It has been said that this is, specifically to offer sales and consumption of alcohol in the new $22 million Davison Athletics Complex, but the ordinance is written to include the entire campus.

I’ve been to enough games at Tiger Stadium, the Superdome and Cajun Field to say with confidence and pride (as a resident of Ruston and a Tech alumni) that we have something special in Ruston – a family atmosphere. I would rather enjoy one game at Joe Aillet Stadium with my grandson Logan, than endure one in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Lafayette. While alcohol may not be offered openly in each of those venues, the atmosphere that exists is certainly more of the “party school” atmosphere and is not welcoming to families.

The positive, unique, family-friendly atmosphere of Ruston & Tech are something we need not sacrifice to the almighty dollar or to the desires of a small minority.This dynamic, combined with the potential negative impacts of alcohol on individuals and our community should not be taken lightly.

See here the complete document.

Deich said he had been in contact with other area pastors in an effort to mobilize their support.


23 Responses to “LA Tech to go Wet Campuswide if Ordinance Passes?”

  1. The Jet Says:

    “I’ve been to enough games at Tiger Stadium, the Superdome and Cajun Field to say with confidence and pride (as a resident of Ruston and a Tech alumni) that we have something special in Ruston – a family atmosphere. I would rather enjoy one game at Joe Aillet Stadium with my grandson Logan, than endure one in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Lafayette. While alcohol may not be offered openly in each of those venues, the atmosphere that exists is certainly more of the “party school” atmosphere and is not welcoming to families.”

    Not welcoming to families?

    Come now, Pastor. Have you REALLY spent any significant length of time socializing and tailgating around these venues? When is the last time you were in Tiger Stadium or a Saints home game in the ‘Dome? I can’t speak to what goes on in Ragin’ Cajun-land, but as an LSU alumnus and former Saints season ticket holder, I can assure you there are plenty of families, with small children, enjoying “family atmosphere” and throwing the football around and having good, clean fun. It’s not 5th Sunday potluck and Bingo night at Bluehair Baptist, but it ain’t Animal House either. Yes, the “element” or “minority” you speak of exists in those fanbases. That’s all it is, a minority. We can’t all be up to the standards of the great, utopian Mayberry that is Ruston. Please be patient and merciful with us poor sinners.

    Besides, I thought y’all Methodists were okay with the devil’s elixir now? You’re not? Well dern, y’all are so tolerant and “open” to so many things now, who can keep up (KIDDING, kidding, I was raised Methodist, nothing personal. I’m Baptist now, and as you can see above, I poke fun at them, too).

    • Oldman Says:

      Start the kids out early being around alcohol and a lot more will have trouble with alcohol after growing up. By introducing alcohol at a early age you are telling the young child that it is ok. There are a lot of people in prison with ruined lives because of being around alcohol at a early age. They see other people drinking and think it’s ok.

      • Bob Sherunkel Says:

        What a fantasy land…having kids around alcohol early ensures probelms later on?
        Alcoholism by denomination survey shows the SBC far outstrips catholics so your premise is bogus.
        Teaching your children that control with anything is part of critical thinking will get you alot further.

        Besides that, you won’t go to any tailgate at La Tech where there is NOT alcohol. It may be hidden in “temple cups” but its there. Just stop me and I’ll let you have a swallow of mine.

      • DooHickie Says:

        OM makes a valid point. America is becoming a nation of drunkards. Drunkenness is a curse, not a blessing. Somehow people tend to point an accusing finger at the dope addict, but they excuse the alcoholic as being sick and needing help. They need help all right!

    • Oldermann Says:

      Jet, what’s the difference between Methodists and Baptists?

      Methodists will speak to you at the liquor store.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ruston more family friendly than south Louisiana? That is grand!

    Don’t get out much, do ya pastor?

  3. Skidrow Says:

    Hell, opener wide open! Bar rooms on every corner,Strip joints, Prostitution, Casinos, Drugs and Video poker. You will have Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Shreveport rolled into one right here in Ruston. Oh I forgot to mention CRIME.

  4. Winnone Says:

    Sounds good Skidrow. Look how much tax money we would get! Ruston’s Mayor could do as Mayor’s of Baton Rouge and New Orleans do. As Lyndon B. Johnson said, an I quote, “Them N—ers will vote democratic for the next 200 years”

  5. Dr. Lee Sawyer Says:

    I just got back from visiting the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where my daughter will be going to grad school. Guess what? They have a German style beer hall in the student union. The faculty lounge there, and at most large universities, serve beer and wine. No drunk students laying on the street, in fact Madison was a beautiful, safe, and clean town and very family friendly.

  6. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    It’s a southern church fallacy that alcohol produces degredation. The abuse of alcohol does indeed and Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine and not grapejuice as some errantly believe. Psalms says God gives us wine “that makes the heart glad”

    • DooHickie Says:

      Southern church fallacy? The Word of God clearly condemns intoxication. Here are my 2 witnesses from the KJB: Proverbs 20:1 (OT) and Ephesians 5:17-18 (NT). Our Lord did not make an intoxicating drink at the Cana Wedding. He started out with water and in a matter of seconds had wine. It didn’t have time to ferment. And besides, the wedding was a religious service. Anything to do with leaven (fermentation is the working of leaven) was strictly forbidden.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Bob is right on this one. Simply put, this line of interpretation has no precedent. It was not held by any serious denomination before being put forward in the years leading up to the prohibition era (in the United States, at least). Not coincidentally, the Church has made use of wine in its sacraments and rituals since it was founded on the rock of Peter. Ignoring that ignores two thousand years of church tradition, whether it be in the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, or the Coptic Churches.

        • Anonymous Says:

          In hindsight, that may have come off as an intemperate remark. Apologies for that.

      • Bob Sherunkel Says:

        So a miracle can be performed by turning water into wine but you serve a God that is restsricted to performing miracles that must submit Him to a naturalistic law? Small God you serve dude.

        If you will actually delve into the original language, you will find that the word used for Jesus’ wine is the same that is used in various other places to describe a drink by which folks have gotten drunk.

        Interesting take though. God can perform miracles, but only those that dont require something miraculous…

  7. Winnone Says:

    Madison, Wisconsin Overall Crime,43% higher than state and 14% higher than national avg. Violent Crime, 31% higher than state avg. Property Crime,45% higher than state avg and 16% higher than nation avg. This is a city with a 79% white population. German beer some strong stuff, Dr.Lee.

  8. OhNoNotAgain Says:

    Madison Wi is one of the most liberal cities in the USA. I certainly would not want to emulate them.

  9. OhNoNotAgain Says:

    It makes my heart glad when there isn’t any around…

    • Dr. Fowler's Friend Says:

      Unfortunately, Tech has plenty Liberal Dolts ! And Hatching more every year !

  10. CitySlicker Says:

    I know that these comments will go against the grain for almost all of you but cant we just take Tech at its word for once. The whole purpose of this ordinance is to allow for alcohol sales in the new complex not put a bar on campus. If I had the money to buy a suite in the south end zone which is probably in the $10,000 range I would want to be able to serve alcohol to my guest if I wanted. For those who say just make the ordinance for the complex, well you cant do that because no matter how you measure it the stadium will be within 300 ft of the school. Remember Aramark has to apply for a liquor license to serve the adult beverages at the stadium complex and would have to apply for a separate one if it wanted to sell alcohol anywhere else on campus. So just have a toddy and relax there will be no beer sales in the student center.

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