Higher Ed Efficiencies – Maybe We Should Try This in Louisiana

U of Wisconsin Colleges to Cut and Consolidate Administrative Jobs

July 22, 2015

The University of Wisconsin Colleges, a system of 13 two-year college campuses, on Tuesday announced it would consolidate the leadership jobs for those campuses into four regions, with a single executive officer for each region. Those four leaders will replace the current 13 top posts at the campuses.

The system said it was eliminating the equivalent of 83 full-time administrative positions to cope with its $5 million share of the $125 million state budget cut to the University of Wisconsin System. Another $125 million cut is slated for next year. The UW Colleges, which enroll 14,000 students, will not eliminate any faculty positions, the system said in a news release.

Cathy Sandeen, chancellor of the UW Colleges and UW-Extension, said the budget cuts are the largest in the system’s history.

“In making these changes, we are staying true to our key priorities and our mission: to ensure access, to provide the highest level of instruction and services to our students, and to uphold our commitment to the communities that invest in us,” Sandeen said in a written statement. “I have been strongly committed throughout our budget reduction processes to protecting our academic program, which is our core mission.”

4 Responses to “Higher Ed Efficiencies – Maybe We Should Try This in Louisiana”

  1. OhNoNotAgain Says:

    You don’t fix it until you have to. Cut the money off; that usually gets the juices flowing.

  2. Oldermann Says:

    The Education Industry is a jobs program for liberal arts majors.

  3. OhNoNotAgain Says:

    EXACTLY: EVERY government program creates a bureaucracy to support it; this bureaucracy then labors mightily to defend itself “against all enemies” who would cut off the goodies: payroll and retirements, not to mention a platform from which to operate.
    Pity the taxpayer in all this.

  4. BOHICA Says:

    Tuition at LA Tech, full-time, in the 1970s: $98
    Today $2400
    Inflation? Twenty-four times the tuition in 1976?

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