Southwest Ouachita Water has Audit Issues, in Addition to Brown Water

Under fire for furnishing customers with discolored water, Southwest Ouachita Waterworks had a significant finding in its 2013 audit by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) – “Noncompliance with Established Internal Controls Over Cash Disbursements.”

Wrote the auditor:

Criteria: The water system’s internal control over cash disbursements require that aboard member review invoices for payment and document this review by initialing the invoice.

Condition: During my test of expenses, I noted that 8 out of 40 invoices examined were not initialed by a
board member.

Effect: The failure to properly review invoices for payment could result in payments for unauthorized goods or

Recommendation: I recommend that board members signing checks review and initial all invoices paid.

See here the complete document.

The 2014 audit has not been published.

Several area residents attended the 4/20/15 meeting of the Ouachita Parish Police Jury to vent about the system’s problems.

According to other area media – specifically the Mayo Mouthpiece – Southwest customers are still experiencing problems with discolored water.

Also, the Ouachita Citizen has reported that the Louisiana Public Service Commission is recommending a 29% rate increase for residential customers of Southwest.


3 Responses to “Southwest Ouachita Water has Audit Issues, in Addition to Brown Water”

  1. Oldermann Says:

    If it’s brown, flush it down.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is this not the same water system that was in the news a while back? The people need to press on this matter and get relief,no body needs to have this kind of water.

  3. Mrs. Donna S. Bryan Says:

    The customers/owners of SWOW are being wronged and the Louisiana Public Service Commission caused them a rate increase? The LPSC needs to be replaced, just as the Board of SWOW. The water is not only brown, it is, at times, dangerous to drink. There are families that are being taken advantage of and no one in a position to right this wrong is doing anything about it, other than going up on the bills. We need HELP and some people need to lose their jobs. We, already, have to buy our drinking and cooking water and, NOW, they are going up on the water bill? We need help and we intend to find it. I guess it is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! People are, actually selling their homes to get away from this. I say to many ” Do not bring your business or buy a home withing a 20 mile radius of the SWOW service area “.

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