Louisiana State Police Investigating Fourth District Court

The Louisiana State Police (LSP) is now in charge of the investigation of possible payroll fraud in the Fourth Judicial (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes) District Court, according to the Ouachita Citizen’s Johnny Gunter.

See here the story (subscription required).

KNOE-TV8 is also reporting on the story.

District Attorney Jerry Jones says the report is at the heart of the investigation of the Fourth Judicial District Court. He tells KNOE the Louisiana State Police are the primary investigators and the state’s Inspector General’s Office is supporting their efforts. Beyond that, Jones says he has no other comment.

Hold your breath waiting for the Mayo Mouthpiece – The (Monroe, LA) News Star – to report on any of this. One of the subjects of the investigation is a columnist for the Mouthpiece.


4 Responses to “Louisiana State Police Investigating Fourth District Court”

  1. Buch Rambo Says:

    The noose is tightening. The pucker factor is high. The system is going to crash. Where it stops know will know. Good luck to the politicians who are above the law.

  2. B. G. Says:

    The tags on this story reminded me of Sinyale Morrison. Is there any update on her story?

  3. Oldman11 Says:

    There seems to be a lot more of this going on here lately. The same thing we had here in Jonesboro with our last Mayor. Serious jail time would help stop some of this,I believe.

  4. Rebel Morison Says:

    Sinyale Morrison has struck a deal with DA. No jail time. House arrest for one year and restitution (like the former mayor of Richwood meaning no restitution). IG should investigate DA.

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