DA’s Can’t/Won’t Do Bookkeeping

Several District Attorney Offices across the state got less than stellar marks for their bookkeeping procedures last year.

Anyone who can reconcile a checkbook knows that accurate bookkeeping is mostly attention to detail – recording income and expenses accurately, and in a timely fashion.

In other words, when you spend money or your paycheck arrives, write it down, right then. That’s it.

Lawyering is also attention to detail. Who said what? Who saw what? What happened? And then write it down, right then.

An old Chinese proverb says: “The palest ink is better than the best memory.”

So if the folks we taxpayers pay to help keep us protected from criminals can’t or won’t pay attention to their budget matters, is it not logical to ask are they not paying attention to their lawyering duties? How many criminal types are loose among us because the DA is too busy running the roads making speeches, instead of tending to business?

Here’s the list of the audits:

District Attorney of the 10th Judicial District (Natchitoches Parish): For the year ended Dec. 31, 2014, in the General Fund, actual revenues were less than budgeted revenues by more than the 5 percent variance allowed.

See here the complete report.

District Attorney of the 13th Judicial District (Evangeline Parish): Actual expenditures exceed budgeted expenditures by 5 percent or more in the Pretrial Intervention Fund. Budgeted revenues exceed actual revenues by more than 5 percent in the General Fund, Juvenile Accountability Fund, Worthless Check Collection Fee Fund and Families in Need of Service Fund.

See here the complete report.

District Attorney of the 15th Judicial District (Acadia, Lafayette and Vermilion parishes): Auditors said, regarding the accounting for Pre-Trial Diversion and Zone Area Protection Fund cases, the district attorney should establish controls and procedures in order to ensure that all cases are entered into the Accounts Receivable Aging Summary and that proper documentation is maintained to verify terminated (nonpayment) cases. Also, the audit said the agency had uninsured bank balances in the amount of $446,280 and provided compensation as an employee to an individual who also concurrently held an elective office in the respective political subdivision.

See here the complete report.

District Attorney for the 19th Judicial District (East Baton Rouge Parish): Payroll and payroll-related expenditures were not recorded for pay periods 03/15/2014 and 03/31/2014 totaling approximately $88,000, resulting in an understatement of payroll and payroll-related expenditures on the general ledger and not appropriately reducing the cash balance for the expenditure. Grant revenue for the month of August 2014 totaling approximately $45,000 was not recognized but instead recorded as a credit to payroll, resulting in an understatement of revenue and an understatement of payroll on the general ledger.

See here the complete report.

District Attorney for the 21st Judicial District (Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa parishes): The agency is reporting a significant deficit in the general fund ($228,727 deficit, $1.8 million revenue). The agency’s plan to correct the deficit may be found at Note 2D to the financial statements.

See here the complete report.

District Attorney of the 39th Judicial District (Red River Parish): The agency’s budget was adopted on Jan. 1, 2014, and did not include a budget message. Further, general fund expenditures exceeded budgeted expenditures by 15 percent, and the budget was not amended. There are three other findings in the report that pertain to the Victim Assistance Grant, savings account reconciliation and the Asset and Bond Forfeitures Fund.

See here the complete report.


2 Responses to “DA’s Can’t/Won’t Do Bookkeeping”

  1. Oldermann Says:

    The primary goal of any politician running for office seems to be harvesting taxpayer dollars to build a kingdom with.

  2. B. G. Says:

    The Bastrop Enterprise just ran an article about their district court also getting similar violations.

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