LABI Flunks N. LA Legislators

Several North Louisiana Legislators were given “F” grades by the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) for their support of taxes in the just ended session of the Louisiana Legislature.

Among those cited:

Rep. Frank “Butch” Hoffman, R – West Monroe

Rep. Rob Shadoin, R – Ruston

Rep Jim Fannin, R – Jonesboro

Rep John “Jay” Morris, R – Monroe

Sen Mike Walsworth, R – West Monroe

Sen Bob Kostelka, R – Monroe

Sen Rick Gallot, D – Grambling

Wrote LABI President Stephen Waguespak:

While legislators publicly advocated for a universal “haircut” in their rhetoric throughout the session, the private sector alone was handed the bill and required to pay it. Without question, a traditional Louisiana populist agenda won this session. The budget passed by the 2015 Legislature and signed into law by the governor:

• Spent more than $600 million in new taxes on critical components of a healthy economy, such as inventory, electricity and research;

• Made no attempt to address the structural problems in the state budget that have plagued the state for years and is derided by policymakers and experts alike;

• Maintained the overall size, scope and structure of state government, which is almost $9 billion larger in 2015 than a decade ago;

• Failed to reform or restructure nationally-high levels of state support for local government, making no reduction whatsoever to these annual subsidies;

• Utilized no viable analysis of tax credits to focus on those least harmful to the economy and actually ignored existing facts, research and data;

• Spent millions more on K12 public schools to pay for increasing costs primarily due to entitlements without making any reforms or demands that dollars be prioritized for the classroom;

• Provided a COLA for state pension recipients (that the governor eventually vetoed) that raised immediate concerns by national rating agencies and directly circumvented pension reforms that were passed just one year earlier; and

• Made no reductions whatsoever to certain areas of state government, including the legislative budget which received zero cuts and to the judiciary budget, which actually grew this year to account for salary increases for judges.

See here the complete report and scorecard.


6 Responses to “LABI Flunks N. LA Legislators”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The water system in Fannins ward just got a $650,000.00 for the Weston water system for upgrades and expansion.

  2. Vee Says:

    This is a list of all we should vote against when we have that opportunity. We clearly have no representation in these individuals.

  3. Vee Says:

    Fannin has a clear track record. He has no intention of representing us.
    Before the 2015 legislative session he spoke to the Rotary Club of Winnfield, claiming he was kind of at the top of the heap to correct financial problems in the state.
    We see what he did in 2014, and 2015 and now he wants to be senator!
    In his speech, prior to the 2015 session to the Rotary in Winnfield, Rep. Fannin said , “We have a challenge and I’m kind of at the top of the heap in trying to stop the financial situation of this state.”

    A look back at Fannin in 2014 we find:
    In Dec. 2013, the state hired a NY firm for $4 Million plus. They guaranteed the state could save $500 million in 2014. However, In 2014, Jim Fannin, chairman of the Appropriation Committee refused to hold pre-session hearings on the budget and delayed regular session hearings. He purposely delayed hearings to ensure that the budget would not be finalized until the last day of the 2014 Regular Session. That meant Bobby Jindal could wait until the session was over to use his line-item veto to punish any legislators who didn’t vote how he wanted them to on the substantive bills.

    Now we have Fannin’s record in 2015. What more do we need to know that we should never vote for him again. His record has proved his worthlessness to us. No, it is worse than worthlessness, he is a downright detriment to present and future taxpayers.

  4. Jacksontwo Says:

    Fannin, R Jonesburr !st black Rep. from that district. Blacks vote for taxes most always. Without them, blacks, there would not be Big Government

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This is exactly why we shouldn’t vote to promote Fannin. He isn’t a leader. He is a puppet!

  6. Oldman Says:

    Fannin has a base of voters in the Weston school district and he has a solid base of voters in Winn parish. He has made sure this bloc of voters has been well represented while he has been in Baton Rouge. The Jackson parish school busing is the thing to watch,we will see how much weight he has after this is all over.

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