Jackson Parish Juniors, Seniors to be Bussed Next School Year

Some Juniors and Seniors attending Jackson Parish Schools will be bussed to Jonesboro-Hodge High School (J-HHS) for several hours of classes beginning next academic year, Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) has learned.

J-HHS will become a “college prep school” under the plan, Superintendent Wayne Alford told LPNO this afternoon. College-bound Juniors and Seniors at the parish’s other two high schools, Quitman and Weston, will be bussed to J-HHS where the courses will be taught.

Advanced math, chemistry, and algebra are among the courses to be taught at J-HHS.

There will be a public meeting next Tuesday, July 7, 6:00 PM at J-HHS to reveal more details of the plan, Alford said.

Earlier today, at a teacher’s meeting, other parts of plan were revealed, sources told LPNO.

All parish students will be re-enrolled to insure that they attend the schools in their attendance zones, the sources said.

Also, LPNO has obtained a copy of the minutes of a status conference meeting held in the office of Western District of Louisiana Judge Robert James last Tuesday.

From the document:

A status conference was conducted by the undersigned in Chambers on June 30, 2015, at 1:20 p.m. Participating were Torey Cummings, counsel for United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”); Robert Hammonds, counsel for Jackson Parish School Board (“School Board”); Wayne Alford, Superintendent of Jackson Parish schools; and Kayla Dye May, Law Clerk.

Counsel and the Superintendent discussed changes to the programming offered at the high schools in the District as a means of achieving desegregation and offered the Court a number of suggestions. The District intends to move forward with programming during this school year.

Additionally, counsel intend to present the Court with joint proposed orders regarding the registration of students and the procedural for selection of administrators. They will also confer on possible actions with regard to the elementary and middle schools.

The conference concluded at 2:30 p.m.


See here the document.

Added 7/3/15 – 9:15 AM

We just received this clarification from Superintendent Wayne Alford:

Only juniors will be required to attend JHHS for the first three academic periods of the day. Seniors needing the Core four or Tops classes being taught at JHHS may attend if they choose.


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  1. Oldman Says:

    Desegregation should have been over years ago. The federal government has completely screwed up the education system in every state. We need to do away with desegregation and let the people send their kids to the schools that they want to. Why do you think private schools are in such demand? The reason is because of better teachers and better conditions for their kids to learn. I really think that blacks want a say so in were their kids go to school as do the whites. Do away with the non performing schools and let the parents decide,things would be better for everyone.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t it ironic, Crazy Oldman talking about education. What can a 9-th grade drop out offer?

    • Anonymous Says:

      I am waiting for an explanation from Crazy Oldman as to how private schools will benefit anyone but the rich. 65-75% of the parents in the Parish won”t be able to afford the cost of sending their child to a private schools and we will end up with low performing schools that help no one. Crazy man, read the article again and get someone to explain to you how this new system will benefit the smartest and brightest students in Jackson Parish. It doesn’t mention desegregation at all. Segregation enters your mind simply because you are a racist pig. OINK! Why are you so worried about schools when you never completed the requirements? OINK

      • Anonymous Says:

        This plan would not have been considered without federal desegregation oversight. The end result may be a better education for white students bussed to JHHS for these classes but the intent is to balance out the black/white ratio of the schools.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Read the article: “changes to the programming offered at the high schools in the District as a means of achieving desegregation.” That’s the whole purpose of this plan.

        • Anonymous Says:


          • Anonymous Says:

            Perfect example of a liberal. When they lose an argument, they simply resort to name-calling.

            • Anonymous Says:

              When describing idiots like OLDMAN simple disparging remarks are necessary for him to understand, hence the OINK! Ind graduated in 1979 and JHHS was already screwed up belief and in 36 years it has become more of a joke.

              • Moe Says:

                You have no idea what you are talking about. I graduated from there two years ago and it’s a great school with great teachers!

                • Anonymous Says:

                  A teacher who doesn’t challenge you, ain’t helping you. You think that he/she is the greatest since sliced bread but when you get to college you find out that he/she shortchanged you and you can’t see the arse of the person directly in front of you.

                  • Moe Says:

                    My teachers at J-H challenged me. I am in college and have done very well thanks to them!!! Also have fellow classmates that have done well and are about to graduate from college with GREAT GPAS. It’s all about the student and their willingness to learn. People who do not go there have absolutely no room to talk.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Stop with the “OINKING”. You are getting on our nerves. Must not can handle truth.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yes, actually, it did say something about desegregation, if YOU will read the article. It plainly states that when they were in s meeting with the judge, they discussed various means of desegregation. This will not help ANYONE! All they are trying to do is prop up a failing school, by bringing smarter kids in from other schools to try and prop up JHHS’s, and their rating. JHHS is failing, because their kids(black, white, green, purple, or yellow, no matter the color), simply do not CARE! And I’m sure that as a result, the teachers don’t want to try that hard either, why should they.
        Sending our kids to JHHS isn’t going to accomplish anything, except confussion. If I WANTED my children to go to that school, I would have MOVED to Jonesboro, not Weston! They ought to concentrate on fixing the problems at JHHS, and not on causing more problems for other children!

        • anonymous Says:

          I believe it’s one step closer to consolidation for J.P.
          For those families who live in Weston and Quitman there is nothing to worry about at this time. If you live in Jonesboro or Hodge and you are lying to the school board and saying you live elswhere or your children are living elsewhere. Then you may have something to be worried about, or maybe it catching up to you.
          The federal government has intervene in JP because the school baord couldn’t take care business like they should have doing to begin with. If you look at the ratio and test scores, common sense tells you what the problem is. People want to run from the problem instead of fixing the peoblem. We have six schools in JP, our taxes are been spread out thru out all six schools, all jonesboro schools are title 1 schools . Where do you think that money is going to. I can tell you this it’s not all going to Jonesboro schools. So wake up its not fair, but blame the people who are running from the problem and the ones who are running the school board . Do you believe Baton Rouge came to JP for common core , no they came here to evaluate the schools to see why Jonesboro was failing. Besides if our taxes is been spread thru all six achools, and the title 1 funding is also been distributed thru all of them. Then the Jrs and Srs can come to Jonesboro for their last year or last two yrs. That is my opinion.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Absolutely. These kids are being forced to do something they do not wish to do simply to re-enforce JHHS. If anything, it will make those being bussed more resentful.

        • Anonymous Says:

          J.R. have you met and spoken with every J-H student? Have you met and spoken with every J-H teacher? Did you know that this years rest scores were said to be nearly equal in all the schools? Are you sure that there are no students from J-H who care or want to learn? When you make blanket statements like that you run the risk of hurting the feelings of those have done well or even tried to do so.

  3. DAN M BURSON Says:


  4. Oldman Says:

    Desegregation has not worked and will not work. Since desegregation was started back in the 1960’s we have lowered the bar so the minority student could past and catch up,but it has not worked. A person that finished high school in 1960 is a whole lot smarter than the ones that are finishing school now. If you don’t believe me just ask any company executive,and you will find out what I’m talking about. A student finishing in the 1960’s went straight to collage,now they have to extra schooling to go from high school to collage. The schools need real teachers and real parents and then you will turn out a student that’s ready to make it in the real world. One other thing get big government out of telling the schools what they can teach. Schools should be run under the state government and the federal government needs to step down and the state do the job.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Crazy Oldman, your grammar has improved somewhat. In this note of 4:30 today, there were but two goofs = PAST (meaning some time ago) should have been PASS (meaning to go beyond something). I read you rambling note about the snow day and I just wish to tell you and the other clucks – administrators sign eleven month contracts and have their pay spread out over twelve months: teachers sign nine month contracts and have their pay spread out over twelve months. Oh yeh! COLLAGE SHOULD BE COLLEGE.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Seems like one step closer to consolidating.

  6. Gotya Says:

    Oldman, America was founded by men who had Little education. Today’s high school grads could not pass a 9th grade test from when you went to school.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Don’ t be so hard on Crazy Oldman. He quit school in the 9th grade because he didn’t want to pass his daddy. Here is a question for you – what is the elastic clause in our constitution?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    from the date on the case,this has been going on since 1965. Sorry folks its time to put this to rest. we all forgetting the main issue, its not race….. its the education of the children of jackson Parish. our future.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The supreme court of the USA gutted most of the 1964 civil rights act especially the part that required some states (Louisiana included) to submit to the court any changes regarding civil rights. You are absolutely correct that this should be about our children and nothing else. For my two cents there is too much nepotism in the Jackson Parish School System. At the next opportunity we should dump all of the administrators and school board members and replace them with people who understand the educational process and are not just drawing a salary.

      • The Jet Says:

        I’m aware of the decision you are talking about, but I don’t think it’s impact is nearly as broad as you describe. The Court gave states under federal supervision a little more leeway to draw voting districts under the provisions of Title IV of the Civil Rights Act. It certainly didn’t “gut” the CRA, heck it probably won’t even completely end gerrymandering. Louisiana will still have that one bizarre squiggly-lined congressional district to make sure one black guy gets elected to Congress.

        Then, the Court just came back last week with it’s ruling that the Feds can use the principle of “disparate impact” to determine whether a violation of the Fair Housing Act has occurred. Taken to it’s outermost extreme, “disparate impact” means if you do anything that negatively impacts black people, even if it was completely unintentional and was as non-racial and equitable in execution as possible, you discriminated and thus, are racist.

        Sooooo, SCOTUS giveth, and SCOTUS taketh away. Blessed be the NAME of SCOTUS (since they are our gods now, apparently).

  8. Anonymous Says:

    may be time for Weston and/or Quitman to consider making change to Charter School…a rural school in Morehouse did that a couple years ago and went for a tiny community school to 900 students and saved their small community school from being closed by consolidation with the town

    • Anonymous Says:

      I really wish someone would get the ball rolling on a charter school!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Calling JH a college prep school just to make it easier to swallow is a joke! What makes the teachers any more “highly qualified” to teach these subjects at JH than they were at their other schools? They aren’t! It’s just a label to try and make the people believe this is a good thing. And why are they targeting Juniors? These kids are at a critical time of their high school career. Instead of helping these kids, this is causing some to rethink their choices on classes, regardless of the fact that they must have them for TOPS. I know several that are planning to drop out of the TOPS core curriculum now! Way to go people! You really helped these kids! You made them decide they’d rather accept less in order to avoid what you are shoving down their throats! If this is “going to happen regardless”, then why screw up Juniors and Seniors, those that are trying to finish their high school years as best as they can and move on to college? Why not start this with elementary or Jr High? I don’t know what the other options were but this is causing way more harm than good to students that are about to finish school! What kind of lasting mark will this make on them? Not a good one I’m sure!!!

  9. The Jet Says:

    First off, Oldman and Anon-Oldman Hater; geez guys, another thread derailed by your manhood-measuring contest? For the love of all that is good and decent on the planet, take it somewhere else! Enough already!

  10. The Jet Says:

    Now, regarding the actual content of this story;

    I have long feared that the status quo that has taken root in Jackson Parish since the early 1990s, going on 20-25 years now, would leave the School Board wide open to the possibility of someone coming along and stirring up things in the formerly dormant desegregation lawsuit. It’s been a minute since I was in JP public schools, but what had set in at that time was, for all intents and purposes, two school systems. If you were white, “respectable” and lived in the country or had connections in the country, you got to go to Quitman or Weston. If you were white, and rich or middle class, but not quite with the “clique” and had enough integrity not to lie about your home address or family situation, you sent your child to Cedar Creek. For blacks, and poor whites unfortunate enough not to have avenues and resources available to them, there was the Jonesboro-Hodge district schools and Chatham. Attendance lines really have never mattered; if you have family in the country, if your uncle is on the School Board, if Papaw has a house on Caney Lake, if you know the right people or go to the right church, if you’re child is an ace pitcher or can dunk a basketball, it doesn’t matter where you live. If you want out of J-H, they can make it happen.

    Of course, if you’ve made enemies amongst the JP Mafia “in” crowd, then not sooooo much. Better hope Cedar Creek has a spot available, and get your checkbook out.

    This is no way to run any government entity, but especially a school system. “Equal treatment under law” and all that. Someone, sooner or later, was going to get angry about not being granted the special privilege of being able to send their children to Weston while living inside the Jonesboro city limits and start complaining. It finally happened and here we are.

    So what about this “College Prep” idea? This is so transparently silly I’m surprised even Robbie James was able to package and sell this with a straight face. Designating JHHS a “magnet school” would’ve been the way to go, but then you’d have to get rid of all the kids at JHHS now who aren’t magnet material. Bus them out to Quitman and Weston? Now, we’re living dangerously. Can’t burn it all down too fast, can we Robbie? Shhhhh….you’ll spook the sheep. Wait to spring the trap. Patiently….patiently….

    (Come to think of it, didn’t a school building get set on fire the last time we seriously talked consolidation in Jackson Parish Schools? Hope THAT history does not repeat itself).

    Here’s an idea, friends and family of my former hometown. Rather than wait like a sitting duck for Judge James to completely dismantle and destroy yet another school system in North Louisiana, why not lead a pro-active, grassroots community effort to re-organize and re-vitalize Jackson Parish Schools? Look at the new Lee High being built in Baton Rouge. The high school of tomorrow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Purchase the fattest block of land available nearest to the intersection of Gladway Road and Beech Springs Road and build a brand new, consolidated grades 9-12 school for the whole parish. Quitman and Weston remain as PK-8 schools. Move the middle school to the existing high school campus in Jonesboro, move the elementary school to the existing middle school, renovate and re-open the old Hodge Elementary as a Head Start/Early Childhood Center, bulldoze Southside for more ballfields, bulldoze Hawk and Union, re-open a new elementary school in Chatham and call it a day! BING! BANG! BOOM!

    The new Jackson Parish High School could offer a full curriculum of college prep, AP/IB and gifted classes. Professors from Louisiana Tech could come down and actually teach classes for college credit! You could also have a full-bore vo-tech/ag/shop/mechanical and industrial program, again available to every child in the parish. Junior ROTC, for all kids! Football, for all kids! Band, for all kids! Math and robotics teams, for all kids! You gettin’ it yet?

    And consolidation still plays to positive demographics if you do it soon. I’ve done the math. A consolidated high school, with total community buy-in and bringing back private and out-of-district families, in five years, would be, AT WORST, 60% white. Probably closer to 65%.

    I think it’s coming whether you like it or not. This silly “College Prep” at J-H for three periods a day will not accomplish a dern thing other than to get some angry parents grousing at next week’s school board meeting. If you’re going to disturb the ant hill, you may as well stomp your foot right in it. But nobody should believe this is the endgame for Judge James. No sir. This is just the beginning. Get ready for an unpleasant summer surprise to be an annual ritual for Jackson Parish for years to come.

    Or, take my advice, and take your destiny in your own hands. I know which choice I would make. But, alas, I don’t live there any longer.

    • Realist Says:

      Well at least one person gets it! Consolidation should have happened long ago. I was one of the few odd people to actually live outside of Jonesboro and transfer in. What some people don’t understand is that keeping their precious schools running (so that they can send their kids to basically all-white schools) is hurting ALL of the schools. How ridiculous is it to have students watching a Spanish class via Webcam, or to not have the staff to teach certain class because you have 3 high schools to staff with teachers. As a student I was forced to take certain classes online because they just didn’t have anyone free to teach the courses. These classes were ones that I needed to be prepared for my college major.

      Think of all of the better opportunities that could be offered if we cut all of this unnecessary waste from the system! More college prep courses, extra science and math courses, classes on computer systems and programming, advanced placement, college credit courses, and vocational training could be offered. When I got to college I had 3 hours of credit when so many others had 12 or more. Parents just don’t understand that they are putting their children at such a disadvantage.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Boldest, most optimistic, and most sensible plan I’ve seen.

  11. Gotya Says:

    If you want a quality school high school system there should be two schools. One for students that wants to learn and one for the students that do not want to learn.

    • Oldman Says:

      The school for the students that did not want to learn would be the biggest l bet you

      • Anonymous Says:

        Maybe they would let you in it to complete what your parents wanted for you in the first place. It is not a school for those who didn’t want to learn, it would be called a vocational school (for those not desiring to go on to college). The other school would be for those wishing to advance on to college (college prep).

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are probably right Oldman. The school would be located on main street and called “Jailhouse Rock.”

    • Anonymous Says:

      Best idea yet!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Gotya, you must be an educator. You have the right idea!

    • Anonymous Says:

      And I suppose twould be you who would determine which is which.

  12. On The Outside Looking In Says:

    just one question for Realist and The Jet: who is going to pay for the changes proposed? The Mill keeps changing hands so who knows what it’s future is. What other industry is here? How will your elderly parents and grandparents on fixed incomes afford these new taxes that are inevitable. And yes until jobs are no longer passed around like birthrights, the brightest and best teachers will follow the money, out of Jackson Parish. IMHO.

    • Realist Says:

      Do you honestly think it’s cheaper to keep 3 small schools open than 1 larger school (which still wouldn’t be very big compared to other schools in the region)? How many extra administrators, staff, and teachers are being employed now in this 3 school system? The school system is bleeding money right now to keep up the status quo.

    • Anonymous Says:

      What other industry? Are you serious? Most people around here don’t even work there anymore. People used to ask me where I would haul wood to if Hodge shut down. My answer was I used to haul about 4 loads to West Monroe for every load I would haul to the Hodge mill. And I lived in Jonesboro. Don’t get me wrong it’s a major industry but it ain’t the center of the universe.

  13. Kimmie Says:

    I’m in high school now and I don’t wish to be ripped up out of the school that I’ve grown up in ! I don’t want to be bused to a place where the kids have no respect for their teachers or themselves. I’m sorry but kids from Jonesboro are not the kind of people I wish to be around . Sorry if I have hurt some ones feelings, not all kids from JHHS are bad , but it’s a lot of bad apples in that basket ! As for the out come from this , a lot of kids will drop out because of this .

    • Anonymous Says:

      The majority of the kids that attend JHHS is NOT bad. The majority are respectful!

    • lil frog Says:

      Thank you! I feel the same way! There are a few bad apples that came from JHHS and they are now at where I go to school. And I will highly appreciate if they went back to where they originally came from.

  14. Gotya Says:

    The truth will set you free! Be honest. Has education improved since DESEGREGATION?

    • Oldman Says:

      No,the education system has been a failure since the beginning of desegregation. We have failed our children at most every turn. You just about got to have a high school education to work at Mc Donald’s now. A fifth grader ought to be able to take orders and count change but can they? ” a hard working man made this country great but a educated FOOL will bring it down”. By educated fool I mean a student that has been put thru the education system without learning enought to support our country’s demand. We already are importing educated foreign workers now to run our big companies now,what’s it going to be like in ten years? Bad.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Just my two cents. A two tier educational system for Jonesboro (if Jonesboro parents would consent) would work like this: ALL would attend 1st through 8th grade and then a determination would be made as to which students would be routed to the vocational track (low performing students, troublemakers, those whose parents indicate that their child has no interest in attending college).High performing students (from the 1-8th grade) would then be routed to the college prep track.
    A division of who goes where could be determined by grades – A student with a D or less will go to the vocational track (some C students could end up in the vocational track based on teacher recommendation). B’s and A’s would be routed to the college track. Separation of the non-achievers from the achievers would be a boon for those that are interested in getting an education and not having to lose time in class because the teacher is always wasting their time with the miscreants.
    Tear down Southside, Hodge, and the supposed to be black school on Beach Springs Road, and renovate the old junior high building on the current main campus.
    That’s this A-hole’s opinion – let’s hear yours.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Education is a right, not a privilege. Thus, all students should have access to education (equal educational opportunity). In all due respect, all students should have access to the same quality education. The problem is in determining quality.What constitutes quality and how do we measure that construct with validity and reliability? You simply cannot deny low achieving students an opportunity to attend a college preparatory program. To do so violates the constitutional rights of those who are denied. IIt is inhumane to deny any individual the best educational opportunity that can be offered. There is no one human being who would or should differentiate student potential based on past behavior and aptitude. We must give all students with the educational opportunity to achieve whatever they can possibly achieve. Now, it is left up to the student to take advantage of the opportunity that is given to them.

    • Anonymous Says:

      So you’re saying you want a D student working on the brakes on your car, but you want an A student managing your Facebook account. You also gotta take into account people such as my old friend, who didn’t make good grades in school but we knew he was smart. You would put him in the crap pile. He now runs a medical lab. Another such friend of mine now has his own computer business. You would have locked them into sweeping floors.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I didn’t make very good grades in school, but I would welcome you to ask my current or former employers and see if they give a rip what grades I made in school. They’re glad to see me walk in the door. Not bragging on myself, just trying to make a point to all of those who SEEM (not accusing) to take an arrogant, conceited, attitude toward so many others on here. We don’t need this attitude in our parish. We need thinkers who will try to HELP this situation or AT LEAST HELP US THROUGH IT. We need to pull together not only because ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO but because we are gonna be put together anyway. And for those that are ranting about how they”ll take their kid somewhere else; your child is more than welcome in the classroom with mine. We’d love to have him/her. But if this is gonna be your attitude, I say this is a great time to pull some cash outta that great big ole nest egg of yours and send lil’ Johnny somewhere else.

  16. Oldman Says:

    That will not work because the non achievers would be bitching because they were left behind. No mater what grades they made they would think they deserved the same as the high achievers did. The federal government would step in with a civil rights law suit in a heart beat. Another reason it will not work is the minority student will not be able to keep up and would be left behind. Can you just imagine the up roar that would cause with the parents.Law Suit after Law Suit. So I don’t think your plan will work,sounds good,but will not work.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Minority students CAN KEEP UP. Oldman, please try to avoid the temptation of generalizing low achievement and misbehavior to minorities. There is no research to substantiate any claim to a relationship between ethnicity and student achievement or poor behavior. Now, there is research to support a relationship between socioeconomic status and student achievement. This tells you that there are many factors in the home that relate and perhaps contribute to low (or high) achievement. But, to say that they they cannot keep up and they would be left behind is very insensitive.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I have a few thoughts on this topic & I’ve been sitting back waiting and debating but have decided to do what’s right and speak up… I want to preface this with a few facts… 1st I am a JHHS GRADUATE.. 2nd I am also a PARENT… 3rd I’m educated -having obtained 4 diplomas (counting HS) & I’m currently working on my 5th…4th I’m from a “poor working class” white family.. I work in the community for people of ALL races and cultures. I work with white and black people — we all have the SAME goal to give the best possible to those we serve– my kids go to Weston (& I live well within the WHS district- so my kids will not be affected by rezoning nor will I be scrambling for the required documents needed to “re-enroll” my kids come Aug 12, 2015). That being said I am not upset, nor complaining because of the upcoming changes, I am complaining because our system failed our KIDS as a whole across Jackson Parish! To me, it’s not a “race” issue, it has BECOME a race issue, but that’s not the original problem here… And as parents voice their concern we will be seen as, HAVE already been called racist, selfish and resistant to change. This also is NOT the case.
    I am utmostly concerned and disappointed that the School Board and it’s officials have kept this “issue” hush-hush and made “best possible decisions” behind closed doors WITHOUT even notifying the citizens of Jackson Parish- ALL of US I’m not just speaking for the white population. We elect the people who we feel are most qualified to do what’s best for us (in the business of the SB) that’s mostly who seems most honest and caring about the things in our district. These people did NOT do their job to make us aware of nor seek OUR thoughts on this matter. They failed us and our CHILDREN… We as parents, grandparents, students and general citizens should not have heard about this by a NEWS report AFTER decisions have been made… Yes there is a meeting being held Tuesday evening and we were all notified of this… However it’s an “informative” meeting to “brief” us on the changes “being implemented” in the school system. That’s not how we need our elected people to take care of us. The JPSB has failed us along with the education departments on the state and federal levels. But this “solution” will not fix the problem, in fact it’s likely to worsen the situation- because as you see posted here and as I’ve stated it has BECOME a race issue.
    Let’s review a few things.. The current problem has been said to be the result of (& I don’t know because as I stated we were NOT notified) 1) a lawsuit led by a black family because “the JPSB failed to supply their disadvantaged student with the same education opportunity as the rich white students who can afford to go to Quitman and Weston schools- and putting less educated teachers at JHHS to teach the predominately black school- leaving them at detrimental educational losses” 2).the grade that JHHS school holds opposed to those of Weston and Quitman 3). School board officials attempting to keep away from a discrimination or race fueled law suit.. 4). Some families requesting that higher educated teachers be made to teach at JHHS to “give their students better grades-because that’s why WHS and QHS students and schools do so well” to MANY, MANY other floating rumors….
    So now let’s go back to 1965 when the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) came about, to bring forth “full educational opportunity”, offering grants to districts serving low income students, special education centers, and scholarships for low income college students. Encompasses the Federal government’s flagship aid program for disadvantaged students. Then in 2001 the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act was adopted and put into play in 2002, also in hopes of improving the education of disadvantaged students- designed to drive gains in achievement & to hold teachers and schools more accountable for students progress. Funding was expected to “better target” resources to schools with higher concentrations of “poor children”. It incorporated 1) annual testing starting in elementary school 2) Academic Progress- states required to bring all students to “proficient” level on state testing and schools meeting “adequate yearly progress” for students as a whole and for certain demographic subgroups. States were allowed to choose How they would reach the “proficient” levels. 3).Report cards- district and state annual report cards with student acheivement data broken down into subgroups & school to school data. 4). Teacher qualifications- teachers had to become “highly qualified” for the subjects they teach. 5). Reading first- provided $ for states & districts to set up “scientific research based” reading programs for K-3 students with priority to higher poverty areas and smaller programs to prepare 3-5 yr olds in disadvantaged areas. 6). Funding changes- title I funds calculated to Bette target resources to schools in districts with higher concentration of poor children, and allow schools flexibility in HOW to use some of the funds. In doing this the government also says that if a school fails to meet the academic yearly progress 2 yrs. in a row EVERY student in that school will be given the opportunity to transfer to a better performing school BUT (once again) priority to low achieving students of low income families. Under NCLB Your child can receive FREE tutoring, schools can even get grants and more money for these needs BUT you have to ASK…( All of this from Wikipedia.com , edweek.org and ed.gov -in about 20 mins of research time).
    All I’m hearing around JP in the last few days is how it’s not “fair” that the “disadvantaged” students are suffering, the “rich kids” have all the benefits, the “less educated” teachers are at JHHS for the black students, the “white kids” can afford to go to Weston or Quitman, JHHS is a “failing school” because the majority of the students are black and the school board don’t care about them, “black kids” have a socioeconomic disadvantage because it’s “standard” for them to struggle in school because Their home lives are so hard, most of the “black” kids only have 1 parent who isn’t able to better themselves and can’t help their child, “black”students in general have to struggle just to make a “c” average because they just don’t have any help….. And so forth… Well people I’m here to tell you ALL of those theories are shot down just by researching the above information…. In doing so I learned if you are “disadvantaged”, “Poor”, “low-income” or attending a “failing” school you have MORE rights and access to help than those who AREN’T… But there again YOU have to ask for it and know what your options are. And incase one wasn’t aware any “minority” (black, Asian, Hispanic etc) student can go to the JPSB and obtain a “minority pass” to go to Weston or Quitman schools with NO QUESTIONS asked!!!
    Anyone in JP knows JHHS is a predominant black school, that hasn’t just occurred recently, it was that way when I graduated years ago! I did a little research on the “rich” people go to Weston and Quitman also.. I found on zillow.com when entering “Jonesboro, La” 25 homes or properties for sale. The majority of them were in JHHS district with 11 houses listed. List prices for homes range from $13,000 to $135,000. Whereas the 9 homes listed on the site that fall into Weston district range from $175,000-600,000 in addition to there were 3 land only listings ranging from $4,375 -for 0.27 acre lot to $90,000- for 4.25 acres ($21,176.50 per acre)… According to affordablehousingonline.com there are 5 “affordable housing properties” providing 286 families with rental assistance, and the JP Police Jury offering an additional 18 section 8 rental vouchers… Harvey Place (Jonesboro housing authority) has 191 units and Jonesboro and surrounding area has 50-249 units via HUD per U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. I’m not saying 100% of these are occupied by black families, I’m saying that means this many homes are occupied by “low income” to “very low income” families. [I do know of 1 white lady with 3 children who has been on the JPHA list since April of 2014, who hasn’t gotten in and is told “the waiting list is extensive” however was put on hold while the rep answered another call only to hear the rep to pick up the phone and say “ok, sorry Ms. (No name going here), that was another applicant let’s get back to what documents you need to bring to finish your application so we can get you processed and in a unit” when the lady said this is still Ms. (Name held) the rep hung up]… now based upon all of that I don’t see any of these homes listed in the Weston district being listed as HUD or income assisted homes. I’m not saying that ANYONE couldn’t buy any of those homes listed (my neighbor is a back couple living in a very predominate white neighborhood with homes ranging from $175,00-$350,000 and is a home owner) so you see anyone can buy a house and move to these areas Quitman or Weston and NOBODY would say they couldn’t, nor would the kids be turned away from those schools.
    Other info researched was the employment statuses.. Info found at http://www.towncharts.com revealed $38,388 is the Median(average of all households in JP) annual salaries. An alarming 50% of people are “not in workforce”, 47% employed, and 4% unemployed… So basically 47% work, 4% have worked but are now unemployed and 50% choose not to work… (This tells me people choose to live this lifestyle) So if 54% of the people currently have $0 income the other 47% that do work make significant amount of income to equal the median of $37,388…therefore APPROX 50% of the people would be listed as “very low -low income” and eligible for free or assisted housing.. So why would they buy a house that cost >$175,000 on average just to get “better” schools? It looks like the people who work and can buy homes in this area should get to do so freely (regardless of color as previously stated) and go to the “elite” schools WITHOUT worrying about their children having to go to the “failing” school just because someone raised a little cane and pulled the race or inequality card ruffling tail feathers!! Labeling JHHS as a “college prep school” isn’t going to change things. You are still going to have issues. There will still be kids with the same problems and STILL not making the grade. But my concern is IF the students aren’t fairing well with general education classes HOW are they going to qualify for the “college prep” classes being discussed now? Aren’t there “prerequisite” classes to be masted before you can take advanced level classes? My child graduated from WHS with 12 college cr. hours PRIOR to this new proposed “solution”, granted I had to PAY something for the classes big WHOOP, I’d do it again!!
    So given all the above information WHY is this an issue? Why does it matter who can “afford” to live in which district? Well, as I said the system has failed our children. It has told our children that someone else is responsible if we don’t achieve what we should. It says kids don’t have to be responsible for their OWN grades. It says that someone is always going to bail us out. It says it’s ok to be mediocre and we don’t have to push our selves or our children to do better. It says that it’s okay to blame everyone else for our actions and when things go wrong. It says living in poverty is the way to get the BEST and MOST help, so no need to try to better ourselves. It says that it’s okay to EXPECT everything to be catered exactly to our needs. It says we don’t have to worry about how we act in class. It says we don’t have to respect our teachers (or authority) for that matter. It says there’s always a way out without much EFFORT on our behalf. This my friends is what these improvements and quest for “better education” has gotten us.
    Students in general don’t respect teachers – I’ve been told it’s worse at JHHS- but I’m NOT a teacher so I don’t know. When teachers can’t teach class because there are so many behavior problems it’s impossible to teach the ones that WANT to learn, when teachers fear disciplining a child or sending a note home about this behavior because of repercussions from the parent for “picking on my kid because she’s black”… When everything you say and do is seen and heard by 22+ students and someone may get “offended” or have their “feelings hurt” when they have to follow rules or don’t get their way… When everything turns into a he said she said mess because the parents don’t communicate with the teachers… It’s hard to teach and make sure every child and PARENT is pleased with everything you do AND no one gets their feelings hurt. People instead of complaining about all the things wrong how about we as parents see that our OWN kid sit in class and behaves properly, doesn’t bother other students or interrupt class, how about checking parent connect or call your kids teacher during planning period to see how they are doing? What if we as parents went to open house and parent teacher conferences to see how WE can help OUR kids? Do you know that parent teacher conferences are attended by less than 1/2 of parents of students enrolled? Do you know that a lot of parents aren’t checking backpacks, folders, and papers sent home by the teacher on a regular basis? You see, IF we would do these things we’d have more kids achieving in school above the “proficient” level. But all we know to do in this day and age is to sit back and wait on someone to tell us what to do, or how they are going to help us, what can we get for minimal exertion. This is what wrong here!! It’s not about color, teachers, or schools we attend it’s about US and our insufficiencies!! We in this generation, like to blame everyone else and take no responsibility that’s the problem!
    I do not think bussing kids across the parish to this new so called “college prep school” is going to solve anything. I see there being MORE racial issues (since we’ve made this issue about race) bringing all the kids together. I am DEFINATELY all about people going to school in the district for which they LIVE. I do NOT think people should be able to (nor want to) give any type of custody of their children over just to go to a predominately white school. If u live next door to JHHS you should go there regardless of who you are, this also includes people who want to go to JHHS for football, do it the right way! And IF people want to keep their kids at the “elite” schools then do it correctly like everyone who actually live in these areas. It’s not that hard people, you live where you live knowing what the area was, change it the right way instead of forcing someone to do things that affect everyone just because YOU can’t follow the rules.
    I am NOT ashamed that my children are “privileged white kids” with 2 hardworking parents who provide them a home in a “passing” school district, where there are less behavior issues and less classroom disturbances!!! No one should be! And I encourage every family out there to step up, make a difference in yourself, your situation and the mind set of your children, every child has the same potential regardless of their “home” situation!!! I’m overly tired of people degrading their children and their abilities to get something for free or to develop a stigma that this is “normal” for this class of people or culture. Get a job, and gain some pride then EVERY child would have the same opportunity without it being at SOMEONE ELSES EXPENSE!!!

    • Oldman Says:

      Thank you so much for putting the right words out there for everybody to see. You did a very good job,thank you.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I will provide you with a good source to read such that you can obtain a better understanding on how living in poverty affects parents and their children. Read Ruby Payne’s work on the culture of poverty.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I did take time to read into Ruby Payne’s work, I also took a little time to Research it as well… and if you will please read this link for further information on how Mrs. Payne’s information that she has written about is NOT researched, nor proven and how there are MANY things wrong with what she says.

        By what she states as “truths” neither I nor my children should be educated. Because she states that “for the poor- the future does NOT exist- except as a word”. So by that statement, and the fact that I grew up poor, I have no sight of the “Future” nor my ability to change it, and will FOREVER be poor and be “generationally- poor” and in poverty. That is bull CRAP.

        In the home I grew up in, my father was a hardworking yet not formally educated, truck driver, who was gone 90% of my life, my mom with no real formal education either was a stay at home mother of 3 kids-until she later worked in the community as a cashier when I was in high school. We had the privilege of driving older model cars- like 15+ yrs older, that had multiple problems, we lived in a trailer that was “disorganized and unkept” – (as Mrs. Payne states is likely to occur in the poverty stricken homes), there were MANY times that we ate beans with NO rice, ketchup sandwiches, and depended on commodities from pine belt to have groceries. My grandparents on both sides “floated” my family along often, and for that I am VERY grateful. We never got food stamps or medicaid, we just went WITHOUT and we didn’t go to the doctor unless it was major, in fact I remember going to the doctor MAYBE 3 times, ER once- for a broken arm, and to the dentist 2 times because I had NUMEROUS cavities. My parents were of the mindset that they couldn’t pay for college & I BELIEVED them and didn’t go to college right away BUT had I known then what I know now about grants and such that I would have WELL qualified for, I would have gone to college right away. My parents divorced, I have siblings as I’ve indicated – BOTH of whom have gone to jail, and one of which has gone to prison.. (also another sign of “familial poverty”) and BOTH of them are working people to this day and have NOT returned to jail as a “habit” or “place to get meals and be understood”. I believe some of what she says is true, however I also believe it’s presented the wrong way. The document I referred to here points many things out that are no accurate or clear about what she states as “truth”. I will say I am the ONLY one of my parents children who went to any schooling after high school, BUT that doesn’t mean the others couldn’t it just means they CHOSE not to. It’s not all about how you were born, or how you were brought up, the circumstance you were “given” its about DETERMINATION, SELF CONFIDENCE, DEDICATION and SACRIFICE. It IS possible for “poor children” from “poverty stricken”, single parent homes with “low incomes” to CHANGE the way they chose to live, and how the world views them.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Well, first of all, you don’t want to defend an argument using information from a blog. Postings are blogs are biased and are not considered scholarly sources. Ruby Payne’s work is substantiated with research. However, the purpose of research is not to prove something. Research does not prove anything. Research either supports prior research or it will introduce a theoretical explanation. The only reality that is “proven” is that which GOD knows. Man does not know reality. Research will test theories, but research does not prove theory. Thus, do not suppose that Ruby Payne is offering some ultimate explanation of reality and that no other explanation is valid. She is simply presenting a well-referenced and well-researched explanation for the culture of poverty and how poverty impacts individuals.

          You stated the following: “By what she states (referring to Ruby Payne) as ‘truth’ neither I nor my children should be educated.”

          This is not what Ruby Payne stated. There is no place in her writings where she states that you or your children should remain uneducated. You are applying generalizations that she made to yourself and your children. Ruby Payne’s work does not suggest that individuals cannot rise up out of poverty and be successful. She offers an explanation for why people in poverty TEND to behave as they do. So, don’t try to put words in her mouth. Read and interpret her information for the intentions that they were mean to be interpreted.

          There is no place in Payne’s writings where she states that you or your children should remain uneducated or poor. You will not find that her writings were directed toward you. Do not feel so important that she would write about you. You are applying generalizations that she made to yourself and your children. Ruby Payne’s work does not suggest that individuals cannot rise up out of poverty and be successful. She offers an explanation for why people in poverty TEND to behave as they do. So, don’t try to put words in her mouth. Read and interpret her information for the intentions that they were mean to be interpreted. Do not try to establish a cause-effect relationship between poverty and achievement. Ruby Payne did not intend for her explanation to serve as a cause-effect relationship. She intended to offer an explanation and understanding of the culture of poverty. There are lots of folk who have lived in abject poverty who have been very successful. Dr. Ben Carson is an excellent example. Read about his experiences and you will see how one overcomes the realities of poverty.

          Ruby Payne’s work is not presented the wrong way. You are reading into her work that which was not intended. Absolutely, it is possible for individuals who were born in poverty and who lived in poverty to be successful. However, the tendencies and the research will support the contention that low socioeconomic status relates to poor student achievement. The key word here is “relates.” There is no intent to establish a cause-effect relationship between the two variables and Ruby Payne does not present such an intent. So, before you criticize the work of Ruby Payne, or anyone else for that matter, be sure that you understand the nature of scholarly writings. If you want a accurate critique of Ruby Payne’s work, be sure to look for published sources that are written by noted scholars. Don’t depend on blogs to provide you with a scholarly critique of one’s work.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I don’t buy the poverty gig. Both my Dad and father-in-law grew up so poor it was unbelievable. Both turned out to be fine Christian men and they never drew a penny of government aid.

        • Anonymous Says:

          As I said, Ruby Payne did not intend for her generalizations about the culture of poverty to suggest that these individuals cannot achieve high academic standards. She did not try to relate poverty to Christian values or the receipt of government aid. I have taught children who came to school on Monday morning and who had not eaten a meal since their noon meal at school on the previous Friday. These kids are far less concerned with reading from their graded reader than they are with satisfying their physiological need for food. You would not think that these conditions exist, but they do. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the conditions that others experience unless we walk in their shoes.

    • Anonymous Says:

      My husband and I both have jobs and live in the Jonesboro school district. We did good to afford a house here, much less in Weston. Luckily we had family that we could count on so our children could attend Weston. You say it is because of people like us that this is happening. Is it wrong for us to want better for our children just like you do? There are no vouchers for us because we are not a minority. Because we don’t have the income that you do, should my child not be allowed a better opportunity? I’m sorry that you feel like your child is being punished because I wanted better for my child. If I could buy property in Weston or a house in Weston, believe me I would. Just as your research shows, there is no HUD or income assistance there. I am nowhere near as educated as you but my children are very bright and I want the best for them. I do attend parent conferences and check their grades on parent connect. I make sure they do what they are supposed to do. I’m happy that you and others can afford to live in the proper school zone for the best education but I won’t apologize for making arrangements to give my child the best education possible. If teachers children are allowed to attend outside the zone in which they live then the same should hold true for anyone! What’s good for one should be good for all. I want my child to be afforded the best education in the best environment just like you do.

      • Anonymous Says:

        To answer you Ma’am, I did NOT say you shouldn’t want “better” for your child, in fact that would be Ridiculous! I didn’t come to Weston because it was a “better education” we came from a larger area with a bigger school that offered many many more options for my children at the time, and I could have DRIVEN them to the other parish as I still had “family” there too, but I moved to Weston therefore my kids go to Weston. That’s just how it is. I’m not saying that YOU or people in your situation have CAUSED the recent occurrence, however it was stated that this is the reason behind the “issue”, which I hope to hear more about tomorrow night.

        I went to JHHS as you already know, the school building was ok, the teachers were good, and I had the SAME educational experience that others had in the parish, however I went to school with a lot of black people who I still call friends and we ALL did well- if we CHOSE to. ALL of my educational framework started right there at JHHS. But I’d like for you to show me 1 JUST 1 single teacher at JHHS that is not a CERTIFIED teacher or 1 that is not QUALIFIED to be there in a teaching position. That Ma’am, you can NOT do, therefore you can NOT say that your child would not get the “best education possible” at JHHS. What is offered at Weston that is NOT at JHHS? I have no idea what grade your kids are in, but I can sense that they are NOT high schoolers as of yet or you would be aware of the DUAL enrollment classes and AP classes available there, there are some dual enrollment classes are available at JHHS. Some of the same classes they are proposing at JHHS as a “college Prep school”. In fact ANY high school student can take classes at MOST colleges via internet, at low cost.

        I am not seeing where the “advantage” is for someone going to Weston or Quitman Schools (except that there are lower number of black students at those schools) Are you not aware that JHHS has honor students, regardless of color, they had Valedictorian (s) and Salutatorian(s) this year just like everywhere else. And I KNOW they had high GPA’s just like the others across the state. A number of scholarships went to JHHS- how do we discount all of this when stating their education is “not up to that of Quitman or Weston students” which is what is being said. There is nothing significant about the schools out in the rural areas. And if you bought a house in Jonesboro you KNEW your kids fell into that zone. So with your “family to count on” you have made it thus far in Weston school system. Surely you knew someday that this may not be an OPTION for you or anyone else in your case. Come August 12,2015 everyone will have to provide residency paperwork for them and their student, EVERYONE who is enrolled there will show that they RESIDE in the district. I’m sorry that it has come to this for so many different reasons. I AM glad that I am one resident who resides in the district and my children will NOT be moved, however I am NOT glad that my high school student will be MADE to go to JHHS, when they do NOT reside anywhere near the district. So why Ma’am do you think it’s “right or fair” for my child to be moved from the zone that they have LEGALLY and FULLY resided in, with their IMMEDIATE family for YEARS?

        I am PROUD for you that you and your husband both work and provide for your family. And even more so that you are in-tune with your children grades and progress. I said less than 1/2 attend parent teacher conferences not (all of the people who go to WHS or QHS who live outside the assigned area). I understand that teachers and administration staff bring their children to WHS and QHS, I have no idea what that criteria is nor do i pretend to. (I do know someone who teaches in West Monroe and take their kids there because “they are under age 14, & there is no- one home at the time of their arrival from school”). I have NO idea what will happen with those students.

        I also said the home prices for the 11 listed on Zillow.com were listed at $175,000-$ 600,000 NOT that EVERY house in the area cost this much. There are cheaper homes in the area, plenty of them, but nothing on the site and when you RESEARCH something you have to have proof of the stated materials so therefore those numbers only were posted. My home did not fall within that price range. There RENT houses in Weston and Quitman, as well as cheaper homes for sale. On zillow.com it also gives you the amount you could expect to pay for the home listed. The $175,000 home states it would cost approx $662 a month. I do NOT know where in Jonesboro you live nor what kind of car you drive, but from McDonalds to WHS is 7 mi, so if you bring your child, return home, go get them and go back home you’ve driven at least 28 miles a day and 140 miles a week.to get them to and from school, so If you get 20 mpg it will cost you 7 gallons of gas a week to transport them and with gas currently at Circle K being $2.43/gal. This is a total of $17.01 a week, and $68.04 a month. Add to that the additional wear and tare on your vehicle, its costing you to do this. If you take your house payment/ rent and add these additional charges to it, you may see that you are pretty close to that payment of the Weston house, then you wouldn’t be worried about if your child has to return to the “district in which they reside” as the JPSB has stated.

        • Anonymous Says:

          You can look at test scores to see the “advantage” to Weston or Quitman. And of course JHHS had a Salutatorian and Valedictorian, all schools do. I’m not so uneducated that I think they don’t have intelligent students there. When we bought our house, we were newly married and had no children. Unlike you, we’ve never had the ability to move because we could never sell our house. I’m sure you could come up with a hundred other statements as to how we could live “in the proper zone” but you know nothing about our lives so don’t even begin to pass judgement or tell us what we should’ve or could’ve done. We have done and will continue to do the best we can for our children with what we have.

          • Anonymous Says:

            I Do NOT pretend to know anything about your life or situation nor do I need to… And I am NOT passing judgement… I am simply stating what the JPSB has said. Which is ALL students will be re-enrolled in school this fall and will be required to provide documentation supporting their residency in the said district. That’s a FACT, as I stated this does not affect my children it DOES however affect yours and many other families in JP. It does not matter to me WHY you bought a house where you did, when you did or WHY you can’t get to the proper area. That is not my CONCERN… It is however my concern that the students in our zones will be MADE to go to a school in a zone that they do not reside in. The difference in the Weston residents going to JHHS and the Jb students coming to WHS is that you CHOOSE to send ur children to OUR schools. I am sorry if you can not move there again it’s not my concern.
            It is a fact that because people are traveling to Quitman and Weston from Jb to go to school that the whole proble exists.. That’s why JHHS is higher % black than it should be.. It’s also not my concern why those PEOPLE think their kids are too “privileged” to go to school with people of equal rights just because they are black.. Do people actually think when they go to college there is going to be a great margin between the # of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners, and many many other ethnics, colors?? Can you prevent this in the work place? What about when our “privileged” children who are too good to go to JHHS where they RESIDE, heaven forbid need a organ transplant or blood transfusion are you going to say “is that heart from a black person? Oh I don’t want it”?? This is what it all comes to…why people really don’t want to go to go to JHHS.. Where they live!
            Now as far as the test scores go… Yes the kids learn what the teachers teach.. But HELLO incase everyone missed the last year in education it’s “common core” meaning they all have the same standards.. Out teachers can NOT provide more information, or better prep for these tests than ANY teacher can. The problem is the students and the desire to learn. It’s not ability by no means because EVERYONE at JHHS is not failing. You will all see that this proposal will NOT improve the schools score in this next year. So my question is WHAT IF, what if it doesn’t work, then WHAT??

            • Anonymous Says:

              Now your true colors are showing. You are correct in your statement that I am not your concern and my “whys and when’s” are not your concern. You accuse me of not wanting my children to go to a school because of the racial makeup. What exactly is the reason you don’t want your child riding a bus to JHHS? I will agree that I don’t think this will work, but it is something everyone has to live with.

              • Anonymous Says:

                First of all… I NEVER said I didn’t want my child to go to JHHS… I said it’s not fair for them to be MADE to go to JHHS when they do NOT live in that district. And that the difference in your case and mine is that people who do not reside out in these districts have CHOOSEN to send their kids to our schools..IF I lived in that area they WOULD go there no question.

                Second… YOU said that you and your family wasn’t my concern when YOU said “you know nothing about our lives, so don’t even begin to pass judgement only tell us what we could’ve or should’ve done. We have done and go the best we can for our children with what we have.”… So in that statement you inadvertently said I have no business saying anything because I don’t know you, and you’re right.
                HOWEVER, YOU also are the one telling when, and where u bought a house, why you can’t get to the school zone in which u wish for your kids to attend and “100 excuses” why you CAN’T get into the school zone for Weston. I was simply stating that this wasn’t the issue, I can NOT fix that, but it still goes without saying (according to the article attached and JPSB) that the people who do not have established PROOF that they actually reside in thie “elite” districts (regardless of age- hence not just 11th graders) will NOT be re-enrolled there this year.

                IF at that point you STILL feel like it’s what’s best for your child/ children then YOU will have to decide how important it is and to what measure you’re willing to go through to get them “the best education” possible.

                Just in case you didn’t get the same message that ALL of JP residents received it states “these changes WILL be implemented this fall”. You can NOT buy a better education in the public school system teaching through COMMON CORE.. It just isn’t going to happen

                The question I posed was… What if this doesn’t work? What next? Where do the students of Jackson Parish go from here? The scores of JHHS will not increase if these other students come to JHHS for “college prep classes” because the students will still be “home based” at their original schools where they are allowed to ENROLL. Therefore these “better educated” students are NOT going to improve that. IF anything our students scores MAY even fall because now they will arrive at school earlier to get on a bus and go to another school to spend a 1/3 the day at a different school with new class members and teachers.. So the quality of instruction will not change BUT the quality of their ability to get settled and focus will be hindered.. And if they come across a question about the “advanced” class and class has ended they can’t get to that instructor until the next day. So THEN all of JP schools scores could potentially fall..

                I’m not saying that your children nor anyone’s shouldn’t be allowed at Weston or Quitman, nor that you shouldn’t WANT THAT… all I’m saying is do it the RIGHT way.. And in the future if people are going to want to send their kids to Weston or Quitman live there. There’s more to living here than just going to school at Weston, “school tax” is something parish wide that we ALL pay, even people with NO children in schools at all.. This is used for the PARISH. But property taxes here are MUCH higher than there at least mine are.. My dad owns a home and 20 acres in Jonesboro and pays $27.00/ yr for property taxes… I have a home and 1.0 acre and I pay $989/ yr for the property taxes. I don’t know WHY other than it’s close to Caney. And people on Caney pay higher taxes PLUS a lake access fee (which is ridiculous).

                None of this has anything to do with schools, just that it may be why less people live in this direction. If it’s something a parent feels is in their children’s best interest then make it happen! Currently there is a Christian school being constructed and taking applications everyday, right there in Jonesboro, now THAT may be the “best education” possible for ALL of our children but it will likely only be for 3yr P-K to 3 or 4 th grade this year… And it has a hefty price tag of $3400/ year.

                I don’t know what the solution is but this “best option” decision a FEW officials come up with is NOT it. That was the main complaint I had.. The failure of JPSB to be in touch with families PRIOR to us hearing it on the street.. Wouldn’t you have liked a chance to say “I don’t think this is in the best interest of my child, and I would like to tell you WHY I want to send my children to a different school”?

                I honestly feel like we will see a high number of students changing from “core 4” grad path to “vocational” path to avoid going to JHHS for “college prep classes” IF that is the only place it is offered.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You were right to send your children to a school that you felt comfortable sending them to.

    • anonymous parent Says:

      I have to disagree with you about getting a minority pass to go to Weston and Quitman, that is if you are hispanic, asian, or etc. If you are African American then yes you can get a minority pass , even if you are biracial, the birth certificate has to indicate, you are African American. I was personally informed with this information by Mr Alford himself.
      As a parent, I made the decision to send my children elsewhere and it wasn’t any of the above schools in JP or any school in JP. I don’t see any of them to be any better then the other, they all have same school books and same education . The children is what makes difference,and some teachers. Actually a couple a years ago the haspanic ratio was higher at Weston then the AA . As far as test score go, and if want to go by test scores, you can go online and look , the test scores for Weston and JHHS are both C average. Jonesboro made 79 and Weston made 83. So it doesn’t say much about either school. Again to clarify the minority statement. There is no minority pass with no questions asked . I personally argued with this issue with JPSB. Thank you

  18. Oldman11 Says:

    A child living in poverty should have one thing on his mind,getting out and making something of himself. Sorry to say but most of the people in poverty look for more free benefits . Work seems to be an ugly word to them,there’s nothing racial about it.Finish school stay out of trouble,get a job,work hard,save your money and only then will you amount to something. You will be proud of yourself then

    • Anonymous Says:

      My children are A honor roll students and are striving for more than just “getting out and getting a job”. They are striving for a lasting education that will be a foundation for college so that they can make something of themselves. Just because they are poverty level does not mean they are looking for more free benefits. They intend to earn their own way. Because they are not able to live in a particular area they shouldn’t have to settle for less educational opportunities.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are absolutely right! Every child who lives in poverty can rise up from poverty and the critical means by which to do so is education. Thus, every child should have the best educational opportunity that he/she can have and that opportunity should not be dependent upon where the child lives.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Not worthy of an answer. Oldman using one of his many names to vent hot air and not say a single intelligent thing. OINK!!!!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The people of Jackson Parish will never be happy with any of these solutions, no matter if its because they feel deprived of better educational opportunities, or they’ve been descriminared against or they’ve been asked to send their kids to school with people they feel are inferior, or be taught by teachers they feel are inferior, or whatever the reason. They will never be happy. So they might as well get a big bull dozer and flatten them all and build one big school and say there it is folks if ya don’t like it pay for a private or move.

    • Anonymous Says:

      For sure, there is no solution that will satisfy everyone. The one big school idea has floated around for some time and it is still just an idea. The school board must respond to the desegregation orders or they will no longer receive federal funding. The solution that Jackson Parish School Board is proposing is perhaps the best possible response. There is just no solution that will appease everyone. Although you cannot turn back time, this problem of segregated schools in Jackson Parish did not occur overnight and the contributing factors for “white flight” from JH did not likely include race. Parents want to know that their children will be safe at school, that their children will not be bullied, that their children will be challenged to excel academically and morally. Parents want teachers and school leaders who will take the charge of educating their children seriously. They want leaders and teachers who will take care of their children.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I surely understand that. Ironically, as for bullying, the only people I recall bullying me at JH were NOT black. I mostly hung out with my white friends but got along with most black students just fine.

  20. jackson2 Says:

    EQUAL, should be stricken from use except in recipes. No such thing as equal opportunity. no such thing equal education, No such thing as equal people. No such thing as equal access. No such thing as equal medical care. Common sense people know this but somehow commonsense has eluded most government employees. Education would be much better off to tell gov to get out of their business.

    • Oldman 1,11,111,1111 Says:

      You are 100% right about big government getting out of the education system. Let the states have control and then you will see a big difference in education from the first grade up. Something must be done and quick.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Boy, this oldman turkey has a new name but his message is the same – big government needs to get out of our lives. Oldman the MAGNIFICENT, please explain how we would be better off without desegregation. You can’t except with segregation your kids wouldn’t have to go to school with blacks and all blacks would have to stay on their side of the tracks.
        Cedar Creek, Bethel, and numerous other PRIVATE CHRISTIAN schools screwed up the educational system in Louisiana more than big government ever did. Those private schools drew away the better students (because their parents were rich). Private school are nothing but festering sores of RACISM. .

        • Oldman Says:

          I say put all of the kids together starting with the first grade and have rules to start with. The ones that cannot keep up hold them back until they do. After about the 7th grade? they can either make the grade or if they cannot,then they can go to the trade schools to learn a trade. Black or white what’s wrong with that? By the way I was raised by a very good black lady.

  21. Oldman Says:

    I will not answer your stupid questions about private schools. All that I know is my grandkids are A students so they must be doing something right. Black kids are welcome,. A big % of white kids and larger % black kids do not want to learn, parents are giving them everything so they don’t want to earn.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It was not a stupid question at all. You, Oldman the insignificant, said that things were better before desegragation. I asked, “How were they better?” Even a dolt such as yourself ought to be able to answer that one question, unless your answer is RACIST, which I suspect it is. You are just a racist pig that doesn’t like blacks, especially if they draw food stamps or other entitlements. I ‘m just entering my fifties and I will draw disability, social secuity, and much more for the rest of my life. That really ought to irk you to no end. A VETERAN FREELOADERS who doesn’t work (beause he is unabe). GO HILLARY!!! OINK!!!!

      • Oldman Says:

        “a veteran freeloader who doesn’t work (because he is unable to work).go hillary!!! oink!!!!” Quote (out his mouth)from one of Jonesboro’s ” finest” How does that sound to somebody who is barely making it. How does that sound to someone who has a tax bill that keeps going up? Sounds like we need a change in big government.

      • Oldermann Says:

        OK, I know you, DMF.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I have been reading these post(s). I think we have DMF posting as “anonymous” now. I was wondering if he was still around. I believe he is still here as some of the post(s) read as though he wrote them. Donald, you can come back as Donald Monroe Fowler.

  22. jackson2 Says:

    To tell the truth is now RACIST. So be it. Before Brown V Board of Education and Forced integration of Little Rock Schools in 1957 or thereabouts the US education system was #1 in the world. Where is it ranked now? Radical, both white and black, of the 1960’s have taken over the schools, government, newspaper, tv, and big businesses in the name of diversity and equality. Which really means you are a slave to them.

    • Oldman Says:

      Yes we are a slave to big government and the sad truth of it is most people do not see it what it is. The poor blacks and poor whites cannot realize that they are more of a slave now than they have ever been They have been told to vote for the democrat party and they will get everything they want,more entitlements and let the rich boy pay. Let me tell you something,the little rich boy has just about payed out. What is going to happen when big government can no longer pay these people. What do you think is going to happen?

  23. Jackson Parish Parent Says:

    To Jackson parish, my kids have went to SOUTHSIDE, WHS, QHS. I do not like Southside or WHS, cause they bully the kids. For the two years my kid went to Southside the teachers nor the principal did anything about it, so I sent my child to private school. Then all my family said oh WHS is a good school send them there, ok I bought a house in WHS zone sent my kids for two years same bull there, unless you fit into the clique you don’t belong at WHS so guess what my kids didn’t fit in. I can afford private school, and it looks like mine will be going back. I know of people that live in Jonesboro school zone with a Quitman address, just because you have a Quitman address doesn’t mean you live in that school zone.
    So the school board needs to pay close attention to the 911 address, not the mailing address, I mean where the physical property is.

    • Anonymous Says:

      What will happen with all the people with a Quitman address that live in Bienville Parish? There are many kids in this situation.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Federally court ordered too go, be bussed to Bienville school and back in the 1970’s was going to be bussed to shaded grove school that was 26 miles one way and if you no nothing about that you need to keep your mouth shut

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Just a little bitty question about education in Louisiana (ranked 42nd in the nation). How much money did booby jindal cut from education?

    • Oldermann Says:

      The Legislature appropriates the money. Bobby Jindal may submit a budget but the final decision is on the Legislature. Educate yourself.

  25. Oldman Says:

    The last time I looked I was in the Weston school district. I tried to get my grandchildren in but they said no for some reason ,it’s been a few yrs since and I cannot remember for some reason(72yrs guess)

    • Anonymous Says:

      Could it be that their quota for the dummies was filled? This is my last post on this topic for I feel it is reaching stupidity. Several anoymous contributors offer logical solutions but Oldman the Jerk just wasted our time reading his tripe. See ya at the next topic.

      • Oldman Says:

        Don’t let the door hit you in your butt on your way out,Buddy. One more” if you can’t run with the big dogs,stay on the porch” All I did was quote you on your own words,is that stupid or not? It’s a sorry man that can not stand to have his own words repeated. Yes I think the quota for dummies has been filled along with the stupidity but on your side.

      • Oldermann Says:

        What is an “anoymous”?

        What’s up with the punctuation abuse?

  26. Gotya Says:

    Lib’s can not stand a common sense person, oldman. History is a great teacher unless it’s wrote by Lib’s.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I lied. Can’t miss an opportunity to point out the stupidity of some who post on this site. It should be “unless it’s WRITTEN by Lib’s.” Did you get your stupidity by following Oldman the Insignificant’s example? Such hilarity you two provide those of who have a bit of smarts. Thank you for the fun. Keep it up!

      • Oldermann Says:

        But you do not understand the difference between a plural and a possessive.

        • Anonymous Says:

          My sentence is correct. There is no plural (Oldman the Insignificant’s is singular and example belongs to Oldman the Insignificant’s, therefore Oldman the Insignificant’s is properly possessive.)

  27. Gotya Says:

    I ain’t no anglish professor and I ain’t no flaming left wing liberal and I do know right from wrong.. I really do not see many writing experts on the net

    • Oldman Says:

      Ok my turn what is a “anglish professor”?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Gotya, you are correct on two counts – you aren’t an intellectual and and you aren’t one of the intelligent liberals and for that PINHEAD, we are so grateful. You should read all posts and you will see that there are numerous intelligent people on this post (but you aren’t one of them: NOT EVEN CLOSE!

  28. Gotya Says:

    Oldman, just trying to get those Lib’s to start calling people, that do not agree with them, names. They cannot help themselves. They so much smarter than us dummies. For the life of me I do not know how I got along without them for so long. Long ago a man told me that his mother was a English teacher but pronounced it “anglish.”

  29. An observer with an intellect Says:

    I wish you “old” people would quit bashing each other and just comment sensibly on the topic at hand. You are both very childish.

    • Anonymous Says:

      If you read all of my posts, you will find that while I have happily bashed the stupidity of Oldman the pinhead, but I have made several constructive comments. Please don’t call me childish. The same people are reelected time and time again so how do you expect progress. At the next election dump the whole lot and put qualified people -not just the same old jerks. I am not the childish one. You and others who vote for your friend just becaise they are “good ole” boys, are the childish ones.

      • Oldman Says:

        Just my thoughts and Gotya,that is the best way for education in Jackson parish to succeed. But the people in Weston and Quitman are going to fight this tooth and nail.The big shots in Weston are not going to sit back and let this happen. Weston is growing by leaps and bounds,they just got over $600,000.00 to expand their water system to Wyatt and also a upgrade to their current system. I think their school district goes all the way to Wyatt now. I know Wyatt kids used to go to Jonesboro. With that big a base to draw on they are not going to be happy with just one school in the parish.
        Anonymous @ 8:17 You have said very little if anything that amounted to a hill of beans,but liberal democrats never do.
        You started in on me at the get go,nothing but a loud mouth and calling names. So sonnie boy best to keep your mouth shut ,you might learn something.Like I said once before,if you can’t run with the big dogs ,stay on the porch.

  30. just my thoughts Says:

    I have read all of the comments so far. If people were truly concerned about the children of the parish, they would push for a single school. What I have not read in those comments is truth. The truth is that Jackson parish is a very racial parish. And that includes both races. I say build one school. If you don’t want your child to go to the school that is provided by your tax dollars then pay for the education that you want your child to have. If everyone would just stop all this fighting and work together, Jackson parish children could have the best education and extra curricular activities. It takes more than teachers to provide the best education for children. It takes parental and community involvement. So let’s start working together and take care of OUR children and provide ALL children in this parish an educational foundation to help them succeed in life.

  31. Gotya Says:

    Yes, just build one school and bus all students who want to go to Jonesboro. Sounds like great idea! But what about students in the far reaches of Jackson parish who would have to get up at 4 in the morning to catch the bus and get home late in the afternoon. I am sure the parents and kids would just love that. Kids should be able to attend school of their choice with their parents consent. If other than local school they have to furnish own transportation and the state and parish money per student should follow the student to his school of choice.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Two schools are needed to serve Jackson Parish. Place one in Weston to serve Eros, Chatham, and Weston; the other in Jonesboro to serve Jonesboro, Hodge, Wyatt, and Quitman. The number of parents that would support such an arrangement is ZERO because no matter what solution is arrived at, there will be loads of people who object. Therefore, the only proper solution is to leave things as they are so we will have something to gripe about. Jackson Parish should be renamed APATHY for that is the prevailing attitude all over the parish.
    To answer Oldman the Insignificant, the reason I am always getting on you is because you say such dumb things (and I bet that you will continue to do so until you are planted in the ground. There are many political parties that are putting up candidates for the presidency. I bet that (1) you can’t name the leader of the republican party and (2) you can’t name twelve of the republicans that have announced their intentions to run. In our system of government, people have different views (democrat and republican) and at the ballot box is where our opinions are expressed, right or wrong.. OINK!!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    What is the real reason for badmouthing the Oldman? What has he done to you? I wish both of you would quit right now.
    Anonymous I also think that people would throw a big fit if we went to two different schools might just have to do it anyway.

    • Anonymous Says:

      On the one hand you berate me for badmouthing Oldman the Insignificant, while on the other you basically agree with me about the two school system for Jackson Parish. As for Oldman the Insignificant, he’s against everything – food stamps, medicade, medicare, social security, any kind of disability, (he would pass little green apples if he knew how much I draw each month), abortions (I oppose abortions but my belief is that if a woman desires one, it’s her body and none of my business), same sex marriages (I oppose this but if two people wish to do it, it is their business and none of mine. And Oldman the Insignificant attempts to pass his views on as the only true belief. I am a liberal democrat and because of that I am in cahoots with the devil himself, according to Oldman the Insignificant. My guess is that he has T G I F painted on his shoes to remind himself that TOES GO IN FIRST!. I am a democrat and proud of it; republicans should be just as proud. It’s called the American political system – AND IT WORKS.

      • Oldman Says:

        You kind of sound like the one and only D.M.F.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Two questions: Do you ever intend to answer my questions and who is D. M. F.? You have to remember this, Oldman the Insignificant, most people in Louisiana are smarter than you so it would be to your benefit to stop posting your idiotic blabbering so we won’t be laughing at you.

          • Oldman Says:

            You will not hear me say that I’m the smart one on this forum. I am not,I am just about 10ft above you being you are at the bottom,so cut this crap out,sonnie boy,notice how I spell sonnie. If only your mouth makes you smart,then sonnie boy your are one smart mouth son of ????. You know who D.M.F. Is without anybody telling you, I would think you have been called D.M.F. all your life,your mother started calling you that at a early time in your life. So pull up your little girl panties and act like you have just a little sense or all you can muster. Sonnie boy it’s time you get back on subject,if you can,or just make our day and shut up please,D.M.F..

            • Anonymous Says:

              You are not above me in any way, shape, or form. I have talked about the subject (you might want to read my idea about a two school parish many times but some of your nonsense is about ending desegregation (which means that you are for the separation of the races, making you nothing more than a bigot – did you cry this morning when the took Robert E. Lee’s BATTLE FLAG DOWN in South Carolina?) I have asked you many question which one reason or another , you have chosen to ignore. What was the name of Robert E. Lee’s army? For a racist bigot, that ought to be an easy one.

              Now, for the last time – I DON’T KNOW ANY D. M. F. I went back and read many of his posts (he’s over 70 and I am just passing 51). I have to say that I admire his astute observation of your character (hasn’t changed since he was posting). It looks as though he quit posting about a year ago, and from what he was saying, you should hope that he keeps quite. You can’t handle both of us at the same time. Now, is it clear that I don’t know dmf and I ain’t dmf?

              Now, Jackson Parish needs two K-12 schools – one in Chatham to served Eros, Chatham, and Weston; the other in Jonesboro to serve Jonesboro, Hodge, and Quitman. This idea will never fly because the “elite of Jackson Parish send their children to private school and will never vote for the construction of new schools. I would vote for the issue but in my heart of hearts I don’t think that you would.

              Now, for the last time (I hope, but you never can tell what fools like you might say) – I AM NOT DMF but he does sound like a person I could get along with. OINK!!!

      • Oldman Says:


        • Anonymous Says:


          • Anonymous Says:

            What was wrong with the southern battle flag flying?
            Why was the civil war fought?
            What started the war?

            • Anonymous Says:

              It was not the southern battle flag; it was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (Robert E. Lee’s army).

              It was fought because South Carolina (followed by ten more southern states) rebelled against the Union by allegedly leaving the Union. General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard fired upon the Union fort in Charleston. The original purpose of the war was to restore the Union. On 17 September 1862, it became a war to free the slaves

              South Carolina firing on a federal fort and taking it over after the Union withdrew.

          • Oldman Says:

            He he nope

            • Anonymous Says:

              He He Yes, Don Davis! My first name is Ronald if that will help to identify me and the last number on my license is V as in DV.

              • Oldmandondavis Says:

                Ok then Oldman Don Davis,how does that sound Ronald,I don’t care much for liberal dumocrats,that voted for obuma,and will vote for hitler Hillary. You are against every thing that’s good,so were did you get your ideas to be like you are. I am not a racist,I’m against the federal government telling me what to do. Desegregation should be done a way with for what good it’s doing,all it’s doing now is making people take sides. I’m against Killing unborn babies,you said it didn’t matter to you as long as they didn’t bother you. I’m against same sex marriages and you don’t care as long as they leave you along.I think obuma is the worst president ever,you think he’s doing a good job.I think big government is buying votes with all these give away entitlements,and you are for every thing you can get( is this because of what your are drawing now.) You want to take from the rich and give to the poor,what are you going to do one day when there is no more rich people to get money from? I have blacks in my family,do you? Does that make me more of a racist,I think not.I do think you are way more racist than me. So you see were I stand I don’t like what you stand for and the way you go about it. I’ll bet you one day that battle flag will fly again. I not forgetting about all those poor soles that lost their lives in the civil war, north and south are you?

                • Anonymous Says:

                  Your answer borders on the insane, in fact I think it was written by a person with one brain cell and it’s on life support. If you can’t discuss a subject intelligently, shut up and go sit in the corner, omelet brain.

                  • The oldman Says:

                    “My way or the highway” must be your motto. Well this pea brain to a idiot is telling you to shut up,your way is not always right,if it was you would be president instead of the idiot that’s in office now. You would problemly have the rainbow flag flying over the u s flag if you had your way. One more time the battle flag has nothing to do with slavery. Every body has the same chance to make it now,if you don’t make it its your fault, not the flag so get over it.

                    • Anonymous Says:

                      Robert E. Lee’s battle flag has everything to do with slavery, you insignificant nincompoop. Oh, I suspect that some horse’s anal region like you will raisee it again and we loyal Americans will take it back down. Why were you not at the prayer meeting at the AME church the night your FRIEND killed nine innocent people under the banner that POS flag?

            • Anonymous Says:

              Oldman, DMF is now posting as “Anonymous”. He is the one and the same…… The Honorable Donald Monroe Fowler. Remember how Fowler is a big HISTORY BUFF?

  34. Gotya Says:

    All of this is nonsense. Shut up all of you. Just call the smart one,Obumma he will fix things. The educated one. That’s what we need a man with intelligence to fix this problem. See how the country has progressed since 2008. I am positive he could fix it. Give him a call oldman.

  35. Gotya Says:

    Slavery is wrong was wrong and will forever be wrong. Slavery has been going on since the beginning of time and still is. That’s a fact. Here are some things that should be considered by the black Americans. In 1640 twenty African were brought to JAMESTOWN Vir. a English colony. In 1641 Mass. legalized Slavery. How did those slaves get to Virginia? What countries flag was those ships flying? Who sold those slaves to the ships? By what mean did the seller in Africa acquire those slaves? Plantation owners brought the slaves and payed a hi price for them. Plantation owner had to take care of his slaves or lose the benefit of having them. So when you, white and black American, rejoice in bringing that rebel flag and all the statues down ask yourself. Where would the Black American be today if it wasn’t for slavery? Would you be somewhere in the African continent? Maybe, Nigeria,Congo,Chad, Mali or maybe Tanzania. Are you better off today than 99% of the people in that continent?

    • Anonymous Says:

      This is the dumbest explanation of any subject I have ever read. It obviously written by one of the dumbest (if not the dumbest) person on this planet. Justifying slavery as you have ( where would blaks be if it weren’t for slavery) shows your blatant bigotry. Only Oldman he Insignificant could have thought up something like this. God help our country with minds like this. God help us!

      • The oldman Says:

        No,pea brain,God help us from people like you and your way of thinking. Gotya is mostly right,Lincoln at one time thought of sending all the slaves back to Africa. Would the slaves have been better off if he had sent them back? I think not.Over 90% of the slaves were treated fairly,they had food,place to live,clothes among other things. They were not mistreated as you would like us to believe. the battle flag with fly again mark my words. You need to help bring the races together and quit trying to start trouble,but being a liberal dumocrat I know it’s going to be hard.
        Got to eat breakfast be back soon

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oldman is right again you know.

  36. Gotya Says:

    The Leftwing so called liberals are really socialist. They have perverted the meaning of every word that they do not agree with. Lib’s cannot stand the truth because it makes liars out of them.

  37. Gotya Says:

    ” Where would blaks be if it weren’t for slavery.”. Blaks mr. Anonymous surely you can call them black Americans. Oh I see Mr. Intelligence cannot spell black or maybe he is really the real bigot.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    To argue with a person not possessed of the facts and biased in his beliefs is akin to spitting into the wind. You’re going to get back what you attempted to deliver. My hope is that one day they learn the truth and can debate a subject intelligently. Until then, insignificant little arse pimples like Oldman and Gotya should shut up blabbering about that which they are ignorant or misinformed.

    • The oldman Says:

      There’s all ways some idiot trying to make people believe he’s the smartest thing since apple pie. But you know the blow hard all ways end up showing how dumb they really are. Mr. D.m.f. Sit down and shut up and be a good little boy and be quite please.

  39. The oldman Says:

    Anonymous @7:52am one more time the battle flag had nothing to do with slavery. It was a flag they flew durning battle,to get their troops together and keep them from getting turned around in the heat of battle.
    You are not a loyal American in opposing the flag.the flag is part of America just the same as a state flag is.
    The young man that murdered those poor people in that church was no friend of mine. Somebody needs to put him down and soon. As far as calling me a pos,I will not lower myself to your level. But I will say you are another reason our country is in the shape it is.
    Saying it’s ok for abortion(killing poor little babies)because it none of your concern,same sex marriage because it’s none of your concern. Voting for obuma because he’s a dumcrate and nothing else,and will vote for hitler hillary just because she’s a Dumacrat,you are a real fine citizen not. By the way were are you on gun control I maybe should have not asked you being a liberal socialist dumacrat.

  40. The oldman Says:

    Donald Marion Fowler aka D.M.F.,aka Sonnie Boy you can start using your name,we would know you anywhere. What happened the last time you were on here? I believe you were barred from this forum for your fowl mouth were you not? Did you slip back in are you legal?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The Oldman is right again,but this one was easy for him. The dmf is easy as a two-bit woman of the night.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why is it so hard to convince the lunatic fringe of Jonesboro that I am not this Donald Marion Fowler. I am not him; him is not me. I don’t use profanity (except every now and then I will use arse. I I ave not been banned from any site, although there are a couple I would like to see vanish from this site. Repeat after me -I AIN’T DONALD MARION FOWLER.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Your are the D.M.F. Nice to see you back.

        • Anonymous Says:

          You have been breathing too much guana dust and have become afflicted with that bat s*** crazy disease that seem to be affecting a few citizens of Jonesboro. On my wife’s grave, I swear that I am not donald marion fowler (or even a fowler for that matter). My first name is not ronald but I do drive a 1995 red Ford F-150 and I am a disabled vet (30%). I don’t drive a school bus and I don’t work at any job. I have no use of my right arm and limited use of my left arm, as a result of an accident involving a jeep (my vehicle) and a shuttle bus.

          Now if you wish to discuss the two school system for Jackson Parish, I would be more than willing to repeat what I have said on that subject. Better yet, so that Oldman the Insignificant can voice his two cents worth, we could talk about the 2016 presidential race.

          Please understand that I can’t say it with more conviction -I AIN’T DONALD MARION FOWLER. I just got through looking in the mirror and by God, it was me looking back, not some fowler.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    DMF parks my car. rofl

  42. Oldman Says:

    Do you even know what color truck you drive? Your are the dmf. I checked back and on the 6/27/15 -@7:04 pm your truck was black. Now I guess you are going to say it’s been painted since then. Your are lying about just about everything D.M.F. So if it quacks like a duck,and walks like a duck it is a duck. Bye Mr.D.M.F.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anonymous Says:
      06/27/2015 at 7:04 pm | Reply

      Bat s**t crazy Oldman, I would like for you to point where I bragged about my military service. I told you that after about one and half years at Tech (1979 to early 1980) I dropped out and made a career of the United States Army. Nothing special but I got to see a lot of the world. Where is the bragging? I asked did you serve (or did you hide behind you mother’s skirt?) For God only knows how long, Obama’s birth has been proven to be in Hawaii (that’s a part of the United States, you know). Our country, which is the longest lasting democracy is not doomed as you suggest. Your birther comments tell me that you are leaning toward supporting Donald (birther) Trump. Now there is someone I would fear if he gained the White House. I still think that you are a bat s**t crazy coward. I live within the city limits of Jonesboro and drive a 1995 red (somewhat banged up) F-150. I dare you to answer all of the questions that I have asked. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday reading all of your posts of the past year or so. You ain’t changed – still bat s**t crazy.

      Please, everyone note, that I did not say my truck was black. I said red but I guess that a person suffering from guana dust can’t identify his colors. Now is anyone wishes to talk about the school situation or the upcoming political race, I would be happy to do do. But if it makes stupid statements, and blabbers on about that which he has no knowledge -IT’S OLDMAN THE INSIGNIFICANT SNOT NOSE HIMSELF!!!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    The Oldman was right again

    • Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      About what? My thoughts are that Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed has posted this under anonymous, in a stupid attempt to let people think it is the post of someone else. OINK!!!

  44. Oldman Says:

    You said that you drove a 1995 black ford in your own words.im just repeating what you said. As far as Trump goes he has said what everybody wants ,and I think he is someone to watch. Trump would be a thousand times better than obuma has been.The same with hitler Clinton.”A turd by any other name is still a turd” so it goes “a d.m.fowler by any other name is still a d.m.fowler”. You give Jonesboro a bad name with all this trash you talk. So long D.M.F.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed, please copy the post where I said I owned a black F-150 and repost it here. And quit with the fowler thingy. I am not that person nor have I ever been. If you want to discuss the school issue or politics (neither of which you can speak intelligently about) I’ll be glad to comment on your remarks.

  45. Gotta ya Says:

    funnie buddie,check it out your self,you wrote it,not me

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Untruths, repost it to prove me wrong. You are acting like a diaper wearing weasel who lies about something and then can’t prove it. Like I have been saying, I AIN’T FOWLER BUT I AM WILLING TO TALK ABOUT THE SCHOOL ISSUE (WHICH YOU PROBABLY DON’T UNDERSTAND) OR POLITICS WHICH YOU THINK YOU KNOW SOMETHING BUT DON’T. Which will it be?

  46. Oldman Says:

    dmf I wonder if the owner of this site knows what you are doing,I even wonder if he knows you are back on line.
    Have a good day D.M.F. aka Donald M.Fowler

    • Anonymous Says:

      Just what am I doing that is wrong? Calling you insignificant (you are) I am defending myself against an idiot calling me someone that I am not. A blabbering nobody apparently threatening to have me removed because he doesn’t like what I say. That guana dust has really affected your brain. Perhaps you should see a doctor. If you have something to say about the school situation or the political picture, I’ll answer your posts. Keep up the crap and you’ll be seeing me – useless arm and all.

      • Anonymous in Quitman Says:

        Go to bed and get a good notes sleep,old men need their sleep.by the way,the oldmans right you know.

        • Anonymous Says:


          • Anonymous Says:

            What’s with the amen, Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed purveyor of Lies and Untruths? It took you two minutes to go from your post of 9:33 to this post at 9:35. You need to pick up speed (not that kind but rapidity

        • Anonymous Says:

          Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed :Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, you ought to stick to one name. You are ot fooling anyone, except a relative of yours who possesses limited intelligence like you.

  47. I know you Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, Are in love with this “fowler” person? I guess that you must be for all you do is call his name. I thought that you were opposed to same sex arrangements. I guess not. I am going to be 100% truthful with you – my middle name is Wayne (no one calls me by my first name). I enlisted in the US army in Jackson Parish so there ought to be a record of my enlistment somewhere, if you are smart enough to find it. I doubt your intelligence. I do (and have for as long as I’ve been back in Jonesboro) drive an old 1995 RED Ford F150. It is registered in my name so a stop by the State Police office on 167 and they ought to be able to tell you who I am. My offer to discuss the school situation or politics with you still stands. Of course your lack of knowledge on both subjects will preclude any participation by you.

      • Anonymous in Quitman Says:

        Let me repeat”the old mans right you know”

        • Anonymous Says:

          Prove it. I can say that I am God but without proof those are just empty words. Over and over, Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths says over and over “the old mans (should be man’s) right you know. Proof. That’s all I want is proof, but you ain’t got nothing but empty words.

  48. Jacksontwo Says:

    Oldman, better watch it, one arm’s coming to get you. He tried to get that bad guy from Ruston to help but his caps are locked or maybe a dog has him treed.

    • Anonymous Says:

      While Jacksontwo says sounds a lot like Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, I am going to be doing a bit of hacking to find out just who he is.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    As the fools on this site continue to concentrate on that which is of no importance, on the republican side 15 people have announced their intention to run for the presidency. To me (and it seems that I am alone in this belief) picking a good candidate to go up against Hillary is of great importance. You just can’t say that any of them can defeat her: that’s just plain crazy for not all of them have a serious chance of gaining the nomination. Fox news has rigged the debate system in such a manner that seriously qualified candidates will be excluded and clowns like Donald Trump will be in. I will allow that most people in Jackson Parish put their trust in Fox news with is a mistake of huge proportions. My guess is that Hillary will be matched against Scott Walker, the darling of the Republicans at the moment. But, we must remember that there are weeks before the Republican convention and Elmer Fudd or Wiley Coyote or Sponge Bob Squarepants could enter the race.

  50. Oldman Says:

    D.M.F.aka( the biggest fool) what makes you think Donald Trump is such a bad choice? Is it because you are a liberal democrat? I believe Trump can bring our country around and put people back to work. I believe he would do away with a lot of these freebies programs,fix social security, and in general get our books in order. The people that draw all of these benefits would throw cause trouble at first,but they need to work to supply their needs like everyone else. Hitler Hillary would get most of her support from the entitlement crowd. Being a liberal socialist democrat you will try to pick this apart
    Here’s something for you to think about,

    “If we ever forget that we are one nation under God,the we will be a nation gone under”.
    Ronald Reagan

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Donald Trump is a mega-maniac who loves to hear his own voice. Yell and shout whatever he thinks the people want to hear has always be his way of doing things. He hired people to be in the audience when he announced his candidacy and just a few days ago he bragged about the number attending his rally as more than 15,000 when the facility only holds 4,200. Shout and Lie. That’s his philosophy, not unlike you. Fox news will hire him as one of their main spinners of the untruths. Fox has screwed up the debates next month so badly that only a democrat could fix it. And still you call me by a name that is not mine. I beg of you to present proof of my name and the color of my truck. Also show proof where Hillary has killed six million Jews. I call you Oldman the Insignificant Purveyor of Lies and Untruths because that is what you are.

  52. Oldman Says:

    D.M.F. Fox is the most honest when it comes to reporting the news,of course liberal socialist democrats have a hard time believing the truth.The truth could bite you in the butt and you would still tell a lie. Donald Trump would be a liberal socialist democrats worst nightmare come true,I’m afraid he would cut a lot of the entitlement programs that the L.S. Democrats worship. I hope you don’t think that the nuclear treaty worked out today will slow down Iran from making nuclear weapons. Obuma has said he will veto congress if they turn the treaty down. Where did obuma get the power to go against congress and the American people. He’s nothing but a power hungry little squirt,period. I’ll bet that lot of money changed hands to get him to go along. Donald the liberal socialist democrat maybe you should be watching Fox News you could learn a lot,maybe.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don”t have time to discuss your ignorance Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths but only the president can make treaties with other countries then he must submit it to congress for approval if they approve it but make changes in it, the president can veto their work. Then congress can vote to overriide the veto (67 members in the senate and 290 member in the house). You missed civics class by quitting in the 9th grade and you have smelled too much bat guana if you think for a nano second that Fox news is truthful and honest, explain how O’reilly covered the Falklands war and how he SAW four nuns executed.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths here is a bit of information for your limited understanding of our government – the president can’t veto congress but he damn well can veto legislation they pass. As for the deal with Iran, you and I both should hope that it works; the only thing at risk here is mankind which you seem to have a “benefits” problem with.

      In his first inaugural address, a democrat, said these words: “Never negotiate out of fear but also never fear to negotiate.” One side can never solve a problem – it takes both sides sitting down and working out the problem.

      You still haven’t shown that I am Donald Marion Fowler. You still haven’t shown I said that I owned a black Ford 150. You haven’t shown where I bragged about my military service. You still haven’t answered my question about whether or not you served in the military. Why not? Are answer something that you are ashamed of? Can I expect an answer to any of those? Like the five year old when asked a question, the answer is always – it ain’t none of your business.

      Hint: I live on Michigan Avenue, Jonesboro and my wife was cremated and her ashes scatter on her grandparents graves in Sharon Cemetery (and I do drive a red 1995 Ford 150)

  53. Jacksontwo Says:

    Michigan, hell no wonder you are a flaming left wing liberal. Living on Michigan that explains everything. Oldman we need to forgive him. It’s not his fault. Michigan (Detroit) is bankrupt. Maybe he has inhaled too much gun powder.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Four innocent marines died today. The red-headed idiot in Colorado who killed 12 will learn his fate this afternoon. The racist idiot that killed 9 in South Carolina had his trial date set today. That is 25 dead for no reason at all except the NRA will not allow meaningful control over guns, especially fully automatic weapons and clips that hold up to 100 rounds. The NRA has congress in its hands by grading each member and if the member votes wrong (not the way they want the member to vote), they withhold support.
    Where I come from it’s the people who are supposed to tell congress what to do. Actually, here in Jonesboro most everyone owns a gun and probably is a member of the NRA. Their mantra is “that guns don’t kill, people do.” Sounds like something that Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths would say, doesn’t it?

    • Oldman Says:

      People that kill should be put to death in a very short time after convicted,they should have one appeal and then it’s over. Well I locked up my guns,knifes,cars,maybe I can get a good nights rest without worry. Remember guns don’t kill people,people kill people. Maybe if you repeat it over a over it will finally stick.

  55. Oldman Says:

    this post just goes to show how stupid you really are.i will not let you pick a fight with me on this.,but you need to get your facts straight before you post.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. just what facts have I misrepresented?
      1. 25 people have most recently died as a result of gun violence,
      2. The NRA lobbies congress, opposing meaningful gun legislation.
      3. All you ever hear from a NRA member is that “guns don’t kill, . people do”
      4. Oldman is an Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. That’s a fact.
      Now, answer me honestly, which of those four items is not a true statement.
      I would never pick a verbal altercation with someone like yourself who does not know his nether region from a hole in the ground. Just beware of those people who are smarter than you (and that is everyone alive at the moment).

      • Oldman Says:

        Anonymous,if you are so anti-gun you need to put a gun free zone sign on your front door.If somebody breaks in you can call the police and wait 15 mins for them to get there. That will give the crooks time to do their deed and leave,we don’t want to hurt any body you know. My 2 cents- no Muslims in military,no Muslims in govt,no Muslims mosque in USA ,we need to tell all Muslims to go home,they are not welcome in USA.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    Oldman,never argue with idiots,people might think you are one.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anonymous the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths who sucks up to Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths: JUST WHAT DID I POST THAT WAS UNTRUE? You are the idiot. Nighty nighty little boy.

  57. Oldman Says:

    No.1 True. No.2. False. No.3 False. No.4. False.
    One thing for sure I’m not the idiot you are. Anybody that says guns kill people is stupid warmed over,people kill people. You stupid liberal socialist democrats are the ones with blood on you hands. You let crazy people walk the street when they shouldn’t ,ok same sex marriage,you want open borders,just let anybody in,you vote for a president that should be working at mcDonalds and then blame it on something like guns. Well buddie you are one of the most stupid people I know. One question, how many people were killed in Walmart today,sporting goods dept is full of those mean old guns and thousands of ammo. I will bet you the farm that not one of those guns have ever killed anybody without somebody pulling the trigger,want to bet? Well that’s what you get when you let crazy people walk the streets and not be punished. Crazy people need to be put away were they cannot hurt someone. You kill someone you should die also,not sit in prisons the rest of your life, you bleeding heart liberals are tearing our once great country apart and are too stupid too even know what your are doing. So,dmf stick that in your pipe and smoke it.good nite,sucker

  58. Oldman Says:

    Anonymous,the four marines were killed in a gun free zone. If at least one of the Marines at been armed maybe all this would not have happened. And the sorry liberal socialist democrats think taking away all guns will help,well it will not. I tell you what you turn in yours if that’s what you want and I’ll keep mine .

  59. Oldman Says:

    Me again,maybe you can help me,one question is why our service men are not armed while on duty .It makes no sense to me unless you have a lot of undesirable people in service that should not be there to begin with.Why are there Muslim in our service,that makes no sense,just about anybody can come into our country and join our service. Don’t get me wrong but a lot of people in service are in for the benefits and would not be able to hold a full time job in the real world. I think our armed services on the whole are the best world wide but with the president cutting back,it will not be the best long. Is not (our) president a muslin,I would hope not, I cannot by his actions see that he has the best interest of our country in mine. Again I really hope I’m wrong. So far everything he’s done has seemed to hurt our country. Again I hope he proves me wrong.I had a old marine tell me this would not have happened 15 yrs ago,maybe we need to bring back all the old Guard that the president let go.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Again,”the Oldman is right you know”

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hell will freeze over before Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths is correct about any subject. Read his 07/17/2015 at 9:17 AM and then tell me if all of his marbles are there. The man has smelled too much bat guana and is bat s*** crazy and should be in a home for the mentally unbalanced. And because you support him, you should have a room in the same facility.

      • Female Anonymous Says:

        I have to agree with the Oldman on most of his views. And I am a woman who prides herself on being open-minded and not prejudiced by any means. I think you two should just agree to disagree and lose your password to this web site.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Don’t get your underalls in a twist over nothing i.e. Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. My right to post on this site is guaranteed as long as I follow the rules. I will post my beliefs or understandings and you can ignore them or respond with an answer. I don’t give a rat’s you know what.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Untruths and Lies, all you have done in you post of 7/17/2015 at 9:17 AM is present evidence that you are just one dumb piece of barnyard droppings. Putting more guns on the streets will not help the situation. It will just make a bad situation worse. If our congress would listen to those it allegedly was elected to serve and enact meaningful gun laws instead of following the dictates of the NRA (which pours money into congress by the bucketload, then some progress might be possible. Prove to me that our president is a Muslim. You can’t for he isn’t. Don’t ever disparage upon the military. We keep cowards like you safe so you can enjoy life and we do it at risk of our lives. Yes, some of us choose to make the military our career but. Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, apparently you didn’t have the gonads to serve. You are always spitting into the wind about benefits our government pays people. Right now I take in more than $80,000 a year because of my service to country. That’s why I don’t have to work, not because I don’t have a skill. You got one of my four questions correct – number one. Number two you missed because you don’t understand the workings of our government. Number three you validated by saying in your response that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. As for number four, read your responses about anything and you will see that I am right. Gotta go now and do some yard work. Please respond for I like a good laugh before I go to jail.

      • Oldman Says:

        I have yet been able to see with proof that a gun killed someone all by its self,guns do not kill people. A crazy can pick up a weapon wether it be a gun,knife ,bat,or whatever and kill someone. But it all boils down to a crazy person and not the gun or other weapon. So you do away with the crazy and the gun will lay there until it rusts away and not kill anyone. If that crazy cannot control himself then put him away. We used to have places like Pineville for the mentally disturbed and we did not have the trouble we have now. Bring back public hanging for crimes like murder and after the first hanging I bet you the murder rate will go down to almost nothing.A gun cannot even load it’s self with out somebody doing it much less load,aim and fire,it’s the crazy that’s guilty. I also do not believe in a life sentence,that should be a death sentence also.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, when you don’t understand the analogy, you need to keep your thoughts to yourself. All you are doing is verifying what I think of you and your comments. You are just plain dumb. Do you know where the last hanging in Jackson Parish took place? I’m certain that you don’t so I will tell you. A black (now I am using the word black, not RED) man shot and killed the sheriff and they hanged him in a large oak tree that used to be close to the courthouse on the western side. I am looking at a faded picture of the event taken by my paternal grandfather. Did you ever live in the facility at Pineville for the insane? Sounds like home sweet home for you. You believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy if you think hanging will curb the killing and persuade people not to commit murders, that’s another point in favor of your stupidity. That’s what they said about the firing squad, hanging, electric chair, gas chamber, and the needle but the murder rate has risen, not fallen. Now here is a suggestion that should be right up your NRA alley. Give arms to everyone; make it illegal to NOT have a hand gun or rifle. Then we would not need law enforcement agencies. The citizen could police themselves. That ought to work just fine as we would be saving the governments loads of money. I really hate to say so much as you use so many name on this site that I can’t keep up with them. Do us all a favor and just use Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths.

          • Oldman Says:

            One thing about the hanging you talked about is the person they hanged did not do it again. You do it enought and you will see less killing,no repeat offenders. By the way have you kept up with the surge of support for Trump? I believe if the elections were held today Trump would bet hillary hands down. Trump is a liberal socialist democrats biggest nightmare.

            • Anonymous Says:

              I am pleased to see you involved in the early talk about the run for the presidency in 2016. It’s too bad that you have cast your lot with a loser. Trump will fall by the wayside just as Fred Thompson did in 2012. When all is said and done, Scott Walker of Wisconsin will be the Republican nominee. Mark my word. Neither Trump nor Walker will defeat Hillary, if she is the nominee of the Democrats. Notice that I did not use my favorite name for you. That only comes out when I respond to some of the insane comments. Your first two sentence border on the stupid, but I’ll give you a pass on that.

      • Oldman Says:

        You were not worth $80,000.00 when you worked,very few people are worth that much,maybe a well known doctor maybe. That’s going to make you look bad you being a liberal socialist democrat,like the other person said,you need to spread it around. They might even call you a racist for making that much,poor rich white man. The boy and girls that join our armed services should be paid more and be treated with more respect,half of them are on food stamps,it’s not right for them to be treated like that. You prove to me that our president is not a muslin if you can. Quit bragging so much,it shows people what you really are.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths (just had to use it for this reply) Our men and women in military service are paid very well. Entry pay (E1) is $1,547 a month and if the are so unfortunate to remain at that rank, their retirement after 20 years service is $771.00 a month or $9,252.00 a year. An E7 would retire after 20 years service with $2207.70 a month or $26,492.40 a year. I would be more than willing to double their pay for the job a lot of them do. Would you be willing to spread the money around that you get from your timber sales? I doubt it based on all that you have said in your posts about the poor and downtrodden always having their hand out and we democrats are always willing to fill their hands. I do spread mine around as I give about 10% to my church (it’s called tithing. Do you?) I am Catholic and I believe strongly in helping the poor, not bad mouthing them as you do. I keep asking you to be specific as to what I am bragging about. You can’t for I don’t. Oh, crap. I forgot about telling everyone that I drive an old RED (NOT BLACK) Ford F-150. I guess that is the bragging you keep mentioning. You got me on that one. Oink!

  60. Trump for president Says:

    I see nothing in that post that would make Oldman sound crazy. Matter of fact what he said was mostly the truth. I think you are the funny one.

  61. Jacksontwo Says:

    $80,000 Plus, who needs that much to live on. I’m not saying you don’t deserve it but being the socialist liberal you are you should give about $50,000 of that to your less fortunate citizens of Jackson Parish. Surely you can live on the average income. Sorry I forgot socialist like to give other people’s money away not their’s.

  62. Anonymous Female Says:

    There are many factors which have caused the increase in murder, and the lack of gun control is not one of them. Actually murder rates has increased since the death penalty was abolished in many states. I believe that most prisons today are not punitive enough. Many inmates have a better life in prison than they ever had on the outside.

    • Anonymous Female Says:

      Correction: murder rates have instead of has.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Lady, you are either living in la la la land or you have your head in an inappropriate place if you for one moment believe that lack of gun control isn’t a major contributor to murder rates going up. Just recently 12 children were murdered in Chicago on ONE WEEKEND!

      • Oldman Says:

        And not one of those guns was purchased legality. Ever law abiding citizen without a record and over 21 should have the right to own and carry a legal weapon of their choice,in any state.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I just need a reference so that I can look up whether those guns were legal or illegal. Don’t expect me to take your word for it, because you have been known to just pull information out of your nether region. Give me a source.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Tell me where you got your information about the guns being illegal. Just want to check because quite often your source is something you just pulled out of your nether region. Source please.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Sorry about the double post. Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths just gets me excited with his made up posts. Oink

            • Oldman Says:

              Anonymous@8:57pm 07/17/2015
              I know you served 21 yrs in the unarmed forces,you can go to the V.A. Hospital hospital without paying a penny,paid mileage to and from hospital,if you spend the nite your wife is paid for her lodging and meals,px store with cut rate prices and a lot of other free benefits. So my question thou sir is why are you trying to tear this country apart.You think we the people have to answer to the government and not the government to answer to the people.You are for abortion when clearly it goes against the very principles this country was founded on. You are for open borders,let anybody in but yet you served to defend this country. You are for gun control yet the constitution has an article in it defending guns for protection of a runaway government.The government has passed law after law that goes against the constitution and what it stands for. The government passed the law for gay marriage which clearly goes against what our founders fought for,and then you call me stupid. Sir without beating around the bush, you are one baby killing,faggot loving,liberal SOB. You have the best of everything and still you act like this.I don’t know who uncovered you but you need to crawl back in your hole and stay there.
              Have a good day

              • Anonymous Says:

                I resent a non-serving coward calling the United States military “unarmed.” I did my part for all Americans, including brainless twits like you. You are so ashamed about your non-service that you refuse to answer my simple question – did you or did you not serve in the military? My guess is that you hid In the closet to avoid service. You are a spineless twit for doing such a cowardly thing.

                Funny that you should mention the VA as I have two appointment on July 23, 2015. At one I will be fitted for my new bifocals (free) and that afternoon I will be getting my new hearing aid (free). You were wrong on one thing – I don’t get a mileage payment for this trip to VA or any other trips to the VA. I do little shopping at the BX for the prices are very comparable to Wal Mart.

                I fear that you are so mistaken about me trying to tear apart our country. I served honorably. You would really have to look hard to find any instance where I ever did anything to harm the country I love so. I believe that our government is the best in the world and if you think that it’s too big, that’s your opinion but you know all about opinions – they are like arses; everyone has one.

                You, very obviously, haven’t read all of my posts. As a matter of principle, I AM AGAINST ABORTION, but whatever a woman wishes to do, it’s her right and none of my business. I refuse to join that group of zealots that attempt to interject themselves where they should not be. No where in the constitution does it mention abortion. No where in the constitution does it mention same sex marriage. This “anti” this and “anti” that comes mainly from the Bible and in our form of government, religion and government are not to be connected. Read the first amendment to the constitution. By the way here is what the 2nd amendment says: A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free stat, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,

                The post of mine to which you refer was asking you to provide some kind of proof that all of the guns used to kill the children in Chicago on Memorial Day were illegal. As usual, you have spoken about a subject of which you lack knowledge and refuse to answer the question.

                You can’t speak intelligently on most subjects and that is why I call you stupid, because you are. I ask would you be willing to share the money you get from timber sales and you elected to remain silent on the subject. Just how much do you get from your paltry 200 acres?

                There is a way to determine a person’s reading level. I applied that test to one of your longer diatribes and found that you read at about a 7th or 8th grade level. Boy, you should have finished high school. Your daddy wouldn’t have minded had you passed him.

                Auf Wiedershen

                • Young 8th grade boy Says:

                  dmf,I know you are to be proud that your governor has armed the national guard ,thats one thing you and me might agree
                  on. Somebody should be armed at all times at the different guard headquarters. That’s problemly because of him running for president.

                  • Anonymous Says:

                    Oldman, I am having a hard time keeping up with all the names you post under. Why don’t you just pick one and stick with it? Here’s a suggestion: Donnie Boy. Sounds like a great one to post under. Booby Jindal is my governor and whomever comes after him will be my governor. I support my leader regardless of his/her party affiliation.

  63. Donald Trump for president Says:

    This country just might need someone like Donald Trump for pres. The liberals,democrats have really screwed our country up bad. Donald Trump might get in your face but I think he would get spending under control,close our borders,create jobs,and make our country great again. He couldn’t be as bad as the clintons,obuma as they have just about destroyed our country already.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It is very unlikely that The Hair will survive the primaries when 81% of his own party don’t trust him. He calls illegal immigrants murderers and rapist and the scum of Mexico yet at another rally he says that the Latino voters love him. The man has no experience in the political realm and I am one of those that believes he doing this “run for president” as some sort of joke just to get his name in the news. Once before he said he was going to run and then at the last minute, he dropped out. I am hoping that knowledgeable republicans will initiate a “Dump Trump” campaign. As for Clinton, I do believe that he left the country with a surplus and during his time in office he balanced the budget once or twice. Georgie Porgie took care of the surplus by getting us in an unnecessary war in Iraq and it was goodbye for the surplus. We were supposed to be after Bin Laden and he was in Afghanistan or Pakistan but the oil was in Iraq so guess were the C student from Harvard took us? Chasing after the oil and drew all of the terrorist into a place they had never been. Look at Iraq now. Look at all of Georgie Porgie’s friends that got rich in Iraq. You might not like the way Obama did things but he did turn our economy around (60+ months of growth) and the Dow Jones rose from around 4,000 to the present nearly 18,000. Trump is just a blow hard that will pass from our thoughts before any election in 2016. At his announcement that he was running for the presidency he made the announcement in Trump Towers yet he had to hire actors (at $50 a pop) to makeup a larger crowd and recently he bragged that he had an audience of 15,000 at a rally in Iowa even though the auditorium only held 4,200. I am hoping that real soon the Donald will be on stage, drop his pants and drawers, bend sharply at the waist, and point his posterior toward the cameras so that America can get a snapshot of his real face.

      • Female Anonymous Says:

        I think you should run since you have an opinion and an answer for everything. Yes, the economy is better in some places, thanks to all the government spending which has placed us in so much debt that can never be repaid. So much of our businesses, as well as natural resources, are now owned by foreign investors, and much of our labor force is composed of illegal immigrants and prisoners in work release programs. If you don’t believe me, drive up to the chicken plant near Farmerville.

        • Oldman Says:

          No we do not want d.m.f. for anything,not a liberal socialist democrat. Can you just imagine this world with the d.m.f. In charge,we already have his twin as president now. No way

        • Anonymous Says:

          I served my country in the military and have no desire to run for or to hold any public office. Where illegal immigrants work are at jobs we Americans don’t want to do (i.e. working in chicken plants for less than minimum wage)). Just curious: what natural resources of America owned by foreign investors.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Snide remarks from the uninformed doesn’t help any discussion. I bet that you subscribe to the notion that Obama has increased the national debt more than all other presidents combined. Check your facts.

  64. Oldman Says:

    I don’t think we should under rate Trump. He’s saying everything that the lower paid blue collar wants to hear and I don’t think Hillary has a chance because of her past duty in the Obama White House. Trump could be only a flash in the pan,then it will be Walker or Bush. I’m leaning on Walker if Trump don’t pan out. A Walker and Clinton run I believe Walker would be your next pres. Wait and see

    • Anonymous Says:

      For a change, Oldman, a sensible retort. You are wrong about what Trump is saying. Yesterday, on that paragon of news reporting (Fox News), the Hair cut loose on McCain, saying that he was no hero because he got captured. I don’t care what party a military person belongs to – just don’t put him or her down. Trump got multiple deferments during the Vietnam War and when he graduated he got a medical deferment. Sounds like old Donald was portraying the cowardly lion when it came to service of his country. I will go along with Scott Walker as the republican candidate but he won’t whip Hillary because of his anti-union stance. She will get the female vote, the Latino vote, and the union vote. Walker gets the left overs.
      Nice talking to you for a change but please don’t make it a habit; I have to have my laughs each day. See ya!

  65. Oldman Says:

    Donald,Trump had no cause to do what he did. But you have a lot of veterans that are fed up with the VA hospital system and are just fed up with the Obama administration as a whole. I believe Trump would try his best to get our country back like it used to be. He would do away with a lot of entitlements,do away with a lot of foreign country entitlements, and I don’t think we would have not the first country trying to start a war with us. BUT,the way he would go about it has me worried,kind of like the bully we had in school,he would stick his chest out and dare someone or country to hit us. That’s what has me worried about Trump. He has a lot of people behind him so don’t be surprised of the outcome.

  66. Oldman Says:

    We’re does Fannin stand on this school busing deal?

    • Anonymous Says:

      “We’re does Fannin …. Oldman the Insignificant (and uneducated) Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths – Just what kind of grammar is “We are does Fannin….? Who cares because he will vote how he is told to vote. This is my laugh for the day. Thanks, OTIAUSNPOLAU! HA HA HA HA.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Just a FACTUAL comment concerning the national debt. All of the IDIOTS that believe that malarkey about Obama raising the debt more than all other presidents combined, take note of the following: from 1789 to 1913 the national debt was just 3 billion dollars. At the end of the Carter administration the national debt had climbed to 798 billion. I will list each president since Reagan and how much the national debt grew:

    Reagan – – – – – – – – – -$1.86 trillion at the end of his term.
    George H, W, Bush -$1.554 trillion at the end of his term.
    Clinton – – – – – – – – – –$1.396 trillion at the end of his term,
    George Bush – – – – – -$5,849 trillion at the end of his term,
    Obama – – – – – – – – – – $6.167 trillion so far

    For those of you who can count to five, that adds up to 17.614 trillion. Take away Obama’s total and you have $11,447 trillion, by all the presidents BEFORE OBAMA. So, you can check my facts the same way I got them, but you ought to be able to see the Republican lie that he has spent more that all other presidents COMBINED. If you can’t see the FACTS before you, the I personally award you the OLDMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD AS BEING JUST A PINCH DUMBER THAN THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU.

    • Oldman Says:

      I don’t know were you got your funny facts but you are wrong From George Washington thru G.W.Bush the national debt was 6.3 trillion, Obamas first term (4 yrs mind you) the national debt rose 6.5 trillion. Spending like there’s no tomorrow.

      • Anonymous Says:

        From George Washington to George W Bush the total national debt was $11,447.000.000.The only funny fact given is by you. Not only do you not understand a blooming thing. you can’t add. Yes, Obama has spent over six trillion dollars in 6 years but, for an idiot like you, that is not more than all of the presidents combined. Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, you need more fingers to help you add up things. If I could I would loan you my two middle fingers. Hey here they are, moron,

        • Oldman Says:

          Hey do do brain.when obuma took office the national debt was 10.6 trillion. As of dec 03 2014 the national dept was over 18 trillion. By the time he leaves office he will have more than doubled it. So do do brain I don’t know were you made up those figures from but I know one fact,all this easy life drawing all that free money has damaged your brain. No that’s not right you did not have one to begin with. I don’t know were you were the last yr or so but a lot of people said it surely was nice not to hear all your rants and raves. Did you get kicked off because of your bad talk. I saw were you tried two or three times to get back on. Mr.D.M.F. It was really nice not to hear your bragging about everything you had or how smart you were. If you don’t watch out you just might get kicked off again. That is not a treat because I don’t own this forum.im just telling it like it is,do do brain.

          • Anonymous Says:

            So you think that you had something to do with getting D. M. F. removed from this site? I have (and I just admitted that I am Donald Marion Fowler) never been kicked off anything. The election was over and I had no interest in Jonesboro politics, especially as related by you. The national debt as shown by my posted chart is there for all to read and evaluate. George W. Bush and Barrack H. Obama together have more than doubled the debt of all other presidents combined but neither of them double the debt by themselves. I can understand why you quit school in the 9th grade – You couldn’t understand jack diddle squat. Look at your pathetic writing – you don’t capitalize correctly (dec i.e.); You do not space correctly. you can’t spell debt (dept is short for department); apparently you can’t spell where (for you it is were). Enough grading your pathetic effort at communicating, Another reason I was absent for more than a year – I had seven operations (thank you very much for paying for them). I am going to point out one thing you may not be aware of – you (and some anonymous jerk) accused me of having sex with my granddaughter. I live in Texas and you two yahoos live in Louisiana. (across state lines) That make that slanderous statement subject to federal law. Now I do know who owns this site and just may bring those three notes to their attention. I have already spoken with a lawyer (military) and have been told I have a case but I was cautioned about the deadline for filing. Bragging? I am not bragging when I say I take in more than $80,000 year. I am not bragging when I say I have a master’s degree in United States history. I am not bragging when I say that I am so much smarter than you that it’s like night and day. Now in your last line or two you said that “this is not a “treat….”I don’t want a treat from you as I can buy my own and several more. I am not “threatening” you but beware of what you say or claim on your post. My opinion is that you are one dumb hillbilly that thinks he knows everything. Check on line and you can find where I got my information about the debt. Moo Moo and Oink Oink,.

            • The oldman#1 Says:

              I had nothing to do with you being kicked off of this forum,but I admit it was nice to see you go.i did not accuse you with your grand daughter,I only asked you if it was true what the other man had said.I made a mistake on the national debt,I should have said that obuma’ debt will total all the other presidents put together. You are bragging all the time ,it’s all you do always saying something about your money ,your free stuff,your schooling. Opinions are free as most everyone has one. You being a liberal socialist democrat and your dumb attitude is what makes my day and by the way I don’t think you could last a day as a “dumb hillbilly” you are not smart enought even with your 80000 money and your education and your free stuff. proof read and see were I did not call you dumb but one time,nice of me was it not?

              • Anonymous Says:

                To quote you, you said “I am beginning to think that what you(meaning the anonymous idiot) said about his granddaughter is true.” Go back and look it up. You are guilty of the statement just as much as the anonymous idiot. I don’t know where you come up with the baloney that the debt during the Obama administration will equal or surpass all the presidents combined. It just ain’t so, Homer. Currently the debt made by Obama stands at roughly $7 trillion. All of the other presidents made a combined debt of just over $12 trillion. Take it for what it’s worth – YOU ARE WRONG, BUDDIE! So far as I know, I have never been removed from this site. As you can easily determine (maybe not so easily) I haven’t used any “bad words” since I began posting again. My seven operations (that you paid for) were to remove cancerous growth from my head, left side of the face, right ear lobe, one from my left forearm, two from my right forearm, and a huge one from my left shin. None of them were unbearably painful but I stayed away from my library (where my computers [3] are located as are about 5,000 books [lots of them have pictures, so you might even enjoy them.] By the time I felt like posting, I could not remember my password so I guess that is what you are recalling when you say I tried to get back on several times. Call it bragging if you wish but I do get $80,000 in benefits, all my medical needs as they occur, my education makes it a lot easier to understand events and comments. Bragging would be telling you about all the places my wife and I have visited: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Wake Island, 49 of the 50 states (don’t know why we didn’t go to North Dakota), several [3] cruises to the Caribbean, a three day trip to Bermuda, a Mediterranean cruise and a trip to St, Petersburg in Russia, We have been to England, Germany, Frances, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and other places that I can not remember. Now that’s bragging. Have you ever been out of Louisiana? You are, as I sad in a previous post, a dumb hillbilly. I believe that most of what you say about me is a case of jealousy. Your living all of your life is one place os your own fault. I want to get away from that paper mill and boy did I ever. You could have done the same had you wanted to, but you decided to hang around a one-horse town that is stuck in the 1930. Now they are trying to advance their school system but what you have now is what you will have tomorrow and the next day and the next day for the people who count (the elite) won’t go for changes. Change will cut into their dominance of life in Jonesboro. Am I not correct in my assessment of the town? Moo Moo Oink Oink

  68. Jacksontwo Says:

    Not a dimes worth of difference between republicans and democrats. Both want to make slaves of the middle class and doing a pretty good job of it. And as far as McCain being a hero I ask this . If McCain is a hero by definition, then all soldiers of war are hero’s.

    • Oldman. Says:

      I’ve read McCain’s personal account of being a prisoner of war. I understand he had a very hard time,a very hard time for anyone who is a prisoner of war. My question is,did he receive the same treatment as all the other prisoners of war? His daddy was the top navy admiral at that time,so it makes you wonder. Did the other p o w ‘ s get the same treatment,or did McCain get better because of his dad? I know he does not have a good record as a public official. I would like to know his net worth since he’s been in public office and where it came form. Ok before I get shot,I think the public needs to know were and how our public officials get to be worth millions of dollars.We need to know. You don’t know,Trump just might be right this time

      • Oldman Says:

        Also I want to thank Mr. McCain for his service to our country.
        Did the other pow’s get the same benefits upon release as McCain? Was McCain treated better,it seems he was after they found out who he was. All I have to go on is McCain’s own account of the matter.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Only a lame-brained idiot could even suggest that McCain received better treatment than the other POWs because his father was Fleet Admiral, Pacific. (Chief of Naval Operations is the head of the navy and that certainly was NOT McCain’s father). Every POW got the same thing as McCain -FREEDOM. His net worth was disclosed when he ran for president, so check there. I am a democrat and my assessment of his political record is that he has done an outstanding job. His only mistake was choosing Sarah Palin (a know-nothing bimbo) as his running mate when he ran for the presidency. He would have won except for her. Her job was to get the female vote, a job at which she failed miserably. Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Truths, you ought to go and read his book again and this time have someone at your side to explain what each passage means. As for personal wealth, you haven’t told us how much you get when you sell your timber. Fair is fair.

        • Oldman Says:

          dmf I think you are wrong on McCain and Sarah Palin. Sarah would have went a lot further if she had not got entangled with McCain. You democrats have a big big problem,you vote for the Democratic Party and not the person running. The democrat party has hurt our country more than anything else. Entitlements,social security broke because of borrowing to fund more entitlements,funding Middle East to keep it in turmoil.i could go on and on.open borders any body can cross.keeping the black race in slavery with entitlements so they will vote democrat regardless of who is running.well buddy look in the mirror and you will see a big old stinky arse democrat that’s as dumb as warmed over dog crap. I will not call you a idiot as I don’t want to brag on you. Ha ha put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I wear a shirt that has on it this comment: “Heroes don’t wear capes; they wear dog tags.” My cap has on it: “Mess with the best; die like the rest.” When a person volunteers, he or she has already become a hero in my eyes. They know the dangers they are getting themselves into. McCain knew that day that he was flying into the most heavily defended area of North Vietnam and the SAMs would be everywhere. One got him and down he went to spend five and one half years being tortured daily. I am a democrat and my regard for what he went through is endless.

      • Oldman Says:

        My question was,did the other pow’s get the same hero welcome home as McCain? Or did he get a better welcome because of who he was. No doubt about it, he was and is a war hero.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I have a stone-dumb cousin (female) who bemoans the fact that more people attended my mother’s funeral than attended her mother’s. That’s akin to your dumb-arse question about whether all POWs got the same type of hero welcome home. Of course they did for their families were quite elated to have them home. McCain’s personal wealth is in excess of 21 million dollars. I copied the following quote so you wouldn’t go off on some tangent claiming I was wrong’

          About John McCain

          Politician John McCain has an estimated net worth of $21 million. John McCain has been a U.S. senator from Arizona since 1987, and was the Republican nominee for president in 2008

          Now it’s time for you to divulge your net worth. How much did you get for your timber sales and how much did you donate to the poor? Rather easy questions unless your name is Olman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths and the bane of poor people everywhere.

          • Oldman Says:

            You still did not answer my question,one more time,where did McCain get his $21,000,000.00. I would guess he got most of it thru his office.a few kickbacks here a few kickbacks there and you will soon have $21,000,000.00. Not that it’s any of your business,we try to give 15%. Also when you get honest about your $80,000.00 I just might tell you mine,but I really don’t like to brag like you. I will not get in a peeing contest with you I think if we both stood on the line I would still be closer than you, so no contest. Sucker

  69. Oldman Says:

    dmf wouldn’t it be great to have Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump as running mates ? They might cut that $80,000.00 your drawing a bit. Now wouldn’t that be funny?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Isn’t it strange that you put together the two declared republicans that combined have no political experience. It is a salient example of your lack of political understanding of how our democratic form of government works. Fool, if they cut my entitlements (it wouldn’t hurt all that much for I have put a lot aside for a rainy day) they will be cutting yours also. What line are you talking about and closer to what are you referring to? Where John McCain gets his money is mostly from his wife’s holdings. You said that you give 15% but didn’t say if that were a tithe or the percentage you give to the needy. The way that you speak in your posts, I gather that you are a Baptist Bible thumper. You don’t support anything. You are against everything. Here is what I oppose: unfettered gun control, same-sex marriage; gay rights, abortions. and fools like you who have unlimited access to outlets like this where you can spout to your hearts content your bible baloney. I am done discussing anything with you unless it is on subject and the I am not so certain that I will respond to the foolish things you say. Fool, just keep quite and you stupidity will not be so visible to those of us that are intelligent.

  70. Oldman Says:

    You sure have changed a while back you were for,same sex marriage,gay rights,abortions, among other things. Not a baptist. Be happy if you just shut up with your socialist ideas. Bye and don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out. Bye

    • Anonymous Says:


      • Anonymous lady Says:

        Oldman get your goat? Sounds like it.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Since you first posted. I’ve had a strong suspicion that you were Oldman posting as a female. He posts under so many names you never know if you are talking to him or some other person. I have discovered a way to tell if it is Oldman or not but I shant share that information. He did not get my goat. He didn’t even get under my skin by telling a lie about me. The things that he mentioned are none of my concern nor his, unless he is queer and he wishes to stay in the closet. He claims that I brag about things but when asked to point out where my bragging happened, he never can. I do draw over $80,000 in pensions and I guess that pisses him off. I get free medical, dental. and optical care at any military hospital that I care to go to, as does my wife. I know that ticks him off. Talk about the poor who get food stamps, and other benefits and I believe that he gets off sexually. Somewhere along the line we all got off subject. Here is my two cents on the school issue: two schools are needed in Jackson Parish – one in Chatham serving Eros, Chatham and Weston; the other school would be in Jonesboro serving Wyatt, Ansley, Clay, Quitman. No one will go for that because who wants to get their children ready to leave around 5 in the morning and not have them return until around 5 in the afternoon. The single school in Jonesboro is DOA for the same reasons stated above and the fact that the “elite” citizens who already send their children to private schools won’t vote for this. It won’t be long before the drive through Jonesboro will look like you are passing through Dodson, I still have that feeling that you are Oldman. Prove you aren’t.

          • Anonymous Says:

            I certainly am female and not the man who comments under the name of Oldman. And, as you know, there is no objective way to prove this through this forum. I will tell you that I have given birth to three children, one graduated at Quitman, one at Jonesboro and one at Weston, so I do have knowledge of all three school systems. You may be right about having two schools in the parish. But maybe the solution is to close the city schools and bus half of those children to Quitman and half to Weston. Maybe that would satisfy those parents who in 1965 filed a lawsuit because they felt that their children who attended school at Jonesboro did not receive an education equal to that which was offered and/or provided at the Quitman and Weston schools.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Anonymous@3:25 is that you Dan?

  71. Anonymous Says:

    I awoke this AM and dressed to go to the on-post pharmacy to pick up two medicines that I am low on. I was pleasantly surprised to have a note from what sounds like a pleasant person and nothing from the OLDMAN. I guess that he is constipated and can’t come up with anything remotely intelligent to say. Young lady, I like your idea of two schools (Weston and Quitman) but I think you would have a fight on your hands from the people in those communities when thy see that first but load of Jonesboro students heading toward their well-run schools. No matter how good the teachers are, an influx from Jonesboro would most definitely cause their scores to drop – maybe even drastically. Anyway, it was nice to read a pleasant response and I most humbly apologize for even thinking you might be OLDMAN.

  72. Oldman Says:

    Mr. Fowler, I’m tired of every time I say something you come back with some stupid crazy remarks about me,my education,how much money you make,how many free things you get from the government,how good obuma is, and who you will vote for. I will not answer anymore of your stupid remarks,donald you are on your own.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hot damn, you all I swear. Oldman the Insignificant (and uneducated) Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths is divorcing me! Hallelujah! I am not making that same claim. You post something that is blatantly stupid (as are most of your posts) I will be all over it like stink on day old mule muffins. You brought this on by yourself and your remarks about me and my granddaughter. I wouldn’t even stoop that low. It’s real cute the way you refer to our president (obuma instead of Obama) but then again idiots can often be cute, incorrect but cute. There is one question that they are trying to answer in Mississippi – If you get a divorce is she still your sister? There are seven mistakes in your divorce post. Can you find them? Remember not to make any “treats” to me. If you make a post, I will be reading it and if it is on the stupid side, I will make a comment. Dat’s no treat; dat’s a threat. So long (I hope) Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. Just got back from an appointment for my wife. Thank you and your tax dollars.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    I read where JHHS is going to become a college prep school. This is the school where parents complain about the quality of the teaching staff and now that “poor” staff is going to be teaching advanced course. I am one of those that is for a single high school in the parish and the replacement of those teachers that parents have doubts about. Of course not many parents would waste their time attending a school board meeting to make demands. A single school system would require less teachers (and coaches) and quality teachers could be hired. Just my opinion. Let’s hear yours.

  74. Anonymous Says:

    Just read in the Monroe News Star that the Booby Jindal has been using state police for protection while he campaigns outside of Louisiana and the total bill is $2,200,000. The state legislature passed its first bill of this session requiring Jindal to repay the money. HE VETOED THE BILL. I guess that is one way you can be crooked and look like you are doing right, 400,000 citizens of Louisiana are in a hurt because the Booby would not accept the FREE help on medicade. Way to go, Booby, but if I were you I would keep those state police close at hand. He is running for president while ruining Louisiana. Ain’t I glad I moved to Texas! His chances of winning the nomination and then the presidency are about the same as a pismire being able to roll a fully grown watermelon down the ant hole.

  75. Jacksontwo Says:

    No matter how much money you throw at education. No matter how good the teachers. You have to have students with the desire and are willing to become good students to have a good school.

    • Oldman Says:

      Very true

      • Anonymous Says:

        I had not planned on panning oldman until I read this in the newspaper. Oldman, the shooter is Lafayette is just like you -he hates liberals and loves hitler, Here is what was written in the paper: (this is the shooter talking) “America is so sick that I now believe it to be the enemy of the world. I know next to nothing about Iran but the little I do know tells me they are far higher morally than this financially failing filth farm.”

        He goes on to express a dislike of liberals, thinks Hitler was great, likes the Westboro Baptist Church, and thinks what Timothy McVeigh did was great.

        When I first read it I said to myself, “Self, that sounds just like the Insignificant one” but after reading the remainder of the article I saw that it wasn;t. It just sounded like you,

    • Anonymous Says:

      To some extent I will agree with you, but a teacher who can get the students to enjoy coming to their class because he/she is prepared, shows an interest in the student, encourages the student to do better, and rewards (not with money or external things) the student with praise will always produce a good, qualified student. I am opposed to any coach being in a class based on my experience at JHHS (and my children also). ” read chapter ## and then answer the questions at the end of the chapter.” All the while the coach would sit at his desk and read or draw up plays or just read a book. That’s not teaching but my oh my how the kids loved him even though he was screwing them out of an education. That desire of which you speak can be created by a well-qualified, caring teacher. If it were legal, those who don’t want to learn and constantly disrupt class would be given the option to quit after the 8th grade. They aren’t going to do any better in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th. Teachers should be held accountable – classroom observation by their department head, their principal and an appropriate member of the school board. That’s my opinion and thank you Jacksontwo for your observation: better students will make a better school but in some cases the better student has to be built by the teacher. I am waiting for a 9th grade dropouts comments.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Am very saddened by what happened in Lafayette last night. I was glad to see Booby Jindal there, but so far as I know, the NRA was no where to be found nor did they issue any type of statement. I guess that they felt no obligation to get involved for “guns don’t kill people; people do.” I really do believe that I will get a comment from some 9th grade drop out who can not spell IQ or NRA.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    It was a teacher who jumped in front of a fellow teacher and took a bullet for her and then ran to a fire alarm and pulled it alerting the police of something wrong at the theater. Now there is my Louisiana teacher of the year hands down. While other fled she had the foresight to protect her friend and then alert others in the complex that something was amiss. Hero with a capital H! You can see the time that I am writing this and still, to my knowledge, the NRA has not make a comment but you have to remember that the NRA excuse is always “guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” People who are members of the NRA would be amazed at just how much the NRA gives to gun manufactures. Look it up.

  78. Jacksontwo Says:

    Take away guns from law abiding citizens and see how long this Country last. Laws of the jungle will be in effect. Only the lawless will prevail.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    We the people should be giving more to the NRA. Somebody has to stand up and protect our rights. The liberal socialist democrat machine has to be put back in its place or at least slowed down for now.
    Jacksontwo,you are so much right it would be worst than a jungle

    • Anonymous Says:

      This is for Jacksontwo and Anonymous 7/25/2015 @9:05AM. “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

      That was written into our Constitution just as the population of the newly formed USA was beginning spread out and cross the mountains into the Ohio Valley and the Continental army was not large enough to protect those settlers in their new homestead. So our Forefathers dictated that it was the responsibility of each citizen in the new lands west of the mountains to be armed in the event of some sort of attack (.i.e, the Indians).

      Today we have that militia and it is called the National Guard and its function in each state is to protect the citizens, This abrogates the need for every citizen to possess guns of every size and caliber (i.e., assault rifle, fully automatic weapons, 100 round clips, etc). If you need a 100 round clip to bring down a single deer, you need to take up fishing.

      I am not saying that your right to possess a weapon is negated but for those many people that have dozens (even hundreds of weapons and extra large clips). Ownership of a weapon is your right, but this amendment does not say you have the right to own enough to arm a small army.

      The USA is the only civilized country where murder by guns is an ever occurring thing. In the United States there is an abundance of rifles and handguns, more than three times our population. The NRA argument is “guns don’t kill people; people do.” The citizen argument is “I need the gun to protect my family.” Notice that the word “gun” is singular, not plural.

      Do I have any weapons in my home” Break in and find out the hard way.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Dumb D.M.F.,people like you is the reason we keep guns.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are so much against “guns” but then you say “weapons”and to break in and we would see how many you have. Make your mind up. What do you have “weapons” for when you need a “gun” to hunt with? How many “weapons”do you have,why do you need to have “weapons” in your home when the police are the ones to call when you have trouble. You are a vet that was in combat(or at least you said you were) veterans need to have their weapons taken away, because they are crazy. You talk out of the side of your mouth. You really are the one that does not have a need for “weapons” turn them in,you are crazy.

  80. Jacksontwo Says:

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms,shall not be infringed. What do you not understand about that sentence. Oh by the way arms is plural.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Jacksontwo, with all of your brilliance, I would like for you to
      point out where I should have used the plural of “arms” but didn’t. I’ll give you a hand for I am sensing that you either failed or made a low grade in history of the United States. Check the 3rd line of my post and you will see Arms is properly plural. The last line of my 4th paragraph, the infinitive phrase “to arm” is used properly in the singular.

      I don’t wish to put you in a class with Oldman the Insignificant but I am getting close to doing it. I am going to quote an interpretation of the 2nd Amendment made by scholars: “Each state has the right to maintain a militia, and armed force for its own protection – today, that is the national guard. The national government and states can and do regulate the private possession and use of firearms.” It doesn’t say that you can’t own guns, just that the federal government and state government have a say in gun ownership.

      Have you ever killed anyone with an AR-15? I have and it ain’t pretty. Small hole going in; on the backside your guts are basically scattered for the birds. I was in Vietnam with Advisory Team 52 in 1962 and we got the AR-15 for testing. I discovered that no matter where you hit the person, he didn’t go anywhere.

      I understand the history associated with the 2nd Amendment and how it came to be. I am not against guns but I do believe that laws should be passed (1) keeping the NRA away from both houses of congress and (2) congress should pass meaningful legislation concerning weapons of all types. Even a simpleton would agree with me that military style weapons should not be in the hands of the public.

      Here is a scenario where everyone and their brother is armed and in a theater (or sports arena, or just on the streets). A shot rings out and everyone pulls out their weapon and starts shooing. Imagine the innocent people that will be hit and killed.

  81. Jacksontwo Says:

    Me again just wanted to let everyone know to turn in your gun/guns. We have received confirmation that ever we have a robbery, break in or what ever just call national guard they will protect you and yours.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Such an asinine comment does not become you. I think that another Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths has blessed us with his lack of understanding of anything. I think that I will just ignore your comments unless there is more stupidity spread. OINK! OINK!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    a citizen of this country can buy and own as many guns or weapons as he want to. He has to be at least 21 yrs old,not a felon,a bunch of other rules and is a citizen in good standing. You have to go thru this every time you buy a gun. The only way you can by pass this is to have a conceal permit. I don’t agree with you on the number I can own. The number I have has nothing to do with anything. Without citizen owned guns and weapons you would be a subject not a citizen. As far as a magazine (not a clip) there no limit on the number I can have,in some states there is a limit on how many rounds a magazine can hold. To own a full auto you have to have a federal stamp before you can own one. What is the problem with owning a lot of guns? Just remember the police are sometimes 15 mins in getting there,what will you do until they arrive? Remember people kill people not guns. Somebody has to load the gun,and somebody has to pull the trigger,the gun is nothing but steel and wood without brains so how can it kill? I don’t own a full auto because of ammo cost and the trouble to get one. By the way a full auto can cost any were from $5,000.00 up to $25,000.00. They are not a poor mans gun.

  83. Jacksontwo Says:

    don’t believe i would brag about killing someone even in war. Really shows the kind of man you are, a braggart. I have known more than a few Vietnam era US soldiers never had they talked of killing anyone. Not something people do.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    The ar15 platform is the worst weapon the army has ever had.I will not argue that point with you. The way you picture the person you say you killed makes me think you are making a lot of your story up.the .223 with a 60 grain fmj bullet is not going to do what you say just straight thru and thru,a .22 caliber in and if it comes out its still going to be .22.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Not making a thing up Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. The first one I killed was a North Vietnamese cadre and I took his belt because it had the hammer and sickle emblem on it. Still have it right here on my desk as I type, Olie boy, you really should learn the rules of grammar and you won’t be so easy to spot. OINK!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Jacksontwo don’t let him get you down,hes all mouth and likes to argue,he brags about being in the armed forces,about going to the va ,about how much money he’s got,where he been. If you listen to him talk you will think he’s super boy and can do super things. I bet the only super thing he can do is fart with all that hot air he ought to be a champion fart

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, I keep telling you to improve your grammar, punctuation, and capitalization and you won’t be so easy to spot. OINK!

  86. Anonymous Says:

    Jacksontwo he just wants to argue,pay him no mind

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths, there you go again with poor punctuation and capitalization. One would think that by the time you quit school, you should have picked up a “little book learning.” OINK

  87. Jacksontwo Says:

    Yes blowhards are a dime a dozen. I’m out of here.

    • Female Anonymous Says:

      I think you are wise to leave because you are obviously in the minority in this forum. Now that you have revealed your age (i.e. you were in combat in 1962), it is hard for one to believe that you are a true southern gentleman, so you must be a northern transplant. And, you should hope that you never have to rely on the national guard to protect you, as they are contigent upon orders from those in higher places, such as in the hurricane Katrina disaster.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, female anonymous, but I was born in dear old Hodge, Louisiana; attended Hodge Elementary and then graduated from JHHS. It was shortly after that I left that paper mill town to make the military my career. I returned to Jonesboro, with my family (wife born in Jonesboro, daughter in Ruston, and my son in Fort Gordon, Georgia) but after a few years I grew tired of the 1930 ways of the town and moved to San Antonio, Texas, a move I have never regretted but I still keep up with my hometown and year by year it slips further and further into oblivion. You are correct about the mess up with the national guard during Katrina – the president should have federalized the national guard but, to my knowledge he never did, OINK!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Anonymous at 9:17 and so many other posts is the same person as
        Donald Monroe Fowler. His writings are the exact same writing style as I have read over the past two years, m/l.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Like I wrote at the bottom of this post, get my name right. It’s DONALD MARION FOWLER. I have serious doubts about your ability to determine which posts are written by me by my style alone. I am almost certain that the post 07/29/2015 5:57PM was written by Oldman as he has used something that I wrote earlier about his style. OINK

  88. Female Anonymous Says:

    i apologize Jacksontwo, my comment should have been directed toward someone else. You know who you are.

  89. Oldman Says:

    D.M.F. Why did you quit using your true name?
    D.M.F.= “the one who brags a lot”

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anonymous is my true name. As far as the bragging goes, you accused me of doing that a long time ago and each time I would ask for you to explain where I was bragging you would be quite so recently I did some bragging about all the places that my family and I have been. You never answer any question; all you do is spout off about thing of which you know nothing. I asked if you had ever been in the military and all I got was silence so I just took a wild guess that you avoided service by hiding behind your mothers skirt. When you and that anonymous coward accused me of having sex with my granddaughter, I decided that I would let you have it full blast each and every time I had a chance and your stupidity has given me plenty of opportunity to lay it on you. Having sex with family members may be acceptable in some backwoods families but it is not acceptable in mine. I would like to know why you are so insistent on wanting families on some sort of entitlement to lose that entitlement. We are supposed to help those that can’t help themselves, I wasn’t bragging about the amount of money I have, I was throwing it in your face how much I get each month TAX free from the government. And the reaction I got was priceless – more of your aimless comments that make me think that you are jealous. Oh, I forgot to tell you about my property taxes here in San Antonio -$1900 a year and I don’t have to pay that anymore for I am 100% disabled. Now I am sorry that your life is like Mayberry and at night all you do is sit in front of the boob (so appropriate) tube and watch reruns of Howdy Doody. Talking with Hayseed Calhoun (my new name for you) has made me hungry (and disgusted) so I am going to put a shirt on and go to some nice place for lunch, For my disgust of you, Hayseed, I’ll take a Tums and go about my day. Looking forward to another stupid post by you. TA TA

      • ------------------- Says:

        D.M.F.=”the one who brags a lot.” You are nothing but a bad joke.a liberal socialist dimocrat that is a nobody that thinks he is somebody. You need to get off this good forum and quit trying to bring it and everybody down to your level.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Hayseed Calhoun (or should I say Donald Willie the red headed 9th grade drop out), where do you get off saying that I “need to get off this good forum and quit trying to bring it and everybody down to your level”? My well-composed posts add something to the forum. In one of your posts you said that they should put all of the bad students in one school and call it “jailhouse rock.” Positively the DUMBEST, MOST STUPID COMMENT ABOUT AN IMPORTANT SUBJECT I have ever heard. My comments about the topic (college prep wasn’t a courses) have been on point and you have offered nothing of substance. I definitely drop it on you hard for the comment you made about me having sex with my granddaughter. Until I get some sort of admission (to go along with your post of which I have a copy) and an apology for saying it, I am going to continue to let the world know just how stupid you are. When you learn what a socialist democrat is and stop calling me one, I might consider easing up on you, but until then, it’s bombs away with the snide barbs about your low level education. Let me point out to you that I am not badmouthing anyone but you. I have never bragged about my military career and I have repeatedly asked you one simple question: did you or did you not serve? My guess is that you hid behind your mother’s skirt or got rejected because you were too stupid. Hayseed Calhoun (or Donald Willie), it hasn’t be nice talking to you for you probably won’t understand a word I said (nor will you answer the question I asked of you SERVER OR COWARD. Sleep tight Hayseed Calhoun (or is it Donald Billie).

          • Oldman Says:

            One more time,I did not say anything about you and your grand daughter,all I did was ask you about what the other man said to you was true.all I wanted was the truth. I wonder were the other man got his information and was it true or not. I never came out and said what you did or did not do.I’ve told one time before I was sorry if I offended you. I’m not the one that keeps bringing it up ,you are. So if I were you I don’t think I would keep bringing it up any more,just saying it makes you look like you are guilty of something. Now that’s all I’m going to say about the matter. How do you know I was a 9th drop out? About my service to my country how do you know what I did? Is it any business of yours what I did? At least I don’t get on here and brag about killing someone like you do. Do you know you can go to hell for lying the same as for stealing?

            • Anonymous Says:

              Hayseed Calhoun (or should I say Donald Billie), before me I have a copy of the post you sent about my granddaughter, To quote part of it, you wrote “I am beginning to believe that you did what that other guy is saying about you and your granddaughter.” Rather straightforward, don’t you think? Are you afraid of going to hell for all the lying you have done on this post? I would be. I have challenged you many times to cite the lies that I have told and the bragging that I have done. You can’t until just recently when I bragged about all the places my family and I’ve been. What difference does it make to tell me and the world whether or not you served in the armed forces of the USA? What matter does it make? As for killing anyone in Vietnam, I was sent over there to fight, not sit in front of the ESSO station (yes, they had them in Vietnam) and play dominoes. You ask how do I know that you quit school before finishing your degree work. In your class were John Blake, Cynthia Smith, Linda Abercrombie, and Patty Brantly . They were very good friends that are all dead now so they didn’t tell me about you, but I have a lot of other friends that were in your class, including one that I married 55 years ago. As I end this post, I am going to make a “treat” against you: you darn well better make certain that any comments about me or my family are the absolute truth: no leeway – just the absolute truth and if you can’t back it up with straight fact, then keep your @%&(!@( mouth shut. Now that’s what a “treat” sounds like. Have a nice day Hayseed Calhoun (or should I be formal and use Donald Billie)

  90. Anonymous Says:

    After “prep” put an ) and delete “wasn’t a”

  91. Anonymous Says:

    It is God that leads us on the path he wishes for us to travel. Throughout his Great Book he admonishes us to take care of those who can not take care of themselves. Too many of our citizens seem to forget what we are supposed to do to help our poor and downtrodden. Too many of our citizens see our government’s help to the poor and needy as something bad and don’t want to share their good fortune with the less fortunate. There are some of our citizens right here in Jonesboro who feel as though those entitlements are coming out of their own pockets. Pity the soul who on Judgment Day has to answer to God as to why he/she slighted the poor and downtrodden. Got my bank statement today and almost $7,000 was credited to my account. My wife has already written a $700 check to our church (St. Pius X). What have you done today, Hayseed Calhoun, to please our Lord and Savior?

  92. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t subscribe to the Jackson Idiot so I have to depend on what is said on this forum to learn about events in J-town. By now the school board should have taken another step in determining what’s going to happen with the “college prep courses.” My view is a two school system and hire qualified teachers for the college prep courses, but knowing Jackson Parish I suspect they will hire a coach who can add two and two to teach those courses. It’s such a beautiful day here in San Antonio and I am glad to be a part of it. My only female great grandchild is at her school doing what four-year-olds do at what is basically a daycare center, Last week they had vacation Bible school and when I would pick her up at five, I would get the day’s lesson in full detail. She asked me one day if I remembered when it rained for forty days and nights. I looked over my bank statement last night and I drew the same amount that I have been drawing. Nothing was removed from my account to pay for the “entitlements” that our government pays to those who are not as fortunate as the rest of us. I bet old Hayseed Calhoun drew what he always draws and none of his money when to help the poor and less fortunate. The world is rife with discord but generally speaking we are not at war with anyone right now and that seems to upset the republicans – THEY NEED A WAR, but please take note: all of those republicans who advocate for war are too old to go fight (and some of them will hide behind mama’s skirt, just like old times -Right Hayseed Calhoun.) It ain’t even election time and already the republicans are making asses of themselves. Gonna be fun!

  93. Anonymous Says:

    Three things happened today of which I am a wee bit proud. I was in line, waiting to buy some Tacos and the man in front of me was $4.86 short on his payment, so I told the cashier to just add it to my bill. Skeptics like Hayseed Calhoun would say that I had been taken advantage of by a freeloader. Doesn’t matter to me for I feel good about what I did for my fellow man. The second thing that I witnessed was a man paying for a few groceries in HEB with food stamps. No beer; no wine; no cigars or cigarettes. Just food. Not at all like Hayseed Calhoun says when he gets upon his soap box and blares out that those who receive food stamp waste them on alcohol and drugs and such non-food items. You are wrong Hayseed Calhoun. The third thing that I saw was my wife going to the emergency room for severe pain in the chest. My first thought was for her health to improve and then I gave thanks to Hayseed Calhoun for paying for her visit (I don’t know if it cost $4400 like an emergency room visit in Jonesboro) with his taxes. Haven’t heard any of your views on consolidating the Jackson Parish schools or building new ones to handle the college prep courses. Hayseed, we need your input: 9th grade dropouts do count for something. I think my previous posts got to him; can’t argue with the dictates of God unless you are a Heathen. What about it, Hayseed Calhoun? Are you a Heathen?

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Another very hot day and another day without inane comments from Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. Thank you, Lord. Thank You! The debates are less than a week away and then we get to see Fox News in action. Ought to be a wonderful sight with Bret “Big Ears” whatever his last name is in charge. Softball questions are gonna fly everywhere. Good Day, Hayseed Calhoun.

  95. Anonymous Says:

    So tired of the bickering between Anonymous, aka, Donald Monroe Fowler and Oldman. Over half of this forum has gone completely off topic to a bickering war. Reminds me of little kids having to get the last word in.

    Wish the owner of LPNO, Walter Abbott, had a way to control all this going back and forth and make these two conform to the topic at hand. That is, the school issue which is this forum. I am so tired of all these comments from these two, that I scan quickly over them. They just rehash all the same stuff. Shameful.

    • Anonymous Says:

      An old actor said “I don’t care what you say about me, just get my name right.” My name, anonymous, is DONALD MARION FOWLER and while a lot of my comments have been off subject you can go back and check: I have suggested consolidation (which would never fly because of the so-called “elite” citizens who probably send their children to Cedar Creek or some other “Christian” school. I have suggested the construction of two schools (one in Chatham and the other in Jonesboro [or Quitman and Jonesboro]). This won’t fly either because of basically the same reason. I moved to San Antonio almost thirty years ago and when I go home to visit my son and his wife, I don’t see anything but deterioration (check out Lone Oak behind the high school and nearly the length of Allen Avenue) so I believe that any effort to update old schools or build new ones will be met with denial. My guess is that the citizens of Jackson Parish will not pass a tax sufficient to do what is necessary to improve the schools now in existence or build new ones. I have also questioned the ability of the current crop of teachers asking if they had the credentials to teach advanced courses. So don’t say that I am always off subject. I respond in kind to criticisms directed toward me by gutless gutter snipes: This Oldman slime accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and that is something that will not go without a comment from me. If you choose to contact this Abbott guy and attempt to have me removed from this site, at least have the gonads to use your own name. My personal belief is that you don’t possess those things and will cry under the name of anonymous. As for the school subject, it is my belief that the school (college courses) subject has run its course. What qualifications do I have to talk about schools: I have a degree in social studies education (that’s a little above a 9th grade dropout); I taught for 7 years in the Winn Parish school system (had no desire to apply in Jackson Parish because of the rampant nepotism) which at that time was far superior that Jackson Parish with all of its coaches being advanced to the superintendents position; then I taught for 13 years in the Judson Independent School System where I taught the gifted and talented.

      I do not use vulgar language and for the most part I stick my the rules. If you wish to keep skipping over my comments, please do so, Ain’t hurtin’ this Texan’s feelings. Good Night.

      • Anonymous Says:

        The “elite”are sending their students to “Christian” and private schools for the same reason you left Jonesboro. The reason being to get away from all the nonperforming lower class. Parents with the means to do so will send their children to the best schools that are possible. Jonesboro Hodge will never be a good school until the parents sit down and take control of their children,so in the mean time all they are going to do is bitch and moan about how bad things are. I say leave things like they are as it looks like Weston and Quitman are turning out a good class of students that will headed to college and beyond.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I sort of agree with you, but there are not enough parents who have an interest in how their children do in school So, there will be no change ( or little change) from that direction. I have hesitated in making this suggestion but maybe what Jackson Parish may need is a reform school for those students who come to school each day just to occupy a chair and cause trouble. If it were my choice, the parents would have to transport and pick up their children to and from the reform school – no parish bus system for these malcontents. At school they would be required to sit in their chair all day having lesson after lesson. This punishment would be for a semester. The only way one of the miscreants could get out and go back to his regular school is to attain a B passing grade. If back at his regular school, his/her misconduct resumed, expel them for the remainder of the that school year. Harsh? Often extreme measures are needed to bring about change. You are absolutely correct – the days of JHHS being a “good” school are gone. I regret that for JHHS is my Alma Mater and I have so many good memories of my time there (not with “Slick” though). One last thought: better teachers are needed. Weed out the ones that just want a pay check (and there are a lot of those at JHHS). See ya!

          • Parent Says:

            Thank You ! You hit the nail on the head with that comment !! Right On !!!

            • Anonymous Says:

              Personally, I would (if I were the voters of Jackson Parish) pass a tax issue to renovate the school at Hodge (the one near the mill) and that would be the college prep facility. It would take the good students from Quitman and Weston away from the riff raff at JHHS. The school would be for one purpose and one purpose only – college prep. If you are offended by my reference to JHHS students as riff raff – go to school with your child for a day or two and observe for yourself. Have you ever attended a parent/teacher conference? Have you ever just surprised your child at school and observed what was going on? Name the last teacher you spoke to about what you could do to help your child. When that mill closes, and each year it’s getting closer and closer, JHHS will resemble the school at Readheimer, and those who can will desert Jonesboro for better places. It ain”t far away, Chillin’. It ain’t far way. Do something now or regret it later.

        • Oldman Says:

          The Jonesboro Hodge schools and the town of Jonesboro are a lot like Detroit,Chicago and other big cities that are declining because of minority attitudes. Home ownership is very low making for a low tax base.Schools have no control over students causing good teachers to move out. Gangs are in control,murder rate is up,police have their hands tied and no good paying jobs. The government is the biggest (slaveowner) employer with most on some on sort of entitlement program or another. It’s not going to get better until the minority decides to do better and bring a better class of student to the classroom. I am not a racist white man just one that can see were things are headed. Every man white,black,brown and orange needs to learn to stand on his own and be reponsible for his own actions. The U.S.government is the biggest slave master of all time,bar none.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths – (1) What are the minority attitudes in Detroit and Chicago? (2) What entitlement programs is the government on. (3) You are the definition of racist and I doubt very seriously if you could come up with any sort of logical program to solve even the most simple of problems. (4) You are the problem, and others like you. Here is a suggestion you might like: each month return any entitlement money that you receive from the slave master government (you know, social security, medicare assistance, etc.). You take it and bitch about others receiving benefits. I find that so hypocritical. For now, bye bye, Chump.

            • Oldman Says:

              No.2- never said that, No.3- no. No.4- no,first of all I worked over 40yrs for my social security so it is not a intitlement. I do not go around bragging about how much I draw like you do. People like you ,Mr. Donald Marion Fowler,are the problem. Donald what’s the matter,you could not live here in the slave quarters (Jonesboro)with the rest of us,so you had to move,now that’s being racist. Now back to no.1- you should know the answer,you are the white boy that moved because of the way people were acting. What do you calla white boy that moved out of Jonesboro because he did not like the way things were going. A racist,a sorry ass racist that’s what the ones that are left here would call you. Donald, you own a home in the Quitman district why? I bet it’s because of your grandkids having a nice school to go to,now that’s being a racist. You have or did have property in Jonesboro did you not?

              • Anonymous Says:

                My brother-in-law lived in San Antonio and my wife and I always wanted to live near him. He died in 1986 and there was a house next door to his wife that we liked but it was occupied, In May of 1989 the lady died and her sons called us to see if we still wanted the house (located on .9985 acres) and we said yes. The price was $******.** and we paid cash for it. Here is a little bragging (just to get under your skin). My niece graduated from Robert Cole high school and was having a graduation party at her home next to mine when I arrived with my U-Haul and she and her friends helped me unload (among her friends was Shaquille O’Neal who single-handedly took my big screen TV in to the house). I will admit to being some sort of snob but I have lived all over the world and I grew used to living in large towns and Jonesboro, a town that rolled up its street around 10PM, was not for me, If social security isn’t an entitlement, then rabbits don’t have arses. It’s an entitlement, DIP STICK, so don’t tell me or anyone else that you don’t receive entitlements. You probably buy your medicines at Wal Mart where all you pay is a small co-pay. The rest of the cost is picked up by medicare, another entitlement. How do you know I own a home in Quitman? I don’t. Both of my grandchildren have graduated from public school here in San Antonio and of my three great-grand children – one is just a year old and the oldest goes to a public school and the little girl goes to a Catholic school which ain’t cheap. I know what you said for I have a copy of the post (as well as the one from anonymous) so I find it amusing that you keep denying it, I do believe you would argue with a signpost. I’m not out to ruin you or run you out of town (although that would be good for the Parish). I just want to show the people who read this just how dumb and stupid you are. I have never said anything nasty about your family, but you certainly have about mine. I might as well get in one more piece of bragging – I live on Terrell Road and the street behind me is Elizabeth Road and guess who lives there? Tommy Lee Jones, the actor. For those of you who are tired of bickering between me and Oldman – I apologize. The
                b—–d said something about me and my granddaughter and until he sincerely gives me a written apology (or when he dies), I going to be own him like stink on a three day of mule muffin. Oh, yeh. I do own property in Jackson Parish. From the look on the map, much more than you do. I haven’t heard a single suggestion about this topic. I guess a 9th-grade dropout doesn’t have a clue as to what should be done. OINK

  96. Anonymous Says:

    May I clarify myself, Donald Marion Fowler. As far as your name, I do believe there was a Monroe Fowler, but he is deceased. My bad for getting your name wrong. Will try to remember correctly in my waning years.

    Another thing, I always read the comments IF they pertain to the subject at hand. I did not say you were ALWAYS off subject. In fact, I have read many posts of yours that were not off subject. If someone gets off topic, I do not care to read the posts. Verbal back and forth does not interest me. Especially, if there is a war of words such as you and Oldman have had for a good portion of this blog.

    Personally, I think you are spot on with some of your comments. But, not all of them. I never said I would not read your posts again. It depends. On subject, I will. Off subject tit-for-tat with Oldman, no.

    Hope you are doing well with your illness.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Understand. I knew Monroe Fowler while I lived in Jonesboro but we are not related (that I know of), My remarks in response to Oldman the first rate slimeball, originated when he and an anonymous idiot accused me of having sex with my granddaughter. I don’t know the name of the anonymous person but Oldman at least used something other than anonymous. Any time you see an Oldman post and an answer from me, skip it for I will continue to berate him until I get a good apology or he dies (and don’t ask me which I prefer to happen first). Because of the stupid things that he says, I do get a kick out of putting him down.

      My cancer is still in remission (more than a year) and I am on an experimental drug that seems to stop the cancer in its tracks. The only visits that I have to make to my oncologist are once every six months and I am maintaining my weight between 205 and 210 and all blood work is normal. In the early stages of the cancer, when it was very active, my weight dropped from 245 to 155 and we were taking care of funeral arrangements. Not now.

      I don’t think the people of Jackson Parish will submit to any type of tax that will (1) improve existing schools; (2) call for the construction of new schools; (3) do anything except keep the status quo.

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for update on health. Glad you are doing well.

    Jackson Parish is not a wealthy parish, I tend to think. Cannot see anything new being built anytime soon. So, I do not know, nor can I guess, what may happen with the schools. I can only think that what is being required now from Juniors at Quitman and Weston High School is something they will not be happy with. I would not either if I was a Junior at either of these schools. I have heard how some of the students at JHHS treat (or disrespect) some of the teachers. Time will tell what the outcome will be. I hope it will be positive. But, I have doubts.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    Ooops! Anonymous post at 8:01 was for Anonymous @ 7:28.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Oldman Says:

    08/01/2015 at 9:31 am | Reply

    No.2- never said that, No.3- no. No.4- no,first of all I worked over 40yrs for my social security so it is not a intitlement. I do not go around bragging about how much I draw like you do. People like you ,Mr. Donald Marion Fowler,are the problem. Donald what’s the matter,you could not live here in the slave quarters (Jonesboro)with the rest of us,so you had to move,now that’s being racist. Now back to no.1- you should know the answer,you are the white boy that moved because of the way people were acting. What do you calla white boy that moved out of Jonesboro because he did not like the way things were going. A racist,a sorry ass racist that’s what the ones that are left here would call you. Donald, you own a home in the Quitman district why? I bet it’s because of your grandkids having a nice school to go to,now that’s being a racist. You have or did have property in Jonesboro did you not?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why post this twice? Love to read your own posts? Moving is not a racist act but one to improve conditions for my family. You are mighty loose with your words (“a racist, a sorry ass racist that’s what the ones that are left here would call you.”) You are one pathetic uneducated simpleton who has a computer and thinks that what he puts down is newsworthy to everyone. All you are doing is showing just how dumb you are. Remember to take down your pants before you take a dump. You can’t even tell me how many fingers and toes you have. See, that was a 10th grade math question.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    One political note: Hillary may have just been shot down as Joe Biden has indicated that he might just make a run for the presidency himself. Hillary had nothing to worry about with the other democrats that are running, but Joe Biden is another story. If he does run, he will get the nomination. PERIOD. The only problem with that is that a lot of the republican candidates can whip him in the general election. Not all of them, but some and certainly not Trump or Christie. Maybe Bush; maybe the governor of Ohio. Things are beginning to get interesting. Can’t wait to see what the 9th-grade dropouts opinion might be.

  101. Oldman Says:

    If Trump can hold on to his high rating for another three months,he will be your next president like it or not. I think Trump and Carson would be a winning ticket and both would be good for our country. I think either one of them could beat the wicked witch. Donald I know you will have something to say about this so go ahead I am waiting.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Of all the republicans who have announced, you choose the only two without political experience. What does three months have to do with it? It will be October 2015 and the election still a year away. You never answered by question about how many toes and finger do you have. Too hard? You don’t have any trouble slandering people that you don’t know. Here is good (great) political question for you – What do Trump and Carson have as a platform? You are too stupid to know the answer the question so I will withdraw it. Here is a question that you just might be able to answer – have you collected all of the Minions at McDonalds? The would look good on your mantel. I would like to know, for my own edification, just where did you work for 40 years. Too hard of a question?

  102. Oldman Says:

    Slandering and you don’t,Go back and look,you jumped on me to start with. I’ve told you twice I was sorry if you got your feelings hurt ,no more. You are being nosey now asking were I worked,I thought you knew everything,you must be getting old. My ex brother in law asked me who that “crazy” was that was always bad mouthing someone on LincolnParishOnLine was . I told him about you getting back on ,he started laughing about you getting put off this forum. He had a name for you”mr know it all”. Go back and look at your last post,for someone with all that schooling,you make as many mistakes as a 9th grader. You are beginning to make me look bad,I have a image to up hold( 9th grade) so for the last time little buddy I am cutting you lose. Bye bye
    Donald Marion Fowler

    p.s. You also said you all ways used your true name,why are you hiding behind “anonymous”now? Got something to hide?

    • Anonymous Says:

      So many mistakes in your post I can’t count them all. What is “Slandering and you don’t,” No spacing, improper punctuation, and spelling – “lose” should have been “loose.” I hope that your ex relative had a good laugh about me getting kicked off for I have never lost my privileges on this forum. I went almost a year without posting for nothing caught my eye. When I started posting again, your posts were some of the first that I saw and Billie boy, I just couldn’t resist jabbing you for your lack of understanding about anything. You are just flat out dumb. You got that? Just flat out dumb. No one could make you look dumber than you do yourself. My only mistake in the above post was that I didn’t make the word finger plural. I still don’t think that you can tell me how many fingers and toes you have. For the most part there are few jobs in Jackson Parish – logging or working at the mill. You once told me that you owned 200 acres near my land so I would guess that you were a logger (but maybe not). You may be a nuclear engineer, for all I know. When you post anything I will be on you quicker than rabbits conceive. You are just to dumb to pass up. Did you know that most of the republicans running for president want to cut (do away with) social security, medicade, etc. That would mean you (and I) would lose (correctly used) our entitlements that we have worked so hard for? I doubt it. It is stuck in your brain that those socialist liberal democrats just give things away to get the vote of the poor. So you back the republicans without thinking what they are planning on doing. Just bend over and take what the republicans are offering. I will tell you why I use anonymous now when you tell me why you use so many different names to post under. Sounds fair to me,

      • Female Anonymous Says:

        You should have written “too dumb,” not “to dumb,” and instead of “medicade,” it is “medicaid.” That is, if you want to start being so picky about spelling and grammar. Surely you know how to use those functions of your word processing program?

  103. Jacksontwo Says:

    7,000 monthly disability check, no income tax paid, $700 small amount for charity. Sounds like a true liberal!

  104. Jacksontwo Says:

    Actually not bragging but showing how little he gives to charity/church. Most people with income gives a lot more to charity via income tax redistribution than person with disability income which is not taxed. Free cell phone,medicade, low rent housing, food assistance, cash and stupidity pay to name a few. Just like most Liberals that brag how much they give to charity but actually give little but berates others for not giving more. i.e. the Clintons.

    • Anonymous Says:

      No free cell phone, no medicade, privately owned home that is WAY above low rent housing, no food assistane, no cash. As for the stupidity, that all yours.

  105. Been knowing you all my life Says:

    Donald the real reason you left Jonesboro was you didn’t have any real friends left here. Everybody says you are a big bully know it all sorry type of person. Is that true? Most people here say you have been that way all of your life. Is that true?

    • Anonymous Says:

      If you have known me all of my life, then you are knowledgeable as to why I left Jonesboro. The town was going to hell in a hand basket faster than they could be woven. I wanted a place near my brother in law in San Antonion when I found an appropriate place in an appropriate neightborhood, I moved.

    • Anonymous Says:

      If you have known me all of my life, they you should be identifying yourself instead of hiding behind that garbage name. My name is Donald Marion Fowler and ten dollars to a doughnut hole, you will refuse to give me yours because that is the coward you are. Let’s hear it, boy.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That I was a bully really hits my laughter button. On my 30th birthday (in Pleiku, South Vietnam) I checked in at 137 pounds, the most I had weighed – ever! As for having no friends, can’t say that I did have any after I left to join the army. Did keep up with several girls but they are both dead now and naming them would serve no purpose. Your punctuation and sentence structure says that I am answering Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Truths. Hello, Oldman. See that you are posting under another name. How many does that make?

  106. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    Donald you are not making any sense this morning. Did you get a good nights rest? You haven’t got off your meds have you? We don’t want to lose you, Hillary has got to get at least one vote.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Another no-name that won’t reveal his true identity.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Let’s see: Charlie Parks doesn’t live in town anymore; Billy Robinson lives outside of Jonesboro on Highway 4 West; James Larry Brown is dead; Charles Pixley haven’t a clue (and don’t care) where he lives; Alma Bond, haven’t a clue (and don’t care) where she lives; John Bramlett is dead and “Hootsie” lives in Winnfield; and Junior Linton is dead (I think). That just leaves me and I live in San Antonio. That takes care of my old neighborhood, so you must be talking about living on the mill side of the tracks, the good part of town (if you can call any part of Hodge “good”.) That old company house my parents lived in was towed, dragged, pulled, or whatever to a place just across the first bridge on Highway 4 across from that church. The old house is rotten to the core but you can (the last time I was there) walk about its shell. It was never reoccupied after it was moved. Still would like to know your name because it is apparent that you know nothing about me.

  107. Anonymous Says:

    Seems as though the discussion about the school bussing of college prep students has long ago run its course. So, until another subject is placed before us for comment, I am going silent (unless that bozo Oldman makes some stupid comment, then I will respond.) So, this is Donald Marion Fowler, disabled army veteran, world traveler, and holder of a Master’s degree in American history, signing off.

  108. Do not brag so much please Says:

    You can not sign off without bragging.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It ain’t bragging when you have done it. It’s only bragging when you, yourself, are jealous because you haven’t done it. Have you ever been to Scotty’s Castle? Been there done that. What about white water rafting through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River? Been there done that. My most exciting trips (three times) have been to our nation’s capital. That Air and Space Museum is something to behold. Have you ever been to St. Petersburg, Russia? Been there done that. Have you ever been to Driskill Mountain? I haven’t so you are one up on me! The Oldman wants to do away with entitlements and hasn’t the sense to understand that social security is an entitlement. He doesn’t understand politics and just spouts off incessantly his misguided beliefs. Everyone has a right to vote for the person of their choice but there are some from whom the right to vote ought to be taken (Oldman, for example). I said that I was dropping my posts until a new subject appeared or to answer Oldman. You sound just like Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths. If you aren’t, identify yourself if you have the guts, which I don’t believe you do.

  109. Jacksontwo Says:

    Been to grand canyon, had more sense that to white water raft. Been to D C four times and that was 4 times too many. Considered myself lucky to get out alive. Space museum, yes. Holocaust museum,yes. Scotty’s Castle, no, where ever that is i do not care to go. You must have spent some time in St. Petersburg,Russia. A lot of socialist ideas rubbed off on you while there.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Scotty’s Castle is in Death Valley, just north of Las Vegas. To think that socialist ideas would rub off on me just because I visited a place makes me believe that you are a racist pig – you know, black rubbing off on white just because you get too close. To be so fearful in DC means that you must have looked like a hick that just left the farm. Considering the number of times my military duties (courier) took me to DC for short periods of time, I guess I’m lucky to be alive. While at the Grand Canyon did you ride the mules down to the bottom and did you stay overnight at the Phantom Ranch? You have to do those things for the excitement, if you have the you know whats to do it. OINK!

      • Do not brag so much please Says:

        I thought you would quit bragging, but I guess I was wrong
        All you ever do is brag brag brag.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Apparently you can’t read very well. Go back and read some of my posts about the school situation. Oldman accused me of something that is blatantly anti-Christian (which he must be) and I am going to dump on him every chance I get. As fir the bragging, Oldman started saying that I bragged about everything (when I had not said a word about myself). That got me going and my motto is “If you have it, tell everyone about it; If you have don’t it tell the world about it.” I haven’t said a word that is not true including that Oldman the Insignificant Snot Nosed Purveyor of Lies and Untruths is an IDIOT. You sound so much like Oldman . . . .

  110. woaitsmeagain Says:

    Unless you have something to SAY ON SUBJECT go stick your tongue to an ice trace in the refrigerator/ NO MORE BS. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?

  111. hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    Woaitsmeagain,I like the way you said that sounds like you mean business. But you had watch it he will start calling you ugly names.

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Who is going to call me ugly names? Oldman? He and Fowler need to get off, although I wouldn’t put Fowler off as he does have a good idea once in while.

  112. Motherknowsbest Says:

    Enough of this already, you little boys need to move on. 357 posts about “I can pee further than you” “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” little boy stuff. Act your age,cut it out NOW!

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Mother doesn’t know best in this situation and I can’t recall an exchange about peeing and who has the largest you know what. Show your dignity, lady, and I notice that you made no mention of the subject of this post.

  113. Jacksontwo Says:

    Setting record for non subject comments for Ripley’s believe or not in San Antonio. Ripley’s near The Alamo. The Alamo that lighted up with rainbow colors when supreme court ruled in favor of gay marriage. Says so much for San Antonio.

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Pictures please. The entity that runs the Alamo did not light it up with the rainbow colors. You’re full of it and need to find the outhouse quickly. For your edification, San Antonio is about to pass Philadelphia and become the 6th largest city in the USA. You are correct about the non-subject matter posts, as is witnessed by your 08/05/2015 8:17. Keep it up Homer and maybe something intelligent will pass from your lips. School is about to start there in Jonesboro and people are rushing to buy school supplies. You might entertain the idea of buying Oldman a box of crayons so that he can pretend to be in school.

      • Oldman Says:

        Steers, queers and wet backs is about all you’ll find in San Antonio or is that Texas.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I thought that you were from Jonesboro. I didn’t know that you were from Texas. Your racism is showing AGAIN by calling groups of people names, but then you are too dumb to know that you are wrong.

          • Oldman Says:

            Gay is wrong,same sex marriage is wrong,abortion is wrong,do you think killing babies is ok and then selling their bodies is ok,well then you are a poor excuse of a human. You will rot in hell for your beliefs believe me. If that is being racist,then call me racist. You call be dumb but you are the dumb one for your beliefs.

            • Anonymous Says:

              Don’t call me a “poor excuse of a human” unless you are standing right in front of me. Did you get that “treat’? What people do is their own thing and no business of you or me. Who gives you the right to decide when someone is doing right or wrong? You don’t like gays or lesbians, then don’t practice what they do. You don’t like same sex marriages, then divorce your husband. If you are against abortion, then don’t get one. BUT LET PEOPLE LIVE THIER OWN LIVES WITHOUT THE INTERFERENCE OF THE STUPID OF THIS WORLD. For your information (I told you this several times but it just goes through that wind tunnel you have for ears): I oppose those who are gay but that’s what they want to do, ain’t none of my business; same thing with lesbians; same thing with same sex marriage. same thing with abortion. You need to read (if you can) more about the harvesting of baby parts from those that were aborted. In my words you are a Bible thumping, meddling nabob that needs to let people live as they please not as you think they should. Tomorrow is Wednesday so go to church and yell about the sin in the world and then go out to the Y for some liquid courage. Get on subject or get off this forum. Your contribution is minimal at best and always on the stupid side. I forgot to tell you know that in Texas we do not have a state income tax so that means more money for my pockets. Ta Ta Billie Boy.

              • Oldman Says:

                gays are not born that way,they choose that life style. But do not go telling someone else they have like it. I don’t think a pastor has to marry them if he choose not to. I don’t think a business has to serve them if they choose not to. In the animal kingdom there are no queer animals,name one. Humans are not born that way,it’s a lifestyle they choose. Young kids now days are brought up believing there is no wrong thing to do,they are taught if it feels good it’s ok do it.the USA is at the same place as the Roman Empire was when it went under. With all these crazy ideas the USA is going to,it will not be long before it’s gone also. I’m not a racist,you are the racist by trying to force crap like this on people. You want to laught at me for my 9th grade education,well I’ve been every where I wanted to go and done the things I wanted to without someone telling me I can’t. I have never done without anything I wanted and never had to do something I did not want to do,can you say that?
                Donald I’m sorry I called you a sorry human being,but I will go further and say this you are one more sorry arsehole.
                Pick over this I’m sure I didn’t space or spell like I’m supposed to,but you will understand what I’m saying if you study it hard enought. My opinion like it or not I don’t care.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    I still maintain that if you are going to bus in students from Quitman and Weston for the college prep courses, you need to keep those students separate from the riff raff at JHHS. Therefore, a logical solution would be to make some modifications on the former elementary school at Hodge, thereby providing a proper learning atmosphere for the college prep group. Then hire qualified staff to teach the advanced courses and hire a qualified administrator to oversee the school. I fear failure if the staff is drawn from the current pool of teachers and the administrator is one of the many coaches that seem to make it all the way to the superintendents position. That’s my opinion, let’s hear solution from you. I don’t subscribe to the Jackson Idiot so I don’t know if changes have already been made and this forum has not kept us abreast of what’s going on. It’s time for a new subject on which to comment.

  115. Anonymous Says:

    This if for Oldman 08/05/2015 @7:

    Gays are born that way. In school and in life you pick on them for the way they speak and even dress. You can not pray away the gay. It’s a lifestyle that they were given by the Creator and until they die they will live that way. I, personally, don’t like gays but it is their life and none of my (or your) business.

    A pastor who chooses to discriminate against a same-sex couple is just plain stupid and is attempting to pass on his feelings about a subject. After refusing to marry a same-sex couple, that same pastor will preach a rousing sermon about the evil he just prevented.

    A business that refuses to serve gays or same-sex couples is guilty of discrimination and is liable to be brought into court for his actions. After serving them the business owner can always throw away the plates, bowls, and silverware so that the next customer won’t catch the gay or whatever.

    Abortion is practiced yearly in the animal kingdom. Did you ever see a helpless, featherless bird lying on the ground and you (I certain) feel that it just fell out of the nest. Wrong! There was something wrong with that bird and the mother tossed it from the nest,

    Never call me a racist. Racism is the singular domain of those who think that another person is doing something they are against so it looks like you are the racist. Let people along you meddling nabob of an idiot. Does it hurt you because another person is different?

    I oppose abortion as strongly as the next person but you won’t see me on some street corner holding up some idiotic sign about killing babies. If someone wants an abortion, that is their prerogative and none of my business. You opined that doctors are harvesting body parts from the aborted babies. Those livers and hearts and lungs and limbs are going to help living babies that need them. In my book that’s a good thing. If one of you grandbabies needed a heart would you reject it just because of where it came from? You probably would.

    You say that you have been everywhere you wanted to go. Have you ever seen Mt. Fuji? the battlefield at Iwo Jima? the Battleship Arizona? I have never seen Driskill Mountain, have you? Have you been to Branson to see a show? How about Treasure Island in Las Vegas to see a professional show? Where you’ve been is fine with me. I’m just saying that in the military I had the opportunity to go places and see things you can only read about in books.

    People who throw their educational opportunities away (as you did by quitting in the 9th grade) miss out on a lot and can’t understand even more.

    • Oldman Says:

      Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind,as with womankind
      20:13. If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman,both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood ( shall be ) upon them.
      On the subject of a Pastor marring a gay couple- The church exists to save people, not to bless the means of their damnation.
      On service to gays,the first amendment and private property rights.
      Donald we have rights in the USA for animals,criminals,gays, and many more non-logical things but no rights for unborn humans. Something’s wrong here,what does the Bible say about killing another person,is not a baby a person?
      Racist definition, That a particular race is superior to others( Free Dictionary)
      No Donald I’m not a racist idiot,you are the racist idiot,you are the one that’s always talking about how smart you are not me. Living out in Texas above the poor folks back home who you was just a dried up hick town. You send your grandchildren to the best schools because you don’t want them to go to school with us poor hicks
      I have been too most every state in the union except two. I could not care less if you had been around the moon twice so stop your bragging please. Baby body parts are used in soaps,nail polish,some meds,body oils and a host of other things,problemly in some foods. In some states their bodies are put out on the curb to be picked up by the garage truck. They are throwed out the back doors of these clinics were dogs and other animals chow down. I might go to hell for calling you a idiot or not ,the Bible says not to lie.
      But I won’t go for having a belief that killing babies is ok just because some idiot wants to or thinks it’s not their business to say something.
      Donald go ahead and pick this apart and I’m sure you will try.
      Go ahead now and see if you can have a good day but think about what I’ve said,

  116. Anonymous Says:

    Oldman, who stated that you don’t find homosexuals in the animal kingdom – click on the address below:


    You never can get things right. I was wondering if you and your wife ever had children.

  117. Anonymous Says:

    I forgot to ask this question – How did you find out that I had purchased a home in Quitman? I don’t think that is a hard question to answer unless . . . . Here are the ages of my family, given only to dispute your claim I was looking for a better school. 74,71,53,51, 29,26,8, 4 and one. My 8 year-old goes to a public school here in San Antonio (1 of 11 school districts in town) and my 4 year-old goes to St. Pious X, a private parochial school. Now, pray tell, why would I buy a home in Quitman? I will tell you – it’s close to the Catfish Inn (if that establishment still operates). Oldman, you are not learned in any subject so it would be to your benefit to take your computer out in the back 40 and shoot it. That way your mouth will not be getting you in trouble. I admit to being an arsehole but a very educated one and a well-traveled one.

  118. Oldman Says:

    Donald,let me tell you a little about my family,me you already know everything about. I’ve been married for 52 yrs,two sons,the youngest son has a $1,000,000 business,the oldest works construction with his son making $40.00 +per hr matter of fact the youngest went thru your town yesterday with a group of Harley riders on their way to California coming back thru Colorado and points in between. So sonny boy you see me and mine have done good also. I admit that’s bragging,but hey I done it all with a 9th grade

    • Anonymous Says:

      You still didn’t answer my question of how you came to learn that I had purchased a home in Quitman. Got an answer or has the cat got your tongue? I know that this comment will go no place with you but I don’t appreciate being called Donald by someone that is NO FRIEND OF MINE. I really don’t care about how well your off springs are doing, although I do wish them continued success. Just for general knowledge, since July 1, there have been four motorcycle accidents in town (within Loop 1604) and in each the motorcyclist was killed – one ran into a post along the highway; another ran into the back of an 18-wheeler; another was doing wheelies and lost control and skinned up the highway; and the last one t-boned an SUV. Might want to warn that son that rides to be very careful.

      Both of my children graduated from JHHS (the daughter in 1980 when she was the editor of the school yearbook and the son in 1982 when he was just plain lucky to graduate. My granddaughter graduated here in San Antonio (the oldest at Southwest a private school and the youngest at Theodore Roosevelt, a pubic school.) You keep forgetting to answer one of my most pressing questions: have you been to Driskill Mountain. I haven’t so you can one up me there.

      Now I am making no accusations, but let’s suppose that your wife of 52years commits adultery – isn’t the punishment for that offense stoning to death. Would you carry through with the measure? Just wondering if your beliefs are firmly set in stone (no pun intended) or do you scan the 3rd book of the Old Testament for your righteous views. That’s the Old Testament, boy.

      Do me one big favor – drop off this site if you can not adhere to the subject matter. Don’t worry, I will not (hee hee) respond to any of your stupid, idiotic comments in the future. Good bye, Loser.

  119. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    Tell him Oldman

    • Donaldl Marion Fowler Says:

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Oldman is of limited intelligence and can’t tell you, me, or anyone anything. When are you going to reveal your identity or do you plan on keeping that a secret unto yourself? Personally, I don’t believe that you live in Hodge at all.

  120. winnone Says:

    anonymous 10:15pm is trying to find reason why they are homosexual. If some people are born homosexual why do they marry have children and at some point become homosexual? Humans are the higher form of mammals and should not be compared to lower species of mammals and other wildlife in their actions. Lower species does not have a knowledge of God,as us humans do, to guide us in the correct way to live our lives. Oh, I know homosexuals brings up Love one another as thy self. That’s what the Bible says but that does not mean that we have to agree with homosexuals. Bible also says,”For a time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine,but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.” Same sex marriage and Abortion rights come to mine when I read this passage.

    • oldman Says:

      winnone @ 11:36
      Thank you so much.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Winnone, my question is this: are you a relative of Oldman? You come across just as dumb as he does. Have you ever heard the comment “come out of the closet”? Homosexuals are shamed into marrying just to project what idiots like you call normal. Yes, they have wives and families but I bet you that they sneak around to see their boy friend. No one is comparing humans to animals. The uneducated fool Oldman challenged me to show him one animal that practiced homosexual acts and when I did he shut up and didn’t bring up the subject any more. If you are going to quote someone or something, please list the source so intelligent people can look it up and make a judgement. The reason I feel that you are related to Oldman is in your last sentence: “Same sex marriage and Abortion rights come to “mine” when I read this passage.” Instead of a mind you have a “mine.” That’s a mighty deep hole. The more I read your post, the more I come to believe that you are OLDMAN. Just to make things perfectly clear (and if you don’t understand my comments, get someone to help interpret them: I am opposed to gay rights (but I don’t try to tell someone how to live their life); I am opposed to abortions (but if a woman wants one, it is her body and no business of mine); I am opposed to lesbians but if that is the life style they choose, who am I to interfere with their choice: and most of all I oppose transgender people. You were born with certain equipment and that is what you should die with. The one thing that I detest most of all is Bible thumping meddling nabobs who feel that they are right and everyone else is wrong. I haven’t seen any quotes from the New Testament; only the Old Testament where stoning and gouging out the eyes and cutting off hands were the punishment of the day. As always I must point out that our discussion was not on subject. Maybe if you get enough meddling nabobs to join you and all of you converge on the school board, you might get the Old Testament added as part of the curriculum. Happy trails, Amigo.

      • oldman Says:

        DONALD, it seems that if you don’t like someone’s post you try to pick it apart and call people names. Winnone had a educated post,but it did not go the way you wanted so you started calling names and checking spelling like a spoiled brat,you must have been a momma’ baby and used to having your own way.
        DONALD,you need to crawl back into the hole you came out of. Better yet just keep your mouth shut and you’ll learn something. We wonder why our children don’t learn in the schools,well the answer is the few dumb arsed teachers like you. We have some very educated teachers but a smart arsed one like you is all it takes to keep a child from learning.
        DONALD don’t let it worry you about how I knew you had a home in Quitman,that’s not all I know. This red-neck hillbilly will say nothing else about that right now.

        • Anonymous Says:

          You limp brained nothing, you know nothing about me. I doubt that I will ever learn anything from the uneducated slobs like you. I asked you if one of your grandbabies needed a heart, would you care where it came from just as long as it saved your grandbabies life. You didn’t answer so I guess that the only heart you would accept is one from the transplant center (and not even ask where the heart came from). You quote the Old Testament as if it were gospel. I asked would you stone your wife to death if she committed adultery (a basic law in the Old Testament) and you did not answer.

          You know nothing about me slime ball. I don’t own a home in Quitman. Never have; never will. That was something that you conjured in you empty brain and want people to think that you have something on me. Tell us about it, fool. Just when I think that I’ve had enough fun running you down, you come up with more stupid crap and I just have to respond. I call it my happy hour. I didn’t teach children like yours; all I taught were the gifted and talented. If they put a hick in my class I had him/her removed so as to not hold back the good students. You quit in the 9th grade so you never had the opportunity to witness what the good students were capable of. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, oh, oh.

          I congratulate your son on his million dollar business despite having a father who can’t spell the pronoun “I” and doesn’t know he difference between “mine” and “mind” or “treat” and “threat.” I keep saying it: you are just flat arsed dumb.
          1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, oh oh,

      • Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

        Mr. Fowler read anonymous,08/06/2015 @ 8:29 am(that is you) you are opposed to just about everything,you know what ,that makes you a racist by your own post@ 8:29am. Go back and re read your own post,you are a big time RACIST.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Oldman #2, I am against the gays, lesbians, transgender, and bi-sexuals and I oppose abortions but if a woman wishes to have one, it ain’t none of my business. I am no meddling nabob such as you and Oldman. That’s the extent of my dislikes and is far from everything as you suggest. I am not a racist nor am I a coward who want state his/her name.

  121. winnone Says:

    To these people who engages mouth before brain. Please do some investigative research before running mouth. My quote from Bible comes from Timothy 4:1-5 in the New Testament. Being a educated person that you are, you of all people should know to engage brain before mouth. Maybe you should take Mark Twains advise; It is better to keep silent and look stupid than to open mouth and remove all doubt.

  122. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16+ Says:

    This if for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, oh oh. (Oldman)

    don’t let it worry you about how I knew you had a home in Quitman,that’s not all I know. This red-neck hillbilly will say nothing else about that right now.

    You just one lying arse if you think I have a home in Quitman and if you think you know more about me, remember that we are talking across state lines and any slander suit I bring against you will be federal. If you didn’t understand that, try sticking a finger in your left ear so that what you hear or read won’t pass through that wind tunnel between your ears.

  123. Donad Marion Fowler Says:

    This is for Walter Abbott: There was a school board meeting on July 7, 2015. I’m sure that you covered it and I am asking that you post some information on it or anything else that has happened in Jonesboro. I am tired of playing with these dummies on this subject and ask for some real news. One of them (Oldman) has accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and my belief is that he should be blocked from using this forum. Now he is playing a little kids game of “that’s not all I know about you.” I live in San Antonio, Texas and own some timber land in Jackson Parish. I am a disabled veteran with terminal cancer so the thought of me bringing harm to OLDMAN is funny but to get him tossed off this forum so that sensible discussions can take place would be great. I admit to responding negatively to his comments and I am not without some blame.

  124. Oldman Says:

    DONALD,cry baby

    • Donad Marion Fowler Says:

      Well. it is ironic that an uneducated fool made a comment about something of which he has no knowledge. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,oh oh

  125. winnone Says:

    Oldman started comment on this school subject first. No name calling just stating his opinion. Anonymous 07/03/2015 @8:02am commented: Isn’t it ironic, crazy oldman talking about education. What can a 9th grade dropout offer? That is what started all the negative non-subject comments. You should be able to post your comments without calling others names. Calling people crazy,racist pigs and idiot should be banned.

    • Donad Marion Fowler Says:

      What started all of the negative comments to the fool is that he and one other no-name person accused me of having sex with my granddaughter. Such a pig you support. Check his posts for name calling. It’s about equal.

  126. Oldman Says:

    One more time mr. Fowler the other man said something about you and your grand daughter,I then asked you about it,you made some smart arse remarks and after you kept on I said I would not put it pass you. I have told you twice that I was sorry if I hurt your feelings but you are the one that keeps bringing the subject up not me. You like to dish it out but you cannot take when someone gets the best of you.i don’t know if you were kicked off of this forum,but you needed to be for the bad language you were putting out. You have called me every name you can think of,talked of my family being inbred,made fun of every thing I have said. One of the first post you make after you got back on was that you were going to ride me hard and have fun while you were doing it. I have been called an inbred hillbillies,a idiot,stupid,a 9th grade drop out,a slime ball,and just tried to make fun of me. You first came out as anonymous this time and you did not want anybody to know your real name makes me think you got back on under a false name. Did you? You have bragged about all the places you have been,about how much money you draw,about your education,about being a disabled vet and things I think you make. You even bragged about killing people while in the service, I think people that brag about killing someone should be put in a mental hospital or locked up for good. Mr. Fowler grow up and get a set of balls and quit all this crap you like to do. No body likes to hear this mess all the time. No you are not going to run me off,keep all this and you just might be put off again.
    Good nite Mr. Fowler

    • Anonymous Says:

      1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, oh oh!

    • Anonymous Says:

      When you tell me that you said “I wouldn’t put it past him doing what you said” I might easy up some. Saying I am sorry doesn’t get it with me. I dish it with the best of the intelligent people and have little trouble getting under someone’s skin that is lacking in intelligence. Do you know anyone that fits that description? I have NEVER CALLED ANY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY AND INBRED HILLBILLY. Never. You are flat ass lying about that. Your posts show the stupidity and idiocy and the slime ball and your grammar and punctuation and spelling (treat) make it easy to rag on you. You bring all of this on yourself. So far as I know, I have never been kicked off this forum and if I were I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I started using anonymous to pull a prank and I am still using it. I am not bragging about the places I have been; I am telling you so that you will know the things in the world that you have missed out on. I have a master’s degree and am proud of it. I served my country well and honorably and was exposed to Agent Orange which caused my cancer and which is the reason I draw 100% disability. I certainly have not made any of this up as you seem to suggest (while leaving out a few words that would help make the sentence make sense). I didn’t brag about killing anyone; I said it’s been awhile since I killed someone. I was in a war. In a war it’s kill or be killed. That particular battle I won. I served. Did you or were you hiding behind your mama’s apron? You never answer my questions so I assume that you didn’t serve. Don’t fret. Those of us who fought were fighting for you too. I have a set of gonads and you aren’t going to touch them, no matter how much you beg. I love women and there are still some living in Jonesboro and Hodge that will vouch for that. I’ll not be calling you any names – just 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Oh Oh.

  127. Oldman Says:

    Donald one more thing ,just about any body can ring your bell,you a easy pushover,easy. Now cut all this. Mess out and act like you are a human being,please

  128. middle age man Says:

    Old man it must have been agonizing to you when you had to make up your mind on whether you were attracted to girls or boys. Thankfully I didn`t have to make that choice as you did. I was attracted to girls and didn`t have to make a choice as you did. I couldn`t be attracted to males even if I tried. Wonder if the boys you were hanging out with realized you were looking at them to choose between them or girls. Must have been awful.

  129. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    Don’t it sound good on here today?

  130. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    I spoke too soon, the donald is back stirring up trouble again.

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Yea, Gomer. I is still right here. You show me the trouble that I am stirring up. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Oh Oh accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and if you think that I am going to let him get by with that, you are freaking nuts. Why don’t you put blame where blame belongs? Mine is the 400th post and I would like for you to tally up how many, 8 Oh Oh’s posts have been on subject and other than his stupid remark about “Jailhouse Rock” how many solutions to the problems has he suggested? When I was growing up in Hodge, the railroad tracks went somewhere north or sough; now they go no place and that is where Hodge is stuck – in no place. Are the sidewalks rolled up yet?

  131. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    Don’t it sound wonderful ?

    • Anonymous Says:

      That’s not what the people of Nagasaki said 70 years ago today. BOOM! and many thousands were vaporized and basically the war was over. Doubt if too many saw the flash or heard the boom. My Uncle Shelby Atlee Fowler, Sr. was at that time on a Japanese truck being taken, along with the rest of his crew whose B-29 had been shot down, by his guards to see what the US had done to Hiroshima. He and his crew were not rescued by the US until the 25th of August. That’s all I am going to say today unless 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Oh Oh has some wise remark.

  132. Anonymous Says:

    It appears that we will never have a new subject on which to opine. That’s too bad as I am certain something that has been written in the Jackson Idiot that is worthy of comment. You know, good Ole Doc Jeffries and his wife must have had something of note in the paper and dear ole Blanche Bishop must has uttered some Tea Party junk that we could talk about. I am certain that whatever Donald Trump has said today has the town all a twitter. Any way, all of you folks on this forum (except for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Oh Oh) have a nice day.

  133. anonymous Says:

    What happened to the Oldman, I have not heard from him .

  134. Bill C. Says:

    Maybe if you was not so stuck on yourself and also and idiot he would reply ! “Wake the dog and get bit”. Hey I hear Hillary calling for you , better put your lipstick on and get ready !

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Stuck on myself? Not hardly. You, Billie C., are a poor judge of character and don’t know a single thing about me. I am a liberal democrat and will never support a blustering bag of wind like the Donald. If I were a republican, my money would be on Scott Walker, not the Hair. Quoting something that shows the level of your intelligence: ” . . . on yourself and also (and) idiot . . . . ” The “and” should be “an” you dork.

  135. Anonymous Says:

    I think Hillary is going to prison and she should. Who else on the democrat side is going to take her place? Looks like a win win for the Republican Party and maybe Trump. I think Trump has about 26% and Carson is in second place. Have a good night Mr. Fowler,sleep well.

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Apparently you putt stock in Iowa and New Hampshire polls. Let’s see where things stand after the first primary. That’s when the polls begin to matter. My bet is that Clinton does not go to jail and that, if Biden doesn’t enter the race, she will get the nomination, win the general election against whichever dufus the republicans put up (but it won’t be Trump or Carson) and gets reelected in 2020. Please tell me what crime(s) Clinton has committed. Oldman, using the moniker “anonymous” doesn’t cover the fact that you are posting.

      • Oldman Says:

        Mr. Fowler I did not post under the name anonymous@ 7:00
        am. But since you asked the question about hillary not going to prison I will answer. Yes hillary will be going to prison for if nothing else but for treason I hope. She is nothing but a lying power hungry bitch. I would like to know your opinion when you say Trump will not get elected or for that matter Carson. Mr. Trump or Mr. Carson will be the best choice and the only hope our Country will ever have to get out of the mess the obuma has got us in. You throwed a fit when I called our armed forces the “unarmed forces” dufus will not let a armed forces member be armed around him,what is he afraid of. Chief,I will call him chief,dufus has done more to harm our country than all presidents before him. You go back 50 yrs when our country was a great nation,public officials like dufus and hillary would be tried ,convicted and hung from the nearest tree. I do not believe we need that now. We have come a long way as a nation but dufus needs to be impeached and hillary needs to be sent home. She let those four boys get killed because of her actions, so at least she needs to be run out of town on a rail. I don’t know she might like that. You being a liberal socialist dimocrat would never see that . I don’t think you even believe in our constitution,if you did you would not be talking like you do. Just what part of our constitution do you not believe in? Is it because of you sucking on the gov teat and all of your free things you get that you are always bragging on. Mr. Fowler don’t you want your grandchildren to have what you got,I would hope you do. Mr. Fowler, the Repulican party likes a lot being good but the dimocrat party has done stepped over the line into harming our country,no I don’t know the answer,sometimes I don’t even know the question. But the dimocrat party and hillary is not the answer we need right now. The dimocrat party was once the best thing for our country,helped get us out of the depression ,fought the greatest war of all time and we won,and helped get the little man up off his knees,but no more.
        I did not set out to write a letter and I’m sorry if I have,but I still love my Country,it’s the only one I have. Ok,I know you are going to try and pick this apart so go ahead and make my day.
        Mr. Fowler,have a nice day what’s left of it.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Wow! You really went off in that post, so much so that I am not going to respond at this moment. Today, school started out here and I have to go to some places to get my great granddaughter a few things. Since you are always accusing me of bragging, here is one for you to ponder before you give a retort – Tuition at her private school is over $6 thousand dollars (including after school care) a year. We paid it in full. Read my post further on down the line and get some enjoyment that I will soon be closing this account because I am getting rid of all that ties me to Jonesboro. You will be free to post to all your buddies (some of whom are as dumb about things as you are) without fear of someone like me responding to your ignorance.

          • Oldman Says:

            Private schools tuition is high but you have to do what you got to do. I know about private schools,two grandchildren go to Cedar Creek in Ruston. I’m afraid we will never be rid of you and the likes of you but oh well I guess it’s the price I’ll have to pay for telling it like it is.

  136. Bill C. Says:

    How many liberals does it take to change a light Bulb? At least ten, as they will need to have a discussion about whether or not the light bulb exists. Even if they can agree upon the existence of the light bulb they still may not change it to keep from alienating those who might use other forms of light.

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      Billie C., All I can say is that your comment was cute. Can’t you do better than that?

  137. relwof the 1st Says:

    I just continue to wonder if there will ever be a new topic on this site. Surely, there must have been some said or done at the July 7th meeting that was worthy of note. Aldermen meeting? Police jury meeting? Some misconduct by an elected official? Action against those at the hospital who ripped off the hospital for many, many dollars? Every morning I read the national papers and then I come here to see what my man Oldman has said and it is usually some inane comment, with the English language just massacred and I get enjoy responding to it. No such luck here of late. For those who seem to enjoy putting me down (hasn’t affected me at all), my connection to Jackson Parish will soon be completely over except for one relative in Quitman. Oldman and several who just use anonymous will be able to post without fear of me responding to their comments for I will not be reading this blog or whatever it’s called.

    • Oldman Says:

      Mr. Fowler,you will be missed. Your educated way of bitching will be missed believe me not. I forgot to tellyou I will be hunting on your land down here again this year since all your connections will be completely over,you have my word I’ll take good care of it. I have run many a big buck out of there. I forgot that’s not your land its your wife’s. I guess I ought to tell her but you do it for me ok.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        I would be careful about hunting on property that isn’t yours. Since you admit to hunting on my land, are you the dufus that planted the marijuana field? When it was found, authorities were notified and the land is being watched. If I were you, Donnie boy, I would be careful. I am not making a “treat” (as you call), just warning you.

        • Oldman Says:

          Donald was just trying to get a remark from you.like you said “I like pulling your chain makes my day”. That’s one thing I don’t do is trespass on someone’s property. It’s been twenty years or more since I was over there.although I remember back when I was a very little kid,my daddy and I planted potatoes right in front of were the house was. The old school building was right down the road, The old school building was moved to shady grove and made a church out of it. The old Jonesboro to Wyatt rd was within a 100yds of the old Parker house. Boy that was a long time ago.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Donald Billie, you’re dumber than I thought you to be. I have several posts from this site where you first accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and two posts where you attempted to apologize for making the statement. Now I have a post where you admit to poaching on my land. In your next post you must have realized that you had admitted to a criminal act and tried to back track and say that it was all said in jest. I have told people over and over it is impossible to get under my skin so don’t think that you have achieved something that is impossible to do. Donald Billie, I still don’t have the time or inclination to answer your long post of earlier this day, but Donnie boy, I will get around to it before the day is done. Right now I ask you to look up the definition of “treason” and detail the treasonous acts that Clinton has committed and explain how she caused the deaths of the four men in Bengasi when she was six or seven time zones away when the attack occurred and when anyone in the USA learned about the attack, the men were already dead.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            20 years ago that property belonged to my wife and I so you and you and your pappy were encroaching on land that was not yours when the two of you planted those taters. My wife was just eleven when the old homestead was moved to Saline Lake, where it is to this day. By my cyphering, that was more than 60 years ago.

  138. Anonymous Says:

    To all the Oldman and his aka posts, and Donald Marion Fowler and his aka posts…….when will the ranting ever end? Well over 400 comments on the original story about what 11th graders are facing in our schools, but well over half have been bitching back and forth between you two. STOP IT ALREADY, PLEASE. Walter needs to pull this story. It is old now, anyway.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I agree with every part of this post save the part where you accuse me of ranting. Yes, I respond to Oldman’s senseless and stupid remarks at every opportunity, but read my posts that are on subject and logical and you will see that I have contributed to the discussion. Acquaint yourself with the first amendment to our constitution and then stuff your comment in file 86. I assume that you are sans gonads as you prefer to make your comment in the secrecy of the anonymous moniker. MAN UP, HOMER!

  139. Bill C. Says:

    Liberal at his finest . You rant about how much you make ! You rant about how much you pay the church ! You rant about how much it cost to put your grand kids in school ! You rant about how much your house is worth ! For someone that lives across state lines, you sure are very nosey ! As for owning some pissed on land down here , unless the school is sitting on your land or you have kids living on the land you say you own then shut the crap up , we don’t need your “LOGICAL” opinion on this subject !!!!

  140. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Billie Boy, in my last answer to you, I asked if you were knowledgeable of the contents of the 1st amendment to our Constitution. Your latest post seems to indicate that you are not. What right do you have to tell me to “shut the crap up” ? The land that you identify as “some pissed on land” is quite substantial and will bring my family a pretty penny when and if we sell. As long as I pay taxes in the Jackson Parish, I will continue to make my feeling known about subjects there that interest me and I will not desist because some gonad-less braying barnyard animal tries to cut off my right to express my views. The people of Jonesboro need constructive ideas from whomever wishes to be of help. I hate to say it, and I hope that it doesn’t happen during the remainder of my life, but when that mill closes Jonesboro will dry up and become another Ansley or Clay or Dodson or Danville or Wyatt or one of the many places in Louisiana that time has already passed by. Notice that US 167 has already been routed around the town and then count the empty stores in the main part of town. By the way I have never mentioned the price of my home but anyone with an ounce of brains can Google my address and find out for themselves. As I close this particular post, let me say a word or two that a hick like you will understand – HEE HAW!

    • Oldman Says:

      . After you signed off with HEE HAW I thought of a better name for you, the name I came up with fits you to a tee. So from now on I will be calling you the. “Braying Ass” ,I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Braying ass what a name,by by mr. Braying Ass.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Oldman (the snot nosed purveyor of lies and untruths), you had a thought?!!!! Did the smoke coming from your ears irritate those around you? I like “braying ass” for those initials denote the first degree (Bachelor of Arts) that I received from Louisiana Tech. The initials for you are “DO” (drop out) and denotes a lack of understanding of all that goes on around you and is a measure of just how stupid you are. What someone calls me does not matter as long as they don’t call me late for meals or late for my paychecks. I’m almost ready to support a republican so I can have the pleasure of watching them cut or revise social security and medicare, things that you don’t see as entitlements. I would suffer a cut in social security but all of the other monies that I receive are guaranteed, so I wouldn’t be all that affected. Good day, DO.

        • Oldman Says:

          Fowler did you ever think that the military retirement check you get is a entitlement benifit,no you would not because you are the one getting it well it is. It’s the same as a social security check. Don’t tell me that you worked for it no more than I worked under social security. By the way I get a govt. check and I also get a check from a state retirement. But I don’t get on here and bray like a jackass about it and you do.
          Bye,mr.” Braying ass”.

      • woaitsmeagain Says:

        DO, you started a sentence with a period, left out the comma between HAW and I, ended a sentence with a comma, failed to capitalize the first word of a sentence, no comma between So and from, unnecessary period after the, improper punctuation after Ass, no punctuation after ass, did not capitalize the first word, improper punctuation after name, and last of all, you couldn’t even spell a three letter word correctly. It’s “Bye Bye” not by by and you failed to capitalize my title “Mr.” I probably have many mistakes in my writing but with your limited intelligence, I bet that you can’t find them.

  141. Oldman Says:

    hee hee hee

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I am thinking about posting your “hee hee hee” on my wall as a constant reminder of the level of intelligence that I am communicating with. What is your IQ? 4 or 5? Bye bye, DO.

  142. Biil C. Says:

    Calling me a “HICK” that’s funny right there , never been called that one before ! LOL !! As for your land it will never be worth what you believe it will because of where it’s at and because property values around here have gone to nothing ! As for barking price’s on your home I can go back through all the topic’s on LPNO and find where you have barked about money and repost them for you to see if needed , I can see you have problems with your ” BRAIN ” ! As for the HEE HAW comment , I grew up watching the show as for millions of other people , so I guess that means we hicks have you liberals highly out numbered ! As for the land that you claim for your own , if it was not for your wife you wouldn’t have that , for it was hers to start with !

  143. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I think that I will go with the gonad-less braying barnyard animal characterization of you for it’s a much better fit.

    • Oldman Says:

      Now Donald you can come up with a better response than that. can’t you??? You must be getting old or he told the truth,I believe Bill C must have hit a sore spot did he not?

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        DO, I already have one bid on the land and it is $?00,000.00 and am awaiting a second one that will most probably be much higher. I think my response to gonad-less braying barnyard animal was quiet good.

        • Oldman Says:

          I don’t think Mrs. Fowler’s land is worth that much. Maybe $700.00 per acre tops,no water,timber haul road,no elec,and on a dead end dirt road.you might cut the timber and then sale and do better.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            DO, it’s a good thing that you are not my timber manager. I would have to Donald Trump you (you, YOU’RE FIRED. What we have been offered is none of your business but I will tell you that you ain’t even close to the price. Please use correct word when possible – it is SELL not SALE. I will handle my own business, DO, without stupid comments from you.

            • Oldman Says:

              Ass you never said anything about timber ,sale the timber and the land itself is worth maybe $750.00 to $1000.00 a acre. All the land is fit for is growing timber and by the time you replant and pay taxes you have little left.

  144. Oldman Says:

    Fowler go back and read your post@ 07/03/2015-9:50 pm
    And then read your post @ 08/17/2015-12:45pm
    I don’t think you know what you are saying half the time. All that education has rotten your brain if you had one to start with. Some of us have more money than brains,even a 9th grade caught that one. We all know a liberal socialist dimocrat doesn’t make much sense too start with so that’s your excuse.

    • woaitsmeagain Says:

      DO, please tell me exactly what “even a 9th grade caught. . . .” I have more brain power, more intelligence, more understanding of events, and certainly more ability to process information to form opinions than you. A brain transplant (if they could perform one) is your best hope of achieving any level of intelligence, DO. To help you a little bit, here are some correction you should make: “has rotten . . . . (should be has rotted) and there should be a comma between brain and if; there should be a period between brains and even; even should be capitalized; too (which means also) should be to. There should be a period between with and so; so should be capitalized. DO, do me a favor and sleep during the day and watch cartoons at night. You will be much better off, staying away from the smart people.

    • relwof the 1st Says:

      DO, I missed the bit about desegregation and it took you five months to find it. I was more interested in events at the Supreme Court that gutted the Civil Rights act and made it easier for backwoods schools like JHHS to get out from under federal jurisdiction. Mark up one for DO. Yea!!!

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      DO, hate to admit it, but you are going to have explain what was in error in my post of 8/17/2015/12:45PM.

      • Oldman Says:

        In one post you are saying private schools are for the rich and they pull all the smart kids out and cause the public schools to get bad grades.
        In the next post you are bragging about sending your grandkids to private schools at the cost of $6,000.00 and you writing a check in full. You and people like up are the cause of public schools going bad. Send your kids to public school like everybody else does. Do I hear you saying that you don’t want your kids in with all that trash and bad teachers? Are your kids better than all the other kids? I don’t think so.

  145. Bill C. Says:

    Donald do you suffer from multiple personality or do we just have a liberal party going on here today ? As for the ” Backwoods ” comment the ” Backwoods ” an ” Hicks” are what broke their back to make this country what it was ! Yes I said ” was ” because it’s people like your frame of thinking that’s got it in the shape it is today. Liberals don’t hate this country , they just don’t know the right way to run it !

  146. How's that Says:

    Democrats and liberals always say they are smarter than republicans. If that is true, then why do democrats always have problems in filling out a ballot.

    • Anonymous Says:

      How’s that says a lot of bs. Going to the end of Obama’s current term, democrats have held the White House for 16 out of 24 years so we must know how to fill out a ballot. And for the next 8 years we democrats will be in the White House. And we did not start an unnecessary war in Afghanistan and then move it to Iraq chasing the oil (under the guise that there were WMD’s and So Damn Insane was harboring terrorist). And while Obama removed the troops from Iraq, it was Bushit that negotiated the treaty that called for all American troops to be removed. There was a big argument over the Status of Forces agreement and that was the main sticking point and the main reason all of our troops are gone. It was Bushit that proclaimed that no news coverage of the arrival of American bodies arriving at Dover because he didn’t want negative coverage like had happened during the Vietnam war. Bushit by that action was dishonoring the heroes as their flagged draped coffins were unloaded and returned to the land they gave their lives protecting. Obama stopped that practice and the heroes whose bodies are returned these days receive a heroes welcome including the four killed Bengasi. Some idiots (DO) proclaim that Obama and Clinton should be shot; I feel the same way about Bushit and Shoot a Friend Cheney.

      • Oldman Says:

        Democrats are known for getting dead persons vote. If I remember right there were Black Panthers turning some people away and not letting them vote. A Republican doing that would be put in jail real fast. Just what has obuma done right while in office? Obuma should be tried for treason now. Obuma and Leslie Thompson both should never ever have been elected. One is in jail and the other should be soon.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          I asked for you to define treason and when you didn’t, I gave you the definition. Please, DO, tell me where the Black Panthers were turning people away from the polls. Give me a legitimate name of a dead person that has voted, Lots if stupid republicans have wander into the polls to vote. It’s that group that worries me.

      • How's that Says:

        What about the four Marines that was shot and killed on home soil ? What did or has been for those men by Obama ? Not a damn thing , so don’t put his ass up on a high horse ! I bet you have CNN tattooed on your ass !

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Idiot. he sent he vice president to represent our government as other government officials have greeted the heroes at Dover. You must be unable to read or just flat out don’t understand the news. Oh, I forgot. You like to watch the dumb blond bimbos on Fixed News and you are probably on your knees trying to look up their skirts. You are definitely a first rate Fixed News watching idiot. I may move you ahead f DO as the dumbest on this post.

          • How's that Says:

            Why didn’t he go himself ? He has no problem running to Travon and commenting on national news about that shit ! Has no problem flying all over the world on vacation on the tax payers dollar ! The vice president is just as big of an idiot as you are sir ! Idiot wouldn’t even lower the flag for them until he started getting bad press over it . you and your Communist News network at least fox has something to look at while your watching the world go to the dogs ! All CNN has is something that looks like a mix between Hillary and Nancy Pelosi !

  147. How's that Says:

    Democrats have held the White House for 16 out of 24 years , Yes they have and look what shape the United States is in today because of it ! Government assistance is at an all time high , plus trillions of dollars more in debt , no jobs available for people getting out of collage , cost of living at an all time high I can go on an on .

  148. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Idiot, why don’t you just cork it. Ain’t no one listening to you except your Fixed News groupies.

  149. Donald Marion Fowler Says:


  150. How's that Says:

    not genuine; sham:

    “we are talking about real journalists and not the pseudo kind”
    BYE ! BYE !

  151. Oldman Says:

    fowler if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. It was fine as long as it was just me.We have got some big guns on here now and a few of them got past the 9th grade.

  152. How's that Says:

    Cletus went to the neurosurgeon to have his brain checked out, since it didn’t seem to work right. He told the neurosurgeon, ‘Doc, I just cain’t seem to thank (‘think’) right, kin you hep me?’
    The neurosurgeon, after thoroughly examining Cletus said, ‘yes, just as I suspected, Cletus. You need a new brain. I can schedule you for a brain transplant next week. All you need to do is choose which kind of brains you want to use to replace your rotten brains.’
    Cletus, somewhat stunned at the prognosis, asked ‘whaddaya mean, what kind o’ brains? Is they more than one kind?’
    The neurosurgeon patiently explained, ‘yes, Cletus. If you want to use the brains of people who voted for George W. Bush, those go for $1,000.00 per ounce. If you wanted to use the brains of people who voted for John McCain, those brains are $2,000.00 per ounce. And Obama voter brains, those are $1,000,000.00 (1 million) per ounce.’
    Cletus gasped: ‘A million bucks, for an ounce of Obama voter brains, why so much, Doc?’
    Again, the neurosurgeon patiently explained to a slow thinking Cletus, ‘Obama voter brains are extremely expensive for a simple reason, Cletus. Do you realize how many Obama voters we would have to harvest to yield just a single ounce of brains?’

  153. sunrisesunset Says:

    And, now to our “NEW” local news. According to the Jackson Independent (last week’s edition), everything went very smooth in the transition of the 11th graders at Quitman and Weston to J-HHS. Who would have thought it? Hope it continues to go well.

    Now, that is a statement that is ON TOPIC. Do I need to pull out my JI and look for another new topic to discuss. I am very tired of this bickering between certain parties that has absolutely nothing to do with the original topic at hand.

  154. Mopped Says:

    Do you believe everything you read an hear in the news ? As for a fact there was some picking on certain students at the High school and three fights that was sweep under the rug ! One other fact is that five juniors dropped out because of the transaction between schools ! I know of three students that called there parents during the day wanting to come home because of being bullied in the restrooms ! I may not teach at JH but I see and hear what goes on up here at the Tiger !

    • Barbara Says:

      Also, according to a parent of one the students, the students are arriving from 15-30 minutes after the start of their next class, causing the teacher to delay instruction, or the students missing out on instruction if the teacher does not wait for them. Some students have transferred from Weston and Quitman to JHHS, which has hurt the athletic programs at WHS and QHS.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Did the Parish school board hire new teachers that were qualified to teach college prep course or just put the Weston and Quitman students into an existing class, filled with the riff raff that permeate JJHS and that aren’t interested in learning? What about appropriate textbooks? Administrators should have given more thought to travel times from the two towns and set the schedules for them to begin, say with the second period of the day. Me thinks that too little thought went into the activation of the college prep courses at JHHS and it was attempted too soon. Here is what I wrote in a previous post:

        I still maintain that if you are going to bus in students from Quitman and Weston for the college prep courses, you need to keep those students separate from the riff raff at JHHS. Therefore, a logical solution would be to make some modifications on the former elementary school at Hodge, thereby providing a proper learning atmosphere for the college prep group. Then hire qualified staff to teach the advanced courses and hire a qualified administrator to oversee the school. I fear failure if the staff is drawn from the current pool of teachers and the administrator is one of the many coaches that seem to make it all the way to the superintendents position. That’s my opinion, let’s hear solution from you. I don’t subscribe to the Jackson Idiot so I don’t know if changes have already been made and this forum has not kept us abreast of what’s going on. It’s time for a new subject on which to comment.

        I said earlier that I was through posting until a new subject appeared. Sorry, but the previous posts deserve an answer. I realize that the stupid and addled brained on this post will respond negatively, but oh, well. You can’t expect them to pick their noses all day, every day.

        • Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

          Why are you even telling anyone how the schools should be run. You don’t even live here , but then you are the know it all brag all the time fowler.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            The more you post, the dumber you get. I think in an earlier post I placed you in the position of being dumber than OLDMAN. If I didn’t, I do now. All afternoon the discussion has been on subject and THEN ALONG COMES DUMBER THAN OLDMAN WITH HIS ASININE PERSONAL ATTACK. I GIVE MY OPINION ABOUT THINGS BECAUSE DAY OLD FECAL MATTER LIKE YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE AS WHAT TO DO. You are as dumb as a stick and in a bad situation where I needed help, I would choose the stick because you wouldn’t be of any help. For your edification, if the students from Weston and Quitman are forced to go to a school with the riff raff that currently inhabits JHHS, the college prep thingy will fail.

  155. sunrisesunset Says:

    Just responded to what was in the JI. Time will tell how it will work out. And, to “mopped”, how do we know what you wrote is the truth. I certainly do not. But, the JI DID get some positive feedback from the school, which I would assume to be correct. Who knows, it may start out great and them dwindle from there. As I said, “Time will tell”.

    To the Donald: Agree with your assessment just as I have many times in the past.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Are you saying that Mopped is lying? That’s kind of strong language sunrisesunset if you are.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        I am saying that she certainly has a vivid imagination and very easily passes on what she picked up from who knows where. When you tell us something be a witness of the incident not “I heard from Mildred” “Joey told me” type of reporting. They call that type of person a gossiper or worst of all, a liar. I am hoping that this program gets off its feet and becomes a success. The initial program (which will include JHHS students as well as some from Weston and Quitman) requires qualified teachers, appropriate textbooks, and qualified administrators along with an environment conducive to learning – not the helter skelter that you ALLEGE to be going on. The truth is always welcome; rumor is not.

        • Bigjoe Says:

          We don’t need anymore of this white trash coming here from Weston and Quitman starting trouble. Leave them be all them big shot white people needs to stay away.

          • sunrisesunset Says:

            Hey, Bigjoe: I am very sure the whites did not want to leave their schools, i.e. Weston and Quitman. They were forced by orders to go there to help in desegregation of JHHS. These students had rather be at Weston & Quitman, and those that could afford private schools, moved there.

            BTW, do not compare these transferred students to the “trash” that comprises JHHS. Not even close.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            I seriously doubt that white trash will be coming from Weston and Quitman. I know that they will be joining riff raff at JHHS and their education process will be affected. As I have said before, little thought seems to have been put into the start of this program. There should have been a pilot program first to work out kinks. Right off the bat little consideration was given to when the kids from the two school would arrive (should have begun their classes at JHHS at the beginning of the second or third period to avert interruptions). Bigjoe, you should prep your brain before engaging your mouth. You sound so stupid.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Absolutely not saying that at all Anonymous. Just questioning as I was likewise questioned. You did read that “mopped” did question what I wrote originally by asking if I believed everything I read, did she not?

        Let’s end this back and forth between “mopped” and “sunrise” once and for all.

  156. Mopped Says:

    I have nothing to gain from not telling what I know ! But from the schools past history and the school boards past tell it all history what can you believe anymore ! The school board isn’t going to shoot themselves in the foot this early in the game ! Donald you have made a very impressive post !

  157. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Donald if you are talking about the old Hawk elementary school behind the old A&P shopping center , they have started taking that old school down to the ground .

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Is that Hawk or Hodge Elementary behind the OLD Hodge shopping center?

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        I vote for Hodge Elementary. Hawk is in what they call the “quarters” at Hodge.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Sorry I was wrong about the name of the school , but yes the old school behind the old A&P is being torn down And salvaged for the materials in the building !

        • Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

          A bunch of educated dumb asses you are. Hawk elementary is in Jonesboro,any darned fool knows that.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Where in Jonesboro is Hawk Elementary located? You have Southside and the Junior High School and the High School in Jonesboro. Where be Hawk, you darned fool? Where be Hawk? It would be sad to see the old Hodge Elementary go the way of the wrecking ball. I attended that school from 1945 to 1952. L. V. DeCou was the principal my first year and John Haile was the principal the remainder of my time there. If it is being torn down, I guess the school board will have to come up with another solution for the “college prep” courses. I pity the student from Quitman and Weston that will have to endure the riff raff of JHHS as they try to get ready for college. And when you have fecal matter brains such as Hodge #1 across the tracks offering no help, it’s gonna be a mess.

            • old man Says:

              I bet it’s hard to be corrected by someone with a “ninth grade” education is it not? Well “sonny boy” how does it feel now? Your good looking wife had to take all of your tests for you to have gotten as far as you did,she was good looking and smart to,something you don’t find in every woman. I worked with a man that could pass any test that came along but didnot know what to do with it after that. Kind of like you,book smart every day dumb. Have a nice day.

            • sunrisesunset Says:

              Donald, Hawk is in the “quarters” in Jonesboro. I think one turns and goes up by the old fair grounds. Somewhere past there.

          • sunrisesunset Says:

            Was Union in East Hodge?

            • old man Says:

              Union school was across the road from East Hodge,Hodge on one side and East Hodge on the other.

        • oldman Says:

          Fowler, it’s Union elementary that’s across the tracks in Hodge. I thought you knew everything. You are an educated idiot there is no other word for it. Have a nice day.

        • old man Says:

          Fowler you are a “RACIST” in the worst way. Don’t you know it’s “RACIST”about what you said about the “quarters” in the post @7:25 this am. Those words remind me of the KKK back in the early 1950’s. Repent and say you are sorry that you said that.Shame, Shame,Shame on you.
          Have a good day

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            I call them as I see them and racist I am not. I doubt if you can name the most popular place where the KKK used to burn their crosses (1950’s through 1960’s). I bet that in your limited state of intelligence you can’t tell me what Junteenth is.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Don’t desert me because of the posts I made below. I would like to know what (if anything) was written in the JI about the college prep courses. Were any new teachers hired that could teach the courses or is it the same old group plugging along as best they can on what little they have? Believe it or not, I am sincerely interested in any progress that is made. As for the other stuff, the idiot OLDMAN accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and I ain’t about to forget that. Have nice evening and a better tomorrow.

  158. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    Hawk is located on Cedar st. in Jonesboro and always has been. I bet that old ninth grader knew that. There are a lot of dumb asses that have more than a ninth grade education. And you sir are one more dumb ass first class.The Hodge elem. school is history. A classic case of big govt knows best,more than likely it was torn down so they can get a grant to build another one. Don’t worry the taxpayer will pay for it.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      You seem think that you know it all, so what is the name of the elementary school on East 6th Street in Hodge (or maybe it is in North Hodge.) I thought that the school on Cedar Street in Jonesboro was empty and a big waste of money as the Blacks want it to be the primary school in Jonesboro, replacing JHHS, I didn’t know that there was an active school in that waste area.

      Even though you don’t know me, you call me a “dumb ass.” I shall return the favor – you are a dyed in the wool redneck that hates blacks, Hispanics, and anyone not like you. You are a republican who willing sucks at the teat of Donald Trump even those he has no political stance on any issue, Please don’t insult the intelligence of those of us who understand a little bit about politics and know that all he is saying he will do is a pipe dream on this part – every action he advocates has to start in Congress. Do you want a leader who admits that he gets his military information from watching TV.

      Yep! You are dumber than OLDMAN and BIGJOE put together. SHUT UP, will you.

  159. Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

    I am a full blown redneck and proud to be. I don’t hate any race or anybody that does not think like I do. I am a republican,Donald Trump is the only one to come out so far that I think has the good of the U.S.A.in mind and the will to do something about it. He’s not out after the money that’s for sure. Does Obama check with congress before he does something? Your pres Obama is the sorriest piece of do do that has ever been elected to office,I don’t think Mayor Bradford would hire him for dog catcher. Hilary will not be even in the running, the democrat party has nobody that can beat Trump so far. Old man was right about you,you stink

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      For OldMan the snot-nosed purveyor of lies and untruths and the arse-faced Hodge #1 across the tracks braying barnyard animal:

      I choose to get back on topic. Is there anyone out there that can give an honest, unbiased report on how the college prep attempt has progressed in its one week of existence? Certainly. these two limited brain bozos have no knowledge of any type.

      Biographical sketch of Donald Marion Fowler:

      I graduated from JHHS in 15=958, probably near the bottom of my class for I had no interest in school. I could make passing grades without studying: so why study. I enlisted in the US Army 23 Jun 1958 and served until 31 July 1978 and immediately enrolled in Louisiana Tech from which I graduated in 1982 with honors. I taught for seven year in the Winn Parish school system. I then moved to San Antonio where I taught in the Judson Independent School System for thirteen years. Upon retirement, my wife and purchase an RV and began to travel the United States, upgrading the first RV to a 39-foot, four slide out $150,000 Fleetwood Discovery. In between travels in the US we took numerous cruises to all parts of the world. Cancer has slowed us down and we are here in San Antonio enjoying our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. End of sketch.

      For the slime ball Oldman who suggested that I had someone do my school work. Wrong! Every military school that I attended I graduated first in class and have the diplomas to prove it. I worked hard and achieved the high rank of PVT (private), a rank I held when I retired.

      There was some good discussions going on on the post until the bleating and braying of the brainless barnyard animals decided to join in. You have a First Amendment right to voice your opinions but please don’t answer any of mine. You just aren’t smart enough.

      Donald Billie, is your favorite song still “A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Now I know my ABC’s won’t you sing them with me.”

      • old man Says:

        twenty years and still a private ha ha

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          At least I served and did not hide behind my mother’s apron like duh little baby Oldman did. Did I say private? I meant to say something else. You ought to know that a private doesn’t get $81,000 in retirement. May be I misspoke about that also. Now, let’s see. Just how much retirement do I get? $14.27! Now that is more like it. Yeh! That’s more like it. Just wondering why you can’t answer my question. Where did the KKK burn their crosses in Jonesboro and what is Juneteenth? 71 years of age and still showing signs of stupidity and no improvement. Just so you will have something to say I bragged about: Here are my assignments in Germany: 7th Army, United States Army Europe, Central Army Group Europe, and lastly United States Army Command. I’ll tell you about Vietnam when you answer my two questions. Did I say I was a private or a general or a senior non commissioned officer? My mind plays tricks on me at time. I must have reached the rank of – – – -. Gosh oh golly gee, I forgot again. Now let’s hear one verse of your favorite song! My wife says that you were a red-headed dumb as dirt trouble maker that couldn’t even pass sand box. Night, lil boy.

  160. old man Says:

    Private Donald M. Fowler,

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      You are certainly lacking in the intelligence department. Dumber than a stick. You can not get (and stay) on subject. All that seems to matter to you is to attempt to put me down. Can’t be done, my dumb arse stupid little buddy. Oh, I forgot to tell the full story about my military career – I might have sent some time in the Coleman Barracks Detention Center for theft; but on the other hand, I may not have spent a minute in jail. I might have gone AWOL for seven years and was recaptured two days before my enlistment was up; but on the other hand I may have been a model soldier who served his country with honor – not like some coward with a yellow streak the width of his back like someone on this post. I promised to tell you about my tours in Vietnam – first tour, Advisory Team 52 with the 21st Infantry (mainly installing radios in strategic hamlets); second tour – Defense Communication Agency, Pleiku, (maintain tactical in country communications as well as links back to the Pentagon and White House [this is how I was able to talk to my wife and family just about any time after 8 pm EST); third tour, Strategic Communication Command, Thailand. Just an ordinary soldier doing an ordinary job, What did you? Dry the dishes for mommy and take out the trash? Real exciting! Oh by the way – how are your 174 acres doing? I’d love to hear one verse of your favorite song – “A B C D E F G H I J K M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.” Oh, crap. I did a Christmas carol by mistake. Can you figure out the title of the song? Betcha you can’t. This one is for smart people, not the dumb as a stick type.

      • old man Says:

        Private Donald M. Fowler still bragging , still mr. Know it all, but twenty years. No I’m not trying to put you down,payback time for all the bad words you have said about me. U.S. Dumb people salute you for being a private for twenty years. Right out of your mouth,20yrs.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          If you think that I retired as a private then you are dumber than mud. I have never said that you had sex with any of your relative (including your wife). NEVER! But you certainly said that about me and that brought the wrath of Donald M. Fowler down upon your head until you sincerely apologize. Nothing, beside that sex comment bothers me. You may be a high school dropout, a high school graduate, a college graduate; I don’t care. On this post you have demonstrated a lack of intelligence that defies logic. Bragging is the domain of those nuts that say they have something that they don’t. Those that have what they say they have aren’t bragging; they are just telling it like it is. I’ve asked innocuous questions about you that you should be able to answer: (1) did you serve in the military? (2) How’s your 174 acre timber farm doing? There were a lot more questions that you ignored, preferring to cast a negative light upon me. You continue to say things about me that aren’t true: (1) I am against gays but it is their life and I will not interject myself into something that is no concern of mine; (2) I am against same sex marriage but what others do is no concern of mine; (3) I am against those who change their sex but again if they wish to change the plumbing that God gave them, that is their choice and none of my business; (4) I oppose abortions but if a woman choose to have one that ain’t none of my business. You stupidly said that there were no gay animals and when I pointed out the giraffe you became suddenly silent. You showed what a lard-headed hypocrite you were when I asked if your wife were unfaithful, would you stone her to death as the Old Testament calls for. Silence! As for the subject of this post, I haven’t read one word from you as to how it will help/hurt the students from Quitman and Weston. I haven’t heard a single suggestion about how the travel (?) problem should be solved. You just don’t understand the problem so you keep silent, something that I wish you would do regarding other subject, but I am an advocate of the 1st Amendment which says nothing about having to be intelligent to voice your opinion. So have at it, El Dumbo.

    • Anonymous female Says:

      I drove by Hodge Elementary School yesterday and confirmed that it is indeed presently being torn down. As for Hawk Elementary School, it is currently being used for offices for several school board employees, as well as the Title One Parent Center, and it also houses the Adult Education program. At one time the Alternative School for students receiving disciplinary measures, and a program for students who were not pursuing a regular high school diploma were also located there. Throughout the school year it is also used as a training site for various school system employees to receive continuing education, as well as mandatory training in first aid, computer skills, and policy mandates passed on from the state department of education. It is a very nice and well-maintained facility.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Thanks for the update on the Hodge Elementary and the information about Hawk. I honestly thought that area was void of any activity. Boy, was I wrong. I thank the nice lady for the information and you can bet the next time I am home (and still alive) I will go by there.

  161. How's that Says:

    Donald please tell me what ” Juneteenth” the abolition of slavery in Texas in June has any damn thing to do with schools in Jonesboro ! I thought you had give up on this topic and was not going to open your stupid liberal mouth on here again ! Your just like the King himself Obama , always talking out the side of your mouth while Biden stands behind you with a finger in your ass with a grin on his face !

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      They teach the War Between the States and Reconstruction in the Louisiana school system and they should certainly should note that New Orleans fell early the war and that Texas did not acknowledge the end of slavery until they were forced to read the proclamation to all slaves so they would know they were free. My second question was where was the most popular place in Jonesboro that the KKK burned their crosses when they held a meeting. Just a couple of noteworthy comments- 16,000,000 Americans now have health insurance. 9% unemployment when Obama took office: it is now less than 6%. negative national growth when Obama took office and he has had 60+ consecutive months of growth. DOW was less than 6,000 when Obama took office and now it is over 17,000, All of this growth despite the fact that the republicans blocked him at every turn (more than 480 filibusters to stop Obama.) And who was it that shut down our government for 16 days? REPUBLICANS! And don’t tell me that it was Obama,s idea to leave Iraq – the removal of American troops was negotiated by Georgie Bushit himself. Obama just finished the job. Listened to your governor, Booby Jindal, tell how he will handle things in Washington after he is elected president. TALK ABOUT A DREAM? The Indian born idiot is drawing <0% in the polls. He should pack in his rolling medicine show and go home and quit making a fool of himself. I fear that republicans are the ones with their thumbs up their bung hole and from time to time they enjoy sucking their thumbs.

      • old man Says:

        Trump for president,let’s make American great again.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Still the everlasting coward (yellow as they come) and refusing to enter into any meaningful discussion. Are you ashamed of not serving your country? (Whoops. That was a question and the bald headed man can not answer it. When you lost your hair, that made it easy for your brain [what little you had) to escape into the atmosphere.]) Well, little twerp, it’s time for me to finish what I am doing in the yard and to forget about insignificant little mule muffins like you. Your man Trumpie said that his favorite book was the Bible. Immediately he was asked to quote his favorite passage and he couldn’t. Said his reading of the Bible was personal and he wanted to keep it that way. In other words, chances are he doesn’t even have a Bible in his home and if he does, he doesn’t read it. I saw this today on FOX NEWS of all places. It looks as though they are slowly distancing themselves from Trumpie. America is great you fool. Always has been and always will be despite the cowards who won’t fight for her. A B C D E F G H I J K M N O P Q R S T U V W X W Z. Here is that title to a Christmas carol. Betcha you still can’t tell me the name of the carol, twit brain.

          • old man Says:

            Trump for president,Carson for Vice President .
            Pvt. Donald M. Fowler ,twenty yrs

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              You never say anything of note in your all of your blabberings. You latch on to one subject and bore the living crap out of those who read it. I read your posts simply to gather stupid (and laughable) things to respond to to irritate you. You bit right on my “private” rank just like flies on fresh cow droppings. I keep asking you the same questions over and over and one day you will get so angry that you will respond and I will have more ammunition to use in my take downs of you. Have you ever been invited to the Oval Office? I haven’t either. Have you ever attended the Olympics. I have – 1960 in Rome and 1972 in Munich? With your limited understanding of things, a much better question would have been “Do you know what the Olympics are?” Trumpie will be elected president shortly after flies fly up a cow’s behind for food instead of waiting for the cow to deliver it. You are one sorry son of a you know what. Keep peeing into the wind and one day you will realize why you keep getting wet. How do you make 8 + 8 = 91 correct? You will never get.

          • old man Says:

            What made you think I lost my hair?

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              Just a guess because idiots, like you are always scratching their heads in search of answers they will never find. Normally they would scratch their arse but after doing so they would have to spend time sniffing their fingers. If you are lacking in information about the original topic of this post. Why don’t you just keep quite. Silence will disguise your stupidity. Signed: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major Fowler

              • Hodge no.1 across the tracks Says:

                Donald you are a sick sorry excuse of a human being. I mean sick in the head,you would have to be to vote twice for Obama. I don’t think you will get a chance at voting for hillary though.

      • How's that Says:

        For your second answer they was burned up on the hill by the fair grounds ! Why are you so worried about that kind of crap.

  162. old man Says:

    Good nite private Fowler

  163. sunrisesunset Says:

    Well, I see this forum is at a stand still. Nothing posted in the past 2 or 3 days. Nothing much left to say. Guess Oldman and Donald are done.

  164. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    There are a few people on this site that I have enjoyed responding to your comments. Those few were intelligent and put forth logical suggestions unlike the likes of OLDMAN, Oldman is a dumb ass idiot who probably still needs help wiping his ass. He accused me of having sex with my granddaughter and for that I will eternally detest the subhuman Oldman. That is the reason I was forever on his case. He is a an idiot who thinks a fart is a brilliant idea.

    The purpose of this post is simple: Today I sold my land in Jackson Parish and no longer have any interest in what goes on in that hapless little town called Jonesboro. The mentally incapable Oldman said that my land wasn’t worth $700 an acre. Well he was off by $1200.

    Good bye folks. You ain’t gonna hear from me again, I will be checking the Jackson Parish obituaries hoping to see Oldman’s name. I know that sounds unchristian but so was his comment about me and my granddaughter. Oldman, go F yourself.

  165. April Says:

    Someone needs to investigate Weston high not sure how they’ve gotten away with the racism this long they will write u up for tattling that’d a five year old its ridiculous they should be shut down.

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