Seen on Burgessville Road This Morning


11 Responses to “Seen on Burgessville Road This Morning”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    and ?????

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t know him but glad to see someone is running. Lincoln Parish made a serious mistake in the last assessor’s election. Previous assessors actively sought out home buyers to ensure they filed for homestead exemption. The current one hopes you don’t file and can’t keep a staff.

  3. Ed Webb Says:

    Lincoln parish needs to elect someone who will be truthful in their duties as assessor. Sheila Bordelon did lie to help herself in the last election.

  4. Ed Webb Says:

    Sheila Bordelon, in 2013 failed to include facts relating to her Dad’s property I D #7915 which was send to the La. Tax Commission as per law. She neglected to include that this property is co-owned by Roy D Glover, 75% and Chris Bowman, 25% as Shown on Lincoln Parish Assessors web site. Also she fail to include that her Grandmother is in a nursing home and does not live in the house on this property. By not including this info to the Tax Comm she was able to obtain a 100% homestead exemption equal to $602.03 in 2013. These exclusions brings up more questions which will be addressed later.

  5. ???? Says:

    Am I the only one who sees a conflict of interest with realtors running for this position? Pam Jones is now a realtor and reeping the benefits of raising property to ridiculous amounts.

    • Anonymous Says:

      And you think Bordelon has your best interests at heart? She’s a Pam Jones clone who took every opportunity to reassess (raise taxes) our properties.

  6. OhNoNotAgain Says:

    OOOOOhhhhhhh $600. Our ‘corruption’ is pitiful.
    How do you run for assessor? “I promise to collect the taxes you voted for, more efficiently than the other guy!”?
    People are stupid.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Lot more to it than that. The biggest issue Lincoln Parish property owners have had is the aggressive reassessment of property to increase tax revenue. Ever had an appraiser knock on your knock in the evening wanting to inspect your house after hearing you remodeled your bathroom? Every LP politician brags about never raising our taxes–they just have the assessor reappraise everything to bring in more money. Some homeowners have seen their tax bill increase 100% or more without a “tax increase” even though they made no changes to the property.

  7. Ed Webb Says:

    Pam Jones lowered some properties value, thus lowering their taxes. Do not believe me. Check some of the motel/hotels. Namely Kilpatricks ,parcel no. 19182000007, and see for yourself. That property lost value of $544,617 from 2008 and 2011. See for yourself.

  8. Ed Webb Says:

    ohnonotagain $600 not much x 4=2400. A really nice break don’t ya think.

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