When Will Newspapers Pay “Fair Share?”

Once again, the hypocrites at The Mayo Mouthpiece (The News Star) is holding forth on who should and shouldn’t get tax breaks in order to help fund the government monster in Baton Rouge.

Film industry must share pain

But here’s a little known “tax break” afforded some businesses that you never, ever hear about.

LA RS 47:301 – SALES TAX

(16)(p) For purposes of sales and use taxes imposed by the state or any of its political subdivisions, the term “tangible personal property” shall not include newspapers.


4 Responses to “When Will Newspapers Pay “Fair Share?””

  1. John R. Says:

    That’s really not a break for the newspaper industry. If sales tax were collected, I’d pay a few more cents when I get my paper and that money would go to the state.

  2. ThrowMeSomethin'Mister Says:

    it doesn’t apply to the News-Star nor the Ruston leader anyway: neither can meet the standard of “tangible”…

  3. Bobby Richards Says:

    tax the hell out of news papers for not doing investigative reporting.

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      I’m guessing we can all see the irony in your statement. Relieve newspapers from a tax and they will repsond by NOT investigating. In the end, its a payoff to control the press.

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