Nash Given Diversion Program in Jackson Parish Hospital Case

Wayne Nash, the former pharmacist at the Jackson Parish Hospital, has completed a “pre-trial diversion program” of community service, instead of prosecution, Assistant Attorney General Frank Brindisi told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) this morning.

Last March, Nash was arrested for distribution of a legend drug.

Pretrial diversion is an alternative to prosecution for qualifying non-violent offenders. Offenders that enter the program are supervised while they complete the conditions of their agreement. When the terms and conditions are completed, the case is dismissed.

Brindisi had no information on the other defendants in the case, as their cases were being handled by another division within the AG’s office. Brindisi handled Nash’s case after the the Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District Attorney’s Office recused itself.

Nash’s attorney was former 2nd JDDA Walter May.


64 Responses to “Nash Given Diversion Program in Jackson Parish Hospital Case”

  1. Crazyoldfart Says:

    Here we go again,the bad guys always win at least in Louisiana they do and the good guys do the time.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Those that distribute the drugs are the real criminals and instead of a slap on the wrist, should receive a swift kick in the arse and sent of to jail. Those that use drugs, more often than not, get jail time and a record that will follow them throughout their lives. Did Nash lose his medical license? I doubt it as charges against him were dismissed. The other three, hopefully, will get some time in jail – but this is Jonesboro; so who knows. I am waiting for the glorious word of the OLDMAN.

    • AB Says:

      Nash was only charged with giving out some drugs such as cialisis (like Viagra), and some other non-narcotic drugs without a prescription. These were not the kind of drugs that you get “high” off of, or that are addictive or abused. Twenty or thirty years ago it was very common for pharmacists to give a person an antibiotic or such without a prescription even though it was technically not legal. No, he is still working at as a pharmacist at another location, since this is not on his record. He was not in on any of the financial problems or any of the money-stealing, so the diversion program was appropriate for him, imo.

  3. Oldman Says:

    Well after reading your post,there’s not much left to say . You said it all,but a little nicer than I would have. If all the crooks,me included,left Jackson Parish there would be no body left to talk about,what would we do then?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dad Gum It!!! Oldman agreed with a liberal democrat.

      • Oldman Says:

        I believe anonymous@1:47 is a republican ,I hope so I’ve got a image to uphold. Please tell me it ain’t so,please please

        • Anonymous Says:

          Well, you are wrong (as always). Been a democrat all my life and since I turned fifty a few years ago, I have become very liberal. Nice of you to agree with me, though.

          • Crazyoldfart Says:

            ha ha your turn now Oldman ,what do you have to say besides “it’s crying time again”?

            • Anonymous Says:

              I think that I will have lot of fun with Oldman if he continues to post. I do believe that he suffers from histoplasmosis, though. While Jonesboro usually votes republican, there are a lot of us dad burn liberal democrats hanging around!

              • Oldman Says:

                just what is a”dad burn liberal democrat” and what do they stand for? One other question did you vote for obuma?

                • Crazyoldfart Says:

                  Oldman I don’t think they know what a dad burn liberal democrat really is.Also what is that big word,histoplasmosis,I ain’t never heard that word have you?

                • Anonymous Says:

                  I used the southern term (dad burn it) thinking you might understand one syllable words. I guess that I could have used “darn, or dag nab it, etc” and perhaps you would understood it. I don’t use profanity (“cuss words”). That big long word (I thought that you might not understand it because it had more than a single syllable), you’re just going to have to look it up, but I think that it fits you so well. Keep posting, Oldman. You’re such a “hoot”.

                  • Oldman Says:

                    You did not fully answer my question,I also asked you what a liberal democrat stood for.and also I asked if you voted for obuma. And will you vote for Hillary? Nash more than likely got off by testifying against the other people. Jackson Parish is turning into a big cess pool,we have the most crooks in Jackson Parish than the rest of the state,something to be proud of ain’t it?

                    • Anonymous Says:

                      I voted for President Obama (twice) and I will vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton if she gets the nomination. An explanation of liberalism would be futile for your miniscule brain. Are you a TRUMP man, CRUZ, RUBIO, GRAHAM, PAUL, BUSH (even though he refuses to use his last name) or one of the many nuts that have declared? That big long word that I used a few posts ago means “suffering a serioous lung disease caused by breathing too much bat guano”. In other words you are just plain BAT S**T CRAZY. i apologize for the near use of a bad word. But it fits.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Who did he throw under the bus to get this

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You can bet he did. There aren’t many option on who it was.

  6. Citizen Says:

    Sounds like the typical crookedness of Jonesboro. I would also say that pharmaceutical companies and the FDA should go to jail to for passing drugs they know kill people. It is truly sad when they value their money more than someone’s life. A special place awaits in the pit I think for such people that do not repent.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing like a snake.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    This is asinine. What a punishment. Case dismissed now. WOW. Who would have ever thought it….(giggle). Typical fashion for Jackson Parish. Spell out the terms and conditions for us, please Walter, if you can.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I’m pretty sure he had to forfeit his pharmacy license and lost all retirement an benefits. He is a sixty year old man, he will go off an live the rest of his few years in shame and we won’t have to pay for him to sit in jail.

      • Anonymous Says:

        The charges were dismissed so it is doubtful that he lost anything, certainly not his retirement. For the rest of his life I will hold him in contempt for what he did but I doubt if he will give it two thoughts.

        • Crazyoldfart Says:

          Another example of how things work in Jackson parish.Lets wait and see what happens to the other ones. I bet you that at least one maybe two of the other three will not go to jail.

          • Anonymous Says:

            None of the four will receive jail time, Perhaps those who took money will be sentenced to pay back the money (plus a fine). Nash has already had his charges dismissed so there is an example of “I got a way with it.” The others will expect the same. In Jonesboro, it’s who you know.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I heard one of the others cut a deal early. That why she didn’t get charged with as much.

  10. Oldman Says:

    I wonder how much money changed hands for this to happen. No wonder we have so many crooks here in Jackson parish,they know they can get away with anything up to and including murder.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The bit about the criminal activities in Jackson Parish has run its course. It’s time to move on to another subject as we can not influence this one. The people of Jonesboro and Jackson Parish will continue to reelect the same “good ole” boys election after election and then complain about HOW CROOKED so and so is, forgetting the fact that they voted for them. We have national elections on the horizon and booby jindal is running, My question is: is he just as crooked as all the rest? I already know that he is a liar – in his announcement yesterday he proclaimed that Louisiana is is great shape. Let me hear from the sage of Jackson Parish, the one and only true voice, OLDMAN.

      • Oldman Says:

        Jindal is a democrat in republican clothes,in the last session every tax that came up was passed. He’s kind of like Earl k. Long and Edwin Edwards all rolled up in one. Yes he is a crook and no for him being a Presdident ,no way. I have watched both Long and Edwards work the crowds saying just what they wanted to hear and Jindal is just like them both. Jimmie Davis was like that also,all he had to do was sing Your are my sunshine and every body would vote for him. They all did some good for the state and a lot of good for themselves,all died rich except for Long,nite clubs,whiskey and a stripper done him in,a good way to go.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Crookedness gone awry in our parish. How awful! Where is the shame? Do they not have any shame? The enforcers of the law, the back-room negotiations, the criminals. I will bet you….the other commentators nor I…….would get off without paying our just dues.

    Jackson Parish is a FARCE.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Not all of the citizens of Jonesboro and Jackson Parish are losers. There are many good and righteous people that live there. The problem, as I see it, are the nitwit uninformed, racist that dominate everything in town and the parish. For example, OLDMAN. He is against the parish workers getting a $2.00 an hour pay raise. He is against social security and medicare, and medicade. He has forgotten the words of the Bible where we are TASKED to help the poor and downtrodden. It’s his way or the highway. My retirement is not affected by what Joe Citizen down the street draws nor is my medicare. OLDMAN talks as if it is coming out if his own pockets. And he is against those parish workers getting a wee bit of a raise to help them have a dollar or two more to spend each week. He will proclaim most loudly that they will spend it on drugs and alcohol. And lastly, if you don’t vote as he does, then you are anti-American. OLDMAN, I served my country for 21 and one half years. Did you ever serve or did you spend your time bad-mouthing our great country? VOTE FOR HILLARY!!!!!

      • Oldman Says:

        you said I was crazy,I didn’t vote for Obama,I will not vote for Hillary,I don’t believe in abortions( killing babies),I don’t believe in same sex marriages,you do all this and call me crazy. You are not just crazy,you are stupid crazy.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Igo meant every word I said when I called you bat s–t crazy and you 3:23 only verifies it. You didn’t answer a single statement of mine. I don’t burden others with my belief on social issues nor do I degrade the office of the president by calling him “o bum a”. I am convinced by your avoiding my question of whether you served your country or not that you are just a bat s–t crazy COWARD. You are one worthless person OLDMAN.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Corrections to m 4:32 = Igo should be I/you 3:23 should be your 3:23/

          • Oldman Says:

            Everybody does not go around bragging about what they did for their country. Most people who are bragging are not telling the whole truth just the parts they think that makes them look good. I’m not degrading the office of the President,you did that when you elected the unqualified foreign born Muslim to the office. Our country will not last another four years with somebody like hillary as president,we can do better.

            • Anonymous Says:

              Bat s**t crazy Oldman, I would like for you to point where I bragged about my military service. I told you that after about one and half years at Tech (1979 to early 1980) I dropped out and made a career of the United States Army. Nothing special but I got to see a lot of the world. Where is the bragging? I asked did you serve (or did you hide behind you mother’s skirt?) For God only knows how long, Obama’s birth has been proven to be in Hawaii (that’s a part of the United States, you know). Our country, which is the longest lasting democracy is not doomed as you suggest. Your birther comments tell me that you are leaning toward supporting Donald (birther) Trump. Now there is someone I would fear if he gained the White House. I still think that you are a bat s**t crazy coward. I live within the city limits of Jonesboro and drive a 1995 red (somewhat banged up) F-150. I dare you to answer all of the questions that I have asked. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday reading all of your posts of the past year or so. You ain’t changed – still bat s**t crazy.

  12. Crazyoldfart Says:

    The old man is right you know.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Correct about what? Am I talking to another bat s**t crazy Jonesboro fool? It certainly seems like it. I beg of you to point out any bragging that I have done. You can’t for I haven’t.

      • Anonymous also Says:

        Anonymous @5:22pm
        Please cut out the bad words,we don’t like to hear talk like that all the time. You could go somewhere else.

        • Anonymous Says:

          What “bad words”? I haven’t used the word “republican” yet. OLDMAN, this post sounds like you. I read a lot of your posts from the past and you used several names to post under and this was one of them.
          What’s with using “we”? I don’t curse (ask my friends) and I haven’t cursed on this subject, nor will I. You don’t own this site so don’t tell me or anyone else to go to some other place, Keep posting for you are a hoot to read, as you attempt to display some intelligence.

          • Crazyoldfart Says:

            Anonymous @ 8:13 am
            The old man is right you know.

            • Anonymous Says:

              It looks as though you couldn’t recognize the truth if it bit you.You are forcing me to use bad words you dirty old REPUBLICAN!!!

  13. Notcrazylikeyouboys Says:

    I wish you little boys would stop this ugly talk about each other. It sounds like neither one of you has grown up,anonymous and Oldman stop it now.
    Crazyoldfart you stay out of this.

    • Anonymous Says:

      All I am asking of them (CRAZYOLDFART and OLDMAN) is to point out where I did any bragging. I read most of OLDMAN’S prior posts and I believe that I remember reading that he was 71 or 72 years old (I will be 52 later this year) and a 9th-grade drop out. He is against everything (food stamps, social security, medicare, medicade. abortions, same-sex marriage, liberal democrats (that’s me) and a multitude of everything. I enjoy reading his fantasy posts and I get loads of laughter out of pulling his chain. i am just a high school graduate who was unable to handle the college work and chose the military as a career. Oldman (and all of his alias’) will call me a liar but I draw social security and disability and medicare because of an injury (non-combat related). I ain’t rich but I shore ain’t poor. I can’t recall Oldman or anyone that has posted to me using “bad words” unless you are referring bat s**t crazy which describes Old man to a T.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I thought about staying out of this but here’s my two-bits. Let me get this right,you are 51yrs old,on social security,disability and Medicare,are you in a wheelchair? You said you drove around town in an old truck,so you can drive. Just to be honest it sounds like you are another freeloader sucking on the government teat. Why are you not holding down some kind of job,is because you would lose some of your benefits? You said you were a liberal democrat now I know why. You said you voted for Obama and would vote for Hillary,well buddy you are part of the problem. Sorry if all this hurts and it should but it’s just words out of your mouth.
        Like the Crazyoldfart said “the Oldman is right you know”

        • Oldman Says:

          Well buddy someone else has your number,best to tuck your tail and run. You might try and explain yourself but that’s going to be hard to do with all that you have said.
          Like the crazyoldfart said “the old man is right you know”

          • Anonymous Says:

            Don’t call me “buddy”. I have nothing to explain except that I like reading your fantasy posts. You can’t point out a single instance where I have bragged about anything. I call it to your attention that you are one COWARD who refuses to answer a single question about anything. Keep on posting for I love a daily laugh and your lack of intelligence provides it.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I don’t work because I don’t have too. No, I am not in a wheelchair. My truck is old and falling apart (sort of like OLDMAN) but it gets me around. All of my income is direct deposited to the JSB. Why is my being a liberal democrat so wrong?

          • Crazyoldfart Says:

            “The old man was right you know” about sucking on the government teat.

            • Anonymous Says:

              I have come to the conclusion that OLDMAN and CRAZYOLDFART (and who knows how many more nom de plumes OLDMAN posts under.
              Now I bet OLDMAN uses medicare for any medicines he has been prescrbed as I do. He draws social security as I do (based on the seriousness of my injury). Now I do draw a disability check because of the injury and OLDMAN and I don’t know if he draws one or not. Now it looks as though we both spend time at the sows belly. Maybe OLDMAN is just jealous that I started drawing all that at such an early age.

              Now I know that he is a bloody coward for not answering any of my questions.

              • Crazyoldfart Says:

                Listen here sonny boy do not get me confused with the old man.Keep it up and I will put a price on your head and I do have connections believe me. In your case “the old man is right”. Be careful what you say,by the way you are beginning to talk and act like the Oldman a lot.

                • Anonymous Says:

                  I still think that you and OLDMAN are the same person. Your lack of intelligence shows when you threaten my life. Now let me get your attention- I see you as just a snot-nose individual who thinks a fart is a brilliant idea and must have a brown mark a foot wide in his panties. GOOD NIGHT OLDMAN; GOODNIGHT CRAZYOLDFART.

                  • Crazyoldfart Says:

                    “the old man is right” sonny boy

                    • Anonymous Says:

                      Good morning, sonny snot-nose. Don’t want to get your panties in a twist, but just what is it that the old man is right about.

  14. Crazyoldfart Says:

    Sonny boy he’s right about you being a free loader with all the gov entitlements. Let me see if I can name them all,social security at age 51,disability at age 51,military retirement,VA hospital,meds paid in full,if I remember right VA pays mileage to the doctor, military store for food and other things,please tell me if I missed anything. Now don’t get me wrong if you really do have 21 yrs in,I have no fault with your military entitlements. You did get hurt on your last day in the military and you were able to do your job then you should not be drawing social security or disability and should have a job instead of sitting on your butt and do nothing. But that’s the way of liberal democrats,all ways wanting something for nothing,let the other man pay. I don’t like you for what you stand off,in my opinion you are low life scum. I guess the reason I feel like this is because of what you stand for,the main thing is abortion,I look at democrats as a whole and I see millions of babies put to death just because their mother doesn’t want them. O yea the other reason I don’t like you is because you voted for obum and said you would vote for hillary,the reason you do not like republicans is you might lose some or all of your benefits. So me and Oldman think alike on people like you tearing our nation apart,you are scum period.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Sonny snot-nose (who is also crazy Oldman) there are teenagers drawing benefits (all that you included above) for war-related injuries. Don’t you dare place them in the category of not deserving them. I don’t include myself in the war related but I had the gonads to serve which you lacked. You are not paying one red cent of what I draw or what the wounded heroes are receiving.. Abortion= I personally am against it ,but if a woman wants one, it’s her body – her choice – and none of your damned business. Same sex marriage = personally I am against it but if two people of the same sex wish to marry, so be it. It ain’t none of my business. As for pensions, when another person goes on social security, does the amount you draw go down. I back a raise in the minimum wage simple because humans deserve a chance to survive. Lastly (for tonight anyway) = the confederate battle flag. All that exist should be collected, cut into four inch rolls and used as arse wipping cloth. Now Sonny snot-nose and crazy old man, good night.l

      • Oldman Says:

        Going back and rereading your post @ 5:47 07/02/15 I think that the Oldman is right on about you.Nobody but a liberal democrat would post on this forum like you do. So with that said and you can quote me on this “you are one sorry excuse of an American.” Me and a big percentile of the southern U.S.A. think a lot of our battle flag,aka the confederate flag. There were tens of thousands of lives lost because of northern aggression and slavery did not have anything to do with it. This is the Fourth of July and I will not have anything else to say on this matter as I will be enjoying family and other things.So Buddy let me say this one last time you are one sorry excuse of an person and an bad excuse of an American.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    They should hung his ass out to dry also , he was just as guilty as the rest

    • Anonymous Says:

      What made him any better than the others? The only way this happens is if he threw somebody under the bus. He would do or say anything to get his license back. His true colors are showing! But I’m sure he has no trouble sleeping at night! People like that never do!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any new information on the Nash caper

  17. Jacksontwo Says:

    All you nigglers. Medicare was paid for from earnings. Medicade is free. Medicare will not pay for hearing aides,glasses and a lot of other things. If on medicaid those things are free. No wonder medicaid recip’s are for big gov.

  18. AB Says:

    Nash only gave drugs (mostly cialisis – which is like Viagra – not a narcotic and, I think antibioticis and such – to friends without a prescription), so it is not like he was dealing street drugs or narcotics. So, the plan to avoid prosecution was appropriate. He was not in on stealing any money or any of the financial misappropriations.

  19. Says:

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