Jackson Parish Tax Assessor Won’t Seek Re-election.

Eddie Gatlin, Jackson Parish’s long time tax assessor won’t seek re-election this fall, Lincoln Parish News Online has learned.

Gatlin, 66, will have served 36 years as assessor, having first been elected in 1979.

Wrote Gatlin in a prepared statement:

I have enjoyed serving as you Assessor for the past 34 ½ years, as well as serving in the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office for 12 years under the late Sheriff Lyman “Red” Watkins, prior to becoming the Assessor for Jackson Parish. The work and improvements to the Jackson Parish Assessor’s Office that has been accomplished during my time in office represents the most gratifying and fulfilling public and professional experience I have had in my career. I have truly appreciated this opportunity to serve our parish and have been humbled by the support of the citizens of Jackson Parish during my tenure. I have decided to step down in order to be able to spend more time with my family and let someone else enjoy these rewards of public service.

See here the complete statement.

It is notable that the audits for the office show no findings.

See here the files.


14 Responses to “Jackson Parish Tax Assessor Won’t Seek Re-election.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Check his pockets before he leaves office.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Eddie Gatlin says:
    Nothing in my pockets but my wallet, car keys, and my pocket knife.
    Mr. Anonymous check my record with the Legislative Auditor and the Louisiana Tax Commission. No finds for the past 34 years with surplus fund balance for every year I have been in office.

  3. Oldman Says:

    Eddie Gatlin has been a above board Tax Assessor. You will not find a more honest man than Eddie.He is always eager to help
    and will always answer the phone if you have a problem. Keep all of your bad words to yourself nobody wants to hear them.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Be careful of what you post online, there is a new tracker available that will reveal your identity and subject you to slander.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Please identify the slander in my statement. I was alluding to the fact that Jonesboro has more or less become a haven for those who wish only to gain personally ($120,000 hospital staff) by theft and anyone leaving office should be searched so that accidentally a snake might not slither under the door. I don[‘t know gatlin; don’t care to know gatlin; and don’t give two anal puffs about him or his family.

    • Citizen Says:

      I’d say that is a First Amendment violation. If you say that no one goes by the constitution now that may be true, but that does not nullify it. The same goes for the Bible. Just because you don’t believe in it or adhere to it does not mean you are not subject to judgments presented in it. I don’t know Eddie personally so I can’t say he’s crooked or not. It looks like the first comment was clearly saying to be cautious of Jackson parish government officials instead of a direct accusation. Besides the tax system in place is illegal according to the Constitution. Good day.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I have known Eddie for many years. He has done an outstanding job as tax assessor.. He is always honest and upfront with everyone. I hate to see him leave office but I understand the family time. Thank you Eddie for all your years of service to Jackson Parish. You and your staff are wonderful people .

    • Richard Sneed Says:

      Im sorry folks, I come here to read what s going on and think Walter does a great job of keeping us informed. I usually don’t comment on things here but I did leave a post at 2;38 this morning. I didn’t leave my name and thought I would come back and do that. I wont say anything about someone without being up front and honest about it. And I have learned through the years it is ok to agree to disagree, we all have our own thoughts.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous @ 4:30. Do not try to put a quietus on what people are allowed to say under the 1st amendment. Is this a threat? If you are new to LPNO, you MUST realize people on here express their personal opinion, like it or not. It is like a debate. So chill out with the threats. Walter will not allow a tracker on his website.

    BTW, Mr. Gatlin has been a good Assessor. Retirement pay will be great, too.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Concerned Citizen in Jackson Parish Says-Very interesting group of Candidates to replace Eddie Gatlin-Some have a large amount of Experience and some have no Experience and I really mean no Experience at all.

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